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Feel Good Sunday: Video~Captured Wild Horse Finally Finds A Home After Waiting For Over 5 Years

The Dodo

“After this wild horse was cruelly rounded up by the Federal government’s BLM, she waited in a pen for 5 years — then she met her mom…”

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  1. IF – IF – a wild horse is unable to continue to live with their family in the wild – this is the kind of forever home they deserve! FIVE YEARS in a holding pen & given 3 strikes – none of these horses deserve to have 3 strikes against them only because humans are unable to understand and appear to be threatened by wild animals! This whole “program” ( actually experiment) needs to be shut down & people who actually have the experience of and compassion for these wild animals put in charge to find a way to keep them in the wild where, in most instances, they belong.
    This is a beautiful story.

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  2. Caitlin is an extraordinary person, and runs a wonderful rescue, Rancho Relaxo. I have been following her for years and seen how hard she fights for every animal, especially the at-risk and overlooked ones. She is a strong young woman and I applaud her work.

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