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Straight from the Wild Horse’s Mouth: A Letter to Santa

Re-Blogged from 2012 and as true now as it was then!!!

Straight from the Horse's Heart

Submitted by “Ace“, the Twin Peaks Wild Stallion and personal friend of Grandma Greg’s

I often warmly think about the “good old days” when hundreds of we wild ones roamed free…

“It’s ‘Feel Good Sunday’ and I awoke, today, to find a letter from a captured, yet now safe, Twin Peaks Wild Stallion in my inbox.  I share that letter to Santa with you and can only wonder if it makes your eyes leak as it did mine.  Be safe.” ~ R.T.


"Ace" ~ photo by Cate Scott “Ace” ~ photo by Cate Scott

Dear Santa-

I am an old wild stallion.  I am told that I am one of the last Twin Peaks stallions.  I have had a wonderful life as Mother Nature planned for me from the very day I was born.  I lived the first 22 years free and wild and learned from my sire, dam, siblings and family band what…

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