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Feel Good Sunday: Video ~ A Halloween Treat

“Welcome back to all of our ‘Feel Good Sunday’ fans.  As you may have noticed, we side-stepped our installment last week due to the intensity of Carol Walker‘s live reports on the Fifteenmile roundup in Wyoming.  The agony of the horses did not take a day off nor did Carol and we respectfully thank her for her continued support for the wild ones and for being a witness to their suffering.

Carol Walker, Terry and several of Carol’s kids.

We also were working the blog in low gear as Terry and I were traveling and actually were able to meet and greet Carol upon her return home to her ranch and four legged children.  We were treated to meeting all her kids, a tour of her high-tech on site studio and shared a great lunch at a nearby small town restaurant.  In a nutshell ~ it’s all good.

So today Terry and I are back behind our respective desks in our appropriate locations and life will go on as normal.  And in saying that, we will step a bit out of character and share with you a rare treat from our friends over at the The Dodo centering on one of my most favorite of all Halloween legends, the Werewolf.

You see, I was born on Friday the 13th, not under a full moon but on Friday the 13th, none the less.  The subject of shape-shifters has always been a hot button for me, so much so that a little over a decade ago I purchased about every book on Amazon about Werewolves and shape-shifting and began a project to write a fictional story, based on documented folklore, about werewolves, horses, dogs, love and intrigue.  Of course, as with another hot project, it all got placed on a shelf as I centered my focus on the Wild Horse and Slaughter issues.  Since that time, movies, books and even TV shows have come out on the subject and for me to pick it back up again would be like nothing more than regurgitating what others have already written.  (But mine would be better)  Once again, timing is everything.

With that said, I was drawn to the creativity and tongue-in-cheek amateur production that an ingenious couple uploaded to Dodo and was, consequently, published by The Dodo on YouTube.  We share it with you, this day, and hope that it both amuses and entertains you as it has me.

Have a safe week, my friends…don’t forget about the Wild Horse & Burro Advisory Board meeting in DC…and keep the faith.”  ~ R.T.

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