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COVID-19 Shuts Down Santa Anita Horse Track

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A Germ Accomplishes what Millions of Concerned Voices could NOT!

Santa Anita canceled live racing Friday because of the coronavirus pandemic after instructions from the Los Angeles County Health Department.

The track in Arcadia, California, was preparing to stage eight races when the cancellation was announced about 30 minutes before the first race. It’s not immediately known when racing will be allowed to resume.

“We’re in talks with the health department to see what we can do to continue racing,” Aidan Butler, acting executive director of California racing operations for The Stronach Group, told The Associated Press by phone.

The Stronach Group owns Santa Anita, where the deaths of horses over the last year have caused controversy and led to sweeping reforms involving medication and safety.

The Santa Anita Derby scheduled for April 4 has been postponed. The race is the West Coast’s major prep for the Kentucky Derby, which itself has been pushed back from May 2 to Sept. 5.

The California Horse Racing Board told the track it must operate under the sanction of local health authorities. Gov. Gavin Newsom had already issued a statewide stay-at-home order, resulting in businesses shutting down or dramatically scaling back to protect against the spread of the virus.

Santa Anita said there are no known cases of COVID-19 at the track, where 750 stable workers live and work to take care of over 1,700 horses on the grounds.

“We will continue to work with authorities to familiarize them with the protocols which have been put in place to protect the health and safety of those who work with the horses and the horses themselves,” the track said in a statement.

The track has been closed to the public, with only essential personnel allowed, since March 12.

The stoppage of live racing doesn’t affect training hours, which will continue, Butler said.

Allowing us to train without racing doesn’t make a lot of sense,” he told AP, “but we’re working with the health department to make sure everyone is comfortable with our protocols.”

Acknowledging that health department officials are busy coping with the pandemic, Butler said, “I commend the health department for giving racing time. They really seem to care about the impact of what’s going on (at the track).”

Butler urged the racing board Thursday to allow the sport to continue, as it has at both Stronach-owned Gulfstream in Florida and Golden Gate Fields in the San Francisco Bay Area, as well as Tampa Bay Downs in Florida, Oaklawn in Arkansas and Remington in Oklahoma.

“We are very different from almost every other industry. Horses need exercise,” Butler told the board during its monthly meeting held via conference call. “The second we stop racing, the whole ecosystem becomes in jeopardy.”

The issue of continuing live racing during the pandemic wasn’t on the agenda, but the question was raised by board member Wendy Mitchell. Several animal rights activists condemned the board for allowing live racing to go on during a public comment period on the call.

Dr. Rick Arthur, equine medical director for the board, said continuing to race “certainly isn’t a medical necessity” for horses.

“It is a health consideration that they train,” he said. “These are very fit, healthy, very good feeling athletes, and you just can’t keep them in a stall. You have to get them out and train them.”

The number of coronavirus cases in California is increasing as more testing is done. A tally by Johns Hopkins University counted over 4,200 confirmed cases and over 80 deaths. For most people, the new coronavirus causes mild or moderate symptoms, such as fever and cough that clear up in two to three weeks. For some, especially older adults and people with existing health problems, it can cause more severe illness, including pneumonia and death.

Santa Anita joins Aqueduct in New York and TSG-owned Laurel in Maryland in canceling live racing. Keeneland in Kentucky already canceled its upcoming spring meet.

The virus-related cancellations and postponements have wreaked havoc with the schedule of prep races that qualify horses for the Kentucky Derby.

Among the preps canceled were the Sunland Derby in New Mexico, the UAE Derby overseas, and the Blue Grass and Lexington stakes. The Wood Memorial has been postponed, while the Arkansas Derby was pushed back to May 2.

The Louisiana Derby was run in New Orleans last weekend, and the Florida Derby will be run Saturday at Gulfstream without fans and horse owners in attendance.

Santa Anita’s winter-spring meet is scheduled to end June 21.

“We look forward to the return of live racing at Santa Anita as soon as approval is received from local regulators,” the track said.

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  1. AMEN & HALLELUJAH! But it is SO VERY SAD that the track was shut down ONLY because of this reason.
    I hope the trainers & all of the other humans stay safe… But at least for a while, we know the HORSES will be safe! 👍🐴🥰🐴


  2. This site…or page gives me a pain in the arse!! I should opt out of it…I .joined a long time ago ……before I realized they were so adamantly against horse racing. Must be affiliated with PETA, methinks… ________________________________


    • Well Maureen, if we are a pain in the ass then you just don’t have to stop in. This is my personal blog and is not associated with any organization other Wild Horse Freedom Federation which I am the co-founder of and current president.

      I had two abused rejects from the horse racing crowd one of which passed away due to the pain inflicted upon him. Besides the abuse, the horse racing industry feeds the predatory business of horse slaughter and the bulk of the people, here, have made it a habit of not eating their friends and companions. So it that is if abuse, neglect and slaughter are some of the twisted and perverted values you hold close to your dark soul. Then you are the pain in the ass and perhaps hanging around us will aide you in cleaning up your act. May you find peace.

      Liked by 1 person

    • We are the voices for the innocent ones who are subject to unnecessary cruelty & inhumane treatment. There needs to better protection & regulations for the racing industry, plus the Wild Horses & Burros & many other issues regarding horse welfare. We stand tall together to STOP HORSE SLAUGHTER.. That is our mission. If you wish to witness more race horses suffering needlessly, then that is your opinion. Maybe you should opt out?


      • Maureen, You should volunteer for Canter USA. They have auctions at the end of the racing season for the race horses who didn’t pull in enuff $$ for the owners. Sometimes the meat man is there incognito. Maybe that would be a positive thing for you to do instead of bashing WHFF. Think about it…


      • I should have stated that Canter USA & its satellites try desperately to find good homes for all of the race horses.


  3. All Race Tracks need to Shut Down, you are killing the horses, abusing these beloved Animals and it111 needs to stop.. This has gone on forever!!! we are not a 3rd world country and the treatment of the horses is barbaric. The owners and managers, even the jockeys are Horrible to these horses. Stop the Killing


  4. For all the horrid and negative havoc this virus is causing, there has been many a rainbow.
    Understanding something so microscopic can kill humanity, stop cities from functioning, disrupt the entire world, but it achieved the massive reduction of air and water pollution in many countries that their governments said was an almost impossible figure for them to abide by to help the planet. Now it has caused racing to slow to a stop and may just be saving some horses lives, and families cursed by the debts of betting. I always try to find that silver lining, although it can be blurry at times of crises.


  5. Santa Anita should contact Michael Dickinson a horse trainer at Tapeta Farm in North East, Maryland. He designed a track where stress fractures in horses have been reduced. His Check this out at and
    It is used all over the world
    Presque Isle Downs, Golden Gate Fields, Tapeta Park, Wolverhampton, Newcastle, Wodbine are some of the Tracks that use it. America needs to wake up and help out our Thoroughbred athletes


  6. PS I am not an advocate of horse racing. But if it must go on they the industry needs to do a better job of caring for and protecting the horses from injury. Cleary there are many issues.


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