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4th of July: A Time to Look Inward

OpEd by R.T. Fitch ~ President/Co-Founder of Wild Horse Freedom Federation

Repost from 2017

Patriotic Ginerous Legacy (Harley) rescued from slaughter by Terry and R.T. Fitch, may he now rest in peace.

It’s a dangerous time for not only our wild horses and burros but also for our country in general.  Although there is renewed hope that we will no longer “lead from behind” in a world that is full of terrorists and rouge nations there is also a deep feeling of uncertainty as our new leadership attempts to be allowed to get it’s footing and move forward with an agenda that the American public hopes will improve the lives of families and friends.  And here at SFTHH and WHFF we consider our native wild horses and burros to be that family and to be those friends.

We, as an advocacy, are going to be calling upon each and everyone of you to become yet even more involved over the next several days.  We currently are asking you to pick up the phone, to make the calls and to write the emails and within the next few days we will be giving you some additional information and ammunition that will further empower and embolden you to help save our wild equines from slaughter and total ruination.

But on this day we need to recharge our souls and look deep within ourselves to reassess just WHY we do what we do and what makes it important to keep the movement rolling forward with gusto and dedication.  It’s a pretty easy glance; we quickly look beyond the common sense and moral compass that tells us it’s the right thing to do, that is a no-brainer.  But like the wild horses and burros who are all about family and freedom we do it for the exact same reasons; the future of our children and the freedom that they should experiance, to be able to live the lives they deserve to live and to relish in the natural world that so many have forgotten.

Old time Rocker, Neil Young recently made a  Facebook post that caught our eye.

“We made a record we wanted to share with you,” Canadian rocker Neil Young said. “We played with a bunch of people … total strangers in the same room on a full moon, 65 of us. It was very great. We had a great time. Enjoy.”

Neil was referring to a new song that has been titled “The Children of Destiny” and although I usually concentrate more on the musical content versus the lyrics the words of this song, coupled with the images, sincerely resonate within my soul upon this day:

Stand up for what you believe,

resist the powers that be

Preserve the land and save the seas for the children of destiny

The children of you and me.

Isn’t that exactly why we are doing what we are doing, preserving the future of our wildlife for the enjoyment of future generations?  Does that not fully shine the light on our motives and direction?

The song goes further to say:

Should goodness ever lose

And evil steal the day

Should happy sing the blues

And peaceful fade away

What would you do?

What would you say?

How would you act on that new day?

My answer is to ensure that such a day never comes to fruition, that it never happens, that such sadness does not occur and that is why we fight and that is the reason we will be calling upon you to help make a difference in what can and will be enjoyed for generations to come, together we can make this happen and on this day we all to need to look inward for the strength, purpose and guidance to move forward with what is right, just and pure red, white and blue American.

Today we gather our forces, tomorrow we fight on with renewed strength.

Together we can make this happen.

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  1. The man who has always told the truth!

    Happy 4th for personal freedom. Patriots, take position now against perpetual wars & war criminals. Commemorate peaceful Sen. Mike Gravel for 4th!


  2. Need to speak up against this, too, lest those horses Salazar sold off to slaughter in Mexico when he was head of the Dept. of Interior be truly forgotten, and this man will be rewarded yet again for greasing the horse slaughter pipeline with their blood.

    For what it’s worth, Sen. Bennet holds the seat vacated by Salazar (who is rumored to perhaps challenge Bennet in 22 for that same seat). Salazar left the Senate when he was confirmed to head the DOI, but declined to pursue a second term there hard on the heels of the uproar over his evident involvement in selling and shipping wild horses to Mexico by way of his longtime neighbor and a well-known kill buyer. He escaped justice mostly by a delayed process and more or less dropped off the radar, until now.




    Senator Bennet will be signing on (or perhaps not) to the legislation passed by the House banning shipping of horses to slaughter. He needs to hear from Coloradans especially about both these matters ASAP.

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    • Salazar, to me has been the most influential Ahole. The policies that have been in play against our wild horses and burro were created during his short tenure. Bush started the RU but it was Salazar that showed all the “other interests” how to game the system. It was than the mass production of propaganda started, the lawsuits by grazing associations and on and on.
      I think he still has the ear of the administrations as he did. I would not even doubt if he has them fooled to think he is the conservation man in the know for what should go on in our public lands. Or even recommended Haaland. (someone that seems earth friendly but really is for commercialization aka ranching). …(i found out Haaland and I are 3/2 cousins from Norway).

      PS. Write the Secretary of Agriculture in support of the Heber HA horses. I heard advocates are trying to get the herd into a study. — ( over 15 years, no ru’s, no pzp and the pop. stays within 280 -350 horses with shared interests and wildlife. … This has to be done soon.) so much can be learned from them. !!!


  3. IcySpots’ comment about Salazar are 100% true. He is no friend to our wild horses and burros. He DID send nearly 2000 to slaughter via his buddy and fellow San Luis Valley, Colorado neighbor. God help our wild Ones if he is reelected.

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    • President Biden has nominated Salazar to be the Ambassador to (wait for it) MEXICO. This needs to be roundly opposed by any wild horse advocates. Senators Bennet and Hickenlooper both support this nomination; it seems all have forgotten what happened to those unfortunate wild horses in their care — and on our dime. Please speak up if you can and at least get those horses a fair hearing.


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