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Facing another dull virtual meeting? Invite Mambo, the mini-donkey

By Gavin Off as published on The Charlotte Observer

COVID-19 has trapped many Americans at home, tied to their computers for a daily event that has quickly become dreadful: the company’s Zoom meeting.

Enter Mambo, the up-to-no-good 8-year-old mini-donkey from Indian Trail, North Carolina.

For $50, Mambo’s owners Francie and Mark Dunlap will have Mambo — or any of his friends at the Peace N Peas Farm, 30 minutes outside Charlotte — crash your dull virtual meeting.

Francie Dunlap told the Charlotte Observer in an interview Sunday customers can even choose the farm visitor’s display name. Perhaps you’d like to name the animal after the colleague who never logs on or the co-worker who asks too many questions or the boss who organized the meeting in the first place.

I think it would get some laughs,” Dunlap said. “The animal would make an appearance for the first five or 10 minutes … so they could actually get along with their meeting.”

So what Peace N Peas resident might want to crash your conference call?

Well, there’s Heiren, a brown 6-year-old Hanoverian horse “that doesn’t leave things alone,” Dunlap said.

Then there’s Eddie, a fancy 13-year-old white show horse or his friend Zeus, a large brown horse “that makes funny faces.”

And of course there’s Mambo, the miniature donkey who is known to crowd the camera and bite the fake tails off of the farm’s show horses. Dunlap said Mambo “is like a pesky little brother — doesn’t let anyone relax too long.”

Dunlap created a website on Saturday for people to reserve time with the animals. Already, she said she’s had a number of inquiries — and not all are conference call pranksters. A few, Dunlap says, are friends who teach and want an animal to visit their virtual classroom. Some families might enjoy the break, too, or Mambo could join your next virtual happy hour.

For more information on scheduling a Peace N Peas resident, go to

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    • Yeah – I remember some “staff meetings” that would have certainly been improved by these guys!!! In some cases, the intelligence quote would have been increased!

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  1. Now, I attend multiple online meetings everyday.

    Our company uses Teams, our client uses BlueJeans and others use GoToMeeting.

    At the beginning of this mess I would be concerned about my background, appearance, all that crap but now I have posted and avatar, turn of my camera, mute my mic and only break in when asked.Likewise these things carry different messaging systems so now we are even more accessible than before…I feel that my privacy has been invaded.

    BTW, when a crazy mood strikes me I will where one of my crazy hats or buffs just to amuse, but I check who is in the audiance before doing so.


  2. Chilly Pepper – Miracle Mustang
    CHILLY PEPPER really needs your help now. Just got the call for between 25-50 BABIES! (go to their site for info)

    I’m sure most of us are familiar with Chilly Pepper Rescue – they were responsible for saving so many of the South Dakota horses several years ago.
    If anyone can afford to send them something – anything right now – they really need it.
    The horses are already in the traps now & they cant save the mares but are able to save the foals IF they have the funds to get them vet-checked & buy milk etc etc.
    This is a really good rescue – unless they have the money to care for these foals – they wont be able to take them.
    I know, believe me, right now we all are hurting one way or another.
    But every little bit counts.
    Thanks for anything thats possible.


      • Icy – so glad & relieved to see someone else here that is aware of what Palomino & Matt are working so very hard to do. I wish it was possible to save the MOTHERS of these foals but doesnt sound like that is ever a possibility. What this relatively small rescue has accomplished is a big deal & they deserve all the help they get.

        Liked by 1 person

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