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Carol Walker Speaks to the Slaughter of Wild Horses & Burros on National Television

World Renowned Wild Horse Photographer and Advocate Carol Walker appeared on Tucker Carlson to speak for our National Icons

For the backstory and additional information click (HERE)

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  1. WOW sure wouldnt have expected that particular program & host to give that much time to this kind of problem. Great interview, Carol!!! I hope you get the opportunity to do that on more stations. Pictures (as always) were beautiful – showed exactly what these horses look like – not the dribble we hear from the ranching lobby!! Go, Carol!!1

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    • Tucker Carlson has often highlighted both animal cruelty and land mismanagement by our government. You obviously don’t have a clue of which you speak.


  2. I wasn’t surprised to see this story on Fox . This is not a partisan issue; both political parties have wealthy constituents with big ranching interests. With any luck, Carol will get some airtime with Maria Bartiromo and/or Dagen McDowell on either Fox or Fox Business. Both of them are serious animal welfare advocates and very thorough investigative journalists. And, great job Carol! I also love your photographs–pure art.


      • CNN has half the audience of Fox. So what you’re really saying is that you want fewer people to lean about the inhumane slaughter of horses by our government so you can feel ideologically superior.


      • He said the issue of slaughtering horses. Why is the Xiden regime focused on slaughtering horses when there are bigger issues. Listening is a good skill to have.


      • This isnt a Biden issue nor is it a Democratic or Republican issue. This kind of “management” of our Wild Horses & Burros hasnt changed that much for likely 20-30 years?? Maybe more. There have been some issues that are slightly improved like the CAWP (humane handling) but even that isnt where it should be. The past however many Sec. of the DOI & heads of the BLM have not been doing humane management of our wild horses & burros ever! The 1971 Act has been amended & ignored over & over. The Wild Horses & Burros are on the bottom of of the “principal” resources of our public lands and forests. Top priority goes to the livestock lobby & grazing allotment program. I imagine Judith meant this needs wider publicity and more news channels to carry it. Just one doesnt do it. And I agree, listening is a very good skill to have, but this “issue” should be shouted out all over this country.

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      • Tucker Carlson is the highest rated news pundit on TV by far. There isn’t another news pundit who even comes close to his ratings on ANY news channel. Fox has twice the viewers as any of the leftist media.

        If she actually cared about the most people seeing this interview then she should be happy that it was on Tucker Carlson.

        Instead she whined. You can pretend like her whining was about getting as many people to see this as possible but facts prove you wrong. Being in CNN (as she so clearly stated it should be, not on Fox) them SIGNIFICANTLY fewer people would have watched.

        This is why I hate you leftists, you warp reality to suit your own agenda. You make me sick. I don’t want anything to do with ideologues like you who twist reality.

        Those poor horses to have such people as tippy fighting for them. No wonder nothing has changed in decades.


  3. Great interview Carol. I only wish you could have given folks a plan of action or websites of advocacy groups, however I know time was limited. At least millions of viewers got a taste of a corrupt BLM. We need more of these.


  4. Is there a way we can stop this? Xiden’s regime wants American taxpayers to fund killing babies in the womb, how can we possibly them from killing horses when they obviously have so little value for life?


    • Just to be clear, the mismanagement and killing of America’s wild horses and burros has been going on under every administration in at least the past 50 years, including the most recent R version, which indeed approved funding some of the most barbaric “contraception” methods the BLM has proposed, which includes tearing out the ovaries from live mares, for starters. Slower extermination through reducing herd sizes to genetic deserts along with contraceptive darting has been and is underway now, and is the product of politcs of both parties.

      You might also have seen the videos of mares being run by helicopters in 2018, and one aborting as she ran? This was not under Biden’s administration either.

      We need better and worthy ideas to make any changes, namecalling and “straw man” diatribes contribute neither. What are your ideas to keep our wild horses and burros wild, on their legal homelands as part of a “thriving natural ecological balance” as the law demands?

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      • Let’s be real, you can justify your support of the party of death all you want, it doesn’t change the fact that Democrats LOVE killing.

        Over 61 MILLION American babies have been slaughtered in the womb because of the left. Xiden is even trying to remove the Hyde amendment so that American taxpayers foot the bill for murdering babies in the womb both stateside and abroad.

        Democrats have even gone so far in various states to make it legal to kill babies AFTER BIRTH. They are all in on partial birth abortions where the baby is born feet first and then killed by jabbing a sharp object into their necks.

        Democrats also hate the mentally ill. In Oregon, thanks to Democrats, it is legal to starve the mentally ill to death.

        Numerous Democrat run states allow doctors to kill their patients, it’s called “assisted suicide.”

        Dozens have been killed just in the past year at the hands of blm and antifa. You know, those leftist terrorist organizations funded and fully supported by Democrats? The ones Democrats tell us are peaceful?

        You can get off your high horse pretending like the party of death isn’t 100% all in on the mass wholesale slaughter of all life.

        I came here to ask how we help and you give me a lame lecture about how, no, Democrats are NOT the party of death and then you asked me my ideas to save the horses after I obviously admitted I didn’t know. Gee, anyone with basic cognitive skills would be able to understand that I was looking for solutions by asking how to help, but not you! You pretend like my comments were nothing but “strawman arguments” as you offer up NOTHING to help.

        Thank you for showing me that there isn’t anyone who actually knows how to help, you just rant to pat yourself on the back. Congrats! You turned off someone who has done a lot in her life for animals just so you can pretend like you’re neutral and really only care about the horses.

        I will find another organization that helps, your ilk are disgusting.


    • This policy began ling before Biden. Learn about the issue. It’s been going on as long as the powerful cattle industry lobby. Bide has historically been a friend of wild horses & will likely intervene on this issue. Your political babble is not worthy of space.


  5. Your willful ignorance that causes you to believe Xiden cares about anything but himself, power, and money shows just how stupid you choose to be.

    I want to thank all of you for teaching me a very valuable lesson. Those horses will NEVER be saved because they have morons like you and all of the others who are easily manipulated leftist twits fighting for them.

    I’m off to find another organization that actually helps these poor animals. Hopefully the the next one won’t be full of whiny leftist twits too ignorant to see they support the party of death.


  6. I have volunteered hundreds of hours of boots on the ground to help animals. I have been a petition machine, tirelessly getting signatures. I have paid tens of thousands out of my own pocket to spay/neuter and find homes for local stray animals. I have hustled several times that amount from the deep pocketed conservatives in my circle to directly help stray animals.

    Thanks to the people replying here, I won’t be doing that for anyone or any organization associated with any of the names here.

    I truly want to use my skills to help, but not of it means I’d have to associate with such ignorance, such ill gotten superiority, and party over court tripe.

    I won’t be back to this site to read the replies so don’t bother.


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