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Feel Good Sunday: Wild Horse Mom Is So Excited To See The Babies She Thought She’d Lost Forever

By as published on The Dodo

“It was just the most beautiful thing.” 

Elsa the horse and her twin foals

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  1. Amazing how the writer can make this story seem so innocent and good, when the truth is so much darker. For instance, this mare did not “come” to the corrals, she was kidnapped and dumped off there, very pregnant and obviously this was ignored. And wild mares ALWAYS give birth by themselves, without any veterinary attention, so how is this remarkable? And just what veterinary attention was provided by the BLM after they discovered these newborns in their holding pens? And did this poor mare undergo the sterilization experiment she was “selected” for even after the BLM requested Skydog to take all three, then denied them? No mention either of the petitions and the recalcitrance of the BLM in this singular (but also emblematic) case. Sure, it’s a good story but the sugar coating here is toxic. God bless Skydog for their persistence, and Elsa for her good genes and strength. If she could talk, what a story she’d tell on us all.

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  2. I remember reading about this early on – especially the way the BLM first offered them to the sanctuary – then took back the offer. I believe the petitions & the publicity over this were the only reason it ended the way it did. I never heard whether the mare was “sterilized” or not.
    How sad that would be for the reasons that Icy gave. And yeah – bet she could tell a story all right – as so many of the wild horses could. So maybe that tells us all that what works is to bring these idiotic “managers” disastrous decisions out into the open air –

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