The Force of the Horse

Feel Good Sunday: Audio ~ Sneak Peek at R.T. Fitch’s Next Book “Apache Stone”

“We are really going to step out of the box and do something different, hopefully you will find it uplifting and entertaining during these trying times.  We need some laughter and love.

Terry, Apache, R.T. and Ethan during the Blackberry shoot at our home.

I have had the outline and first several chapters written on the epic drama of bringing Terry’s equine companion back from Brazil.  When I was in the process of being filmed for our Blackberry commercial the producer asked me if I would consider doing a screen play for this story, probably one of the most epic horse stories ever told…and yours truly has been sitting on it for years, buried under the politics of trying to stop horse slaughter and saving our wild horses and burros from extinction on their rightful public lands.

So today I am going to blow the dust off from Chapter One and actually read it for you, I sincerely do not want to commit it to text as it is a work in progress but if you have a few moments, I think that you might find it entertaining if nothing else.

Stay safe and keep the faith.  We are all in this together.” ~ R.T.

(Turn up your volume and click the play button below)

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  1. Loved it sooo very much. I could see this all in my minds eye and feel the pain and love and even the awkwardness that had me smiling. Well done RT thanks for sharing this with us. God bless to you and Terry and all your families.

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  2. THANK YOU for sharing with us R.T. You and Terry were destined to meet..even though you had to wait a few years.
    Now we’re waiting for Chapter Two

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