Equine Rescue

Feel Good Sunday: Video ~ Starving Horses First Taste of Freedom

“There is nothing more rendering to one’s heart and soul than to come upon cruelty needlessly showered down upon our fellow passengers of this great spaceship called “Earth”.  Intentionally inflicting pain and suffering upon another living creature is unconscionable.  It does not compute in our hearts and minds as we are just not wired and short circuited that way.

It is likewise a shock to me that such mistreated creatures can make the turn and return to us both physically and emotionally.  How an abused animal can relearn to trust a human being, again, is beyond by level of forgiveness.  But as animal rescuers, ourselves, we have seen it time and time again and several of those resurrected souls live on our property and daily add great joy to our lives, we are the real winners in such rehabs.  I am forever grateful to the animals who have accepted me into their lives.  I hold their trust and love, in my heart, as the most precious gift that anyone could ever be lucky enough to receive.  May God bless them and forever protect them.” ~ R.T.

Source: The Dodo

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  1. Saw this video earlier – isnt it great to SEE a rescue & their life afterwards? Good job putting it out there so hopefully people can see it for themselves exactly what is going on these days. Much, much more to do.

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  2. Towards the end of the video my eyes were welling up with tears – being happy for these horses. Thank you all so much for rescuing them, caring for them, and giving them a SAFE place to live.The humans that inflicted the inhumanity on them do not deserve to walk the earth among us and breath air.

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