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Only a Tiny Amount of Wild Horses Will Remain in Antelope Hills Herd Management Area in Wyoming

Documented by and first published on Wild Hoofbeats , sponsored and funded by  Wild Horse Freedom Federation

I am at the viewing site for the Red Desert roundup – it will be the last day for this area in Antelope Hills. It is a balmy 31 degrees this morning. Yesterday they captured 107 wild horses and I thought they were done here. They only plan to leave 60 horses in this HMA of 159,000 acres. They will release 25 horses.

I saw a colorful family run on top of the hill near the trap. They came down followed by a group of four black horses who waited on the hill while the helicopter went after a big group of about 12 pintos buckskins, grullas and bays who looked so tired – moving slowly, I am not sure how far they had been pushed. It took a while for the helicopter to get the four blacks to meet up with the big group and get pushed in. They are using only one trap for this area which is absolutely huge…(CONTINUED)

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  1. is there no way to stop these morons ???? ive been with this for 28 yrs ….nothing has changed .. ive tried almost everything to help our Loves… with all I have read it tears my Heart and Soul to pieces ……… I met them when I was 5 yrs old … they captured my Love and Heart…and have loved them since then…….. it has only gotten worse for them……. How can an Agency we Pay to protect them and preserve them constantly keep rounding them up with LIES and deception and getting away with it ?????????? and doing unspeakable things to these wonderful Angels ?????????

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  2. Once rounded up and in holding pens what then happens to the Wild Horses?

    I’ve read they are sold to the highest bidder if true where does that money go?

    And has Bureau of Land Management been audited?

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    • The younger horses under 10 can be adopted. The older horses can be sold outright. They don’t auction all of them most you can just pay your adoption fee of $25 and now you can get a $1000 “incentive” to take them – $500 after 2 months then the other $500 after a year. Many of these horses are being dumped at kill auctions.

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  3. Arlene, you are so fortunate having actually met them. I’ve only been aware for probably the past 10-15 years. These horses are some of the most beautiful I’ve ever seen. The idea that they dont deserve to live & be free is absolute bull____! This agency & this administration have sped up the whole process – apparently making an attempt to do as much damage to these wild animals as they can. There cannot be any tiny bit of comprehension of the natural world, wildlife, & the environment anywhere within these people. Nature appears to be a dirty word – it seems they want to industrialize our entire country. I am so frustrated by everything that is going on. Sorry – have to stop writing for the next day or so – cant bear to watch this crap (roundups) or the news!

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  4. The bureau of land management needs a complete audit done. I demand this. The American people deserve an extensive audit. All their books, correspondence, tabulations. If I were a lawyer, I would supena all of their records before all is destroyed. This is a damn shame what they are doing to our beloved wild horses and burros. Been going on for years. I know all of you out there feel the same. Let’s get busy horse warriors.

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    • Seriously. Please count me in. This is my passion and my dream as well. I really don’t know where to start. I’m not a good corresponder, as in I don’t even call anyone for anything, my poor mother hardly hears from me. I’m more of a show up and my heart and soul are IN. Roll up my sleeves, can do anything kind of girl. I need to be present with the energy to do my best work. So I need to find my place in here somewhere that involves more than letter writing and calling.( I can do that as well from the field )
      PleASE tell me where or what I can do to get started on this mission. ( horse management course, finding land for them; I do know several people with land , …business planning… healing with them…are some of my reoccurring visions)
      Sincerely devoted,
      Tamara Wallop

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