The Force of the Horse

Feel Good Sunday: Video~Wild Baby Horse Takes Her Very First Steps

Source: The Dodo

“It seems that we Americans just can’t catch a break.  We suffer through one crisis only to find ourselves, against our own wishes, in the midst of another.  Helplessness, yup, that pretty much sums up the feelings we struggle with BUT, we have each other and we are the captain of our own destiny. 

So today, we reach back to the basics, the start, the beginning and we give thanks for that special spark of life that makes each and everyone of us unique and special.

Keep the faith, my friends, good shall prevail over evil.” ~ R.T.

Salt River, Arizona is home to herds of protected wild horses. Photographers Drew and Shannon Hastings captured the incredible moment a newborn horse stands up and takes her very first steps. She just needed some encouragement from her family!

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  1. Just a beautiful scene of innocence and wild birth. Look at all the support from the rest of the family. Thank you Dodo and Salt River Management. They need to be with us in perpetuity.

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