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Feel Good Sunday: A Plea for Kindness

The past few weeks seem to have blended together into a blur of sadness, disappointment and sorrow; not just on a personal level but globally as well. 

Here at home we have lost one of our last, loved family patriarchs and leaders, a tremendous blow to our family prior to the holidays.  With the horses we have had several, valued members of our Wild Horse Freedom Federation step aside for personal reasons and outside pressures, fully understandable but I shall forever miss their input.  And for the World; our country, the leader of all that is right in the World and founded on Christian principles has been dragged into the mud and manure as a public, political circus unfolds that tears at the very fabric of our Republic and it’s constitution.  Times look bleak.

But it is at times like this that I need to kick myself, get my head straight and realize that just prior to anything good happening, evil attempts to distract and weaken us so that we don’t take that next step to do what is right…and I was reminded of that very fact, this morning.

We are entering the week of Thanksgiving and this should be a time of introspection and celebration for all the wonders of life that we should be thankful for.  (It’s not about turkey, football or shopping)  Thanksgiving is a time where we can clear out our hearts, minds and souls in preparation for the year’s major holiday, Christmas, the celebration of new life, hope and love.  So let’s get our inner furnace of faith and joy fired up in preparation for the light as while we turn up the brightness all that is evil runs for the shadows and the darkness and with their departure leaves the pain, sorrow and suffering.

Let the brightness begin to shine, today, with this joyful video that will help to wash out your heart and soul.

Although not pony and donkey specific, my furry, feathered and scaly friends stand beside me as we are washed clean in it’s wholesomeness and wonder.

May you have a blessed day in preparation for a wonderful, family holiday, my friends.

The utterance of “Keep the Faith” means as much, if not more, than it ever has.

Be safe.


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  1. RT &Terry, So very sorry to hear of your losses.. whether personal family, or your losses from your team members who feel frustrated. But please remember that the rest of us support you & the Wild Horses & Burros ALWAYS! We have your back & feel blessed for all of your efforts & encouragement to never give up on our innocent ones who have no voice! Our thoughts & prayers are with you & your family always!

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