Equine Rescue

Watch the archived show! Don’t Be Left in the Dust!

Equine Advocates’  2020 Virtual Gala and Telethon honoring Willie Nelson!

Be sure to tune in to our 2020 Virtual Gala and Telethon, hosted by Bebe Neuwirth and Phil Bayly!
You can watch the archived show here:
 Equine Advocates website, Facebook page and Youtube Channel.
There will be exciting performances by Tom Chapin, The Gibson Brothers, Cathy Grier, Brooke Moriber and Livingston Taylor, along with special appearances by Sheryl Crow and Ali MacGraw!
Our online auction is also open for bidding RIGHT NOW!
Check out the amazing items that have been generously donated by friends of the sanctuary. All the money raised will go directly toward helping our equine residents here at the sanctuary!
Video of Kachina and Hayden at Equine Advocates by Ginger Kathrens of The Cloud Foundation. Footage by Carr-Hughes Productions. Kachina and Hayden were captured, separated from their families and removed from range during BLM roundups in the Pryor Mountains. The Cloud Foundation rescued both of them when they discovered that they were not doing well in captivity.

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  1. This gala & auction are certainly a good thing.
    But we all have to realize there are people out there making every attempt to save as many wild horses as they possibly can & scraping the bottom of the barrel right now. Chilly Pepper – Miracle Mustang rescue is under the gun, so to speak, trying to save as many foals (at least) as they can from the herds (likely reservation wild horses) being rounded up & sent to slaughter. I know people right now are having to choose where they spend their money.
    Remember this rescue (and others) in 2015 spent the winter in South Dakota trying to save as many horses as possible & get them someplace safe? I’m sure they didnt come out of that rescue ahead financially! Now every day there are more and more horses being “thrown away”!
    Have to say – they deserve our help. They have mine – such as it is.
    I apologize if its wrong to promote a particular rescue – but this one really deserves help.


    • I agree with you Maggie! The virtual fundraiser was Amazing & was totally dedicated to the welfare of ALL EQUINES! Publ
      ic Awareness is EVERYTHING!
      We donate to the orgs. who truly make a difference for the innocent ones. Financially, times are tough now for many people. But we can donate any amt. possible to save the innocent ones. 🐴🐴❤


      • I just hope there are enough people who feel that way. We all have to realize that even $5 will make a difference if many do so.


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