Video: How Creative can YOU be while Hunkered-Down?

by R.T. Fitch

“Doing something a little different with our daily post…we are setting out there a challenge and hope you comment and participate in the virtual conversation.”

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  1. Here is something positive that we can do now:

    Stop the Massive BLM Roundup of Arizona’s Black Mountain Burros!
    The Black Mountain Burros Need to Hear From You before April 1st.

    In February of 2010 the BLM provided biologically IMPOSSIBLE statistics for the Black Mt Burros of Arizona.
    You can see those fraudulent statistics on the below link but here is what BLM showed:

    Question: SINCE WHEN DOES 175 MINUS 80 = 635?
    Answer: When BLM does the math.
    BLM’s Estimated Pre-Gather Population 175
    BLM states Number of Animals Removed 80
    BLM’s Estimated Post Gather Population 635

    BLM’s methods are to lie until they get what they want, by which point it will be too late for our wild horses
    and burros and what once were OUR public lands.

    Click to access wildhorse_quickfacts_doc9.pdf

    BLM is asking for public comments on its 10-year plan that would destroy one of America’s last, large and
    genetically-healthy burro populations. Our government needs to hear from YOU.
    We must never give up fighting for these magnificent animals. Link to the proposal for you to comment:

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  2. My husband, the main bread-winner, had his job eliminated last week. So we are in the process of trying to shore up the financial holes in an effort to continue to take care of ourselves and our critters. BUT, I can try to share encouraging thoughts through my writing and photography. On my blog and through other venues, I have recently shared some posts that hopefully others will find positive and uplifting. I may not have a lot to give right now, but I can at least do that.



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  3. Just took my dog out and picked up trash along our road for about 3 miles (in between snowstorms it’s melting off fast). I do this every spring, but took the opportunity to do it a bit earlier this year. It’s one of the few times I see my neighbors — though of course from a respectful distance these days, including not letting dogs touch anyone since it’s not clear yet if they can carry the virus on their fur, or if so, for how long. Hard to explain to the world’s friendliest dog!

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  4. We need to keep a check on OUR Public Lands

    Coronavirus won’t slow lease sales, rulemakings
    Jennifer Yachnin and Michael Doyle, E&E News reporters Greenwire:
    March 17, 2020

    Environmentalists are urging the Interior Department to hit the pause button on policy decisions — from public comment periods to oil and gas lease sales — as the nation attempts to address the coronavirus pandemic, but the Trump administration has shown no indication it plans to do so.
    Interior officials announced today that “telework-eligible” Washington-based staff will shift to mandatory telework status, although it has yet to address the bulk of employees who are spread across the country (see related story).
    But such shifts won’t affect looming oil and gas lease sales, according to the Bureau of Land Management, since the auctions are already conducted online.
    “Most of BLM’s oil and gas lease sales are run entirely via an online platform (only Alaska does in-person sales, and those are not scheduled until November), so no postponement is planned at this time,” BLM spokesman Greg Fuhs told E&E News in an email.
    BLM is scheduled to hold an auction for New Mexico parcels beginning today, and next week will hold sales for lands in Colorado, Montana, Nevada and Wyoming.
    Similarly, Interior has not indicated it plans to freeze consideration of regulatory revisions or extend public comment periods.
    Interior, for instance, has in place a March 19 deadline for public comment on a highly controversial proposal for an environmental impact statement to accompany a rule that would limit the protections offered by the Migratory Bird Treaty Act.


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