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  1. Sad about the dogs….non thinking humans, I guess. By the way I grew up with having roughly torn squares of news paper threaded on wire and hung in a nail jutting out of the wall in the out back dunny (toilet). The other name for these were the 20 yard dashers… meaning they were down the end of the back yard aprox 20 yards from the back door of the house.
    In my very early childhood these toilets consisted of a drum under the wooden toilet seat, and a container of Fennel sitting in the corner. No flushing device just a dash of Fennel to cover the smell and deter the flies too I guess.
    Every couple of days the dear old ‘Dunny-man’ with horse and dray with big tubs used to come along whistling loudly to alert would be occupants he was near by. The trapdoor at the back of the toilet wall opened and he’d drag out the drum tipped it into his tubs and then shove the empty drum back under the seat, ready to go.
    As a kid I didn’t seem to mind the smell too much because I was so smitten with the horse that I’d be there with a carrot or chopped up apple for the darling huge Clydesdale.
    Living in the bush as I still do we have had to use leaves and were lucky to find a lady size bush to squat behind. So many men size trees freely growing out here…LOL Just can’t understand the rush on TP when this is a respiratory issue virus. But as a friend pointed out the concern might well be having to consume their very own cooking for the first time…Hmm might be some truth in that one…LOL
    Stay safe and God bless to you and yours
    Ros in Australia


  2. Good morning,

    I remember my father cutting 5/6 inch squares of newspaper and putting them next to the basement potty in Germany during and after WW2. We were Hungarians stuck in Bavaria because of the Nazis. Arrived in the USA in 1950 and “LO”, the miracle of toilet paper. Life is good.

    Don’t know why the current run on the stuff and am willing to do all you suggested RT, but add newspaper to your list…also like the Aussie solution of leaves…been there done that.

    Be well,


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  3. Darn it. I just threw out several old phone books. Can’t even say that Those digital address books are good for crap!


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