Equine Rescue

Feel Good Sunday: Video ~ World’s Tiniest Donkey Loves Pranking His Mom

Source: The Dodo – Little but Fierce

“Be Prepared for a Cuteness Overdose!” ~ R.T.

This itty-bitty donkey was the size of a human baby when he was born. So his mom brought him into the house and raised him like a dog! Today on Little But Fierce, watch how Tiny Tim learned to ask for potty breaks, demand attention and crack his mom up with his mischievous antics. For more videos of Tiny Tim, you can check him out on YouTube: http://thedo.do/tinytim.

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  1. One of the best and most dedicated animal rescue people I have ever met … and just so we can all enjoy a little silliness today here is a quick video of a “donkey party” from a few years back … the cake was of course carrot cake!


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