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First foal of spring born to Outer Banks’ Wild Horse Herd

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The Outer Banks’ storied wild horses have a new addition”

The first foal of the season was born last week to the Outer Banks wild horse herd. [Corolla Wild Horse Fund]

A new foal was spotted late last week back in the woods and marsh in Carova, North Carolina, on the Currituck Outer Banks, according to the Corolla Wild Horse Fund, which manages the herd of Spanish colonial mustangs.

Herd manager Meg Puckett said her team wasn’t able to get close enough to determine the baby’s gender, but mom and foal are both in excellent condition.

The new addition is bay in color, meaning a brown body and black mane and tail, with two white socks and a star on his or her head.

Between four and six foals are born to the wild horses each year, Puckett said. The CWHF manages the herd of about 100 wild mustangs roaming the four-wheel-drive beaches of the northern Outer Banks, and a rescue farm of about 15 horses.

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    • Nice how nature & wildlife just continue on – with or without us humans! Shows exactly how important we are in the scheme of things, doesnt it?

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    • Also saw a video of Yosemite taken from trail cameras I think – showing only animals – NO humans – animals & quiet. AND several articles speaking about the large drawdown of pollution at this time. We really arent that important – only destructive! Sure does make you feel really proud of the human race.


  1. That is wonderful!! Finally some positive news for all of us to hear during these dreadful, scary times.


  2. How wonderful Meg, a beautiful surprise in this doomy time. Thank you for sharing and hope to hear a bit more about this new baby in the weeks to follow.


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