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Is Protecting Revenue More Important To Some Than Protecting Wild Horses?

By: William E. Simpson II

Recently, CBS4 NEWS Denver covered the new wild horse management paradigm ‘Wild Horse Fire Brigade‘, that naturally and cost-effectively saves American forests, wildlife and wild horses, and can save taxpayers hundreds of $-millions annually.

Here is that report, in text and with the CBS video:

I fully expected the comments by the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) and American Wild Horse Campaign (AWHC), both of whom are known to twist facts and provide misleading information to the public in order to protect their own revenue models. It’s seems that protecting Revenue is now more important than protecting Wild Horses.

Let’s face it, a genuinely natural, humane and cost-effective solution for wild horses has an adverse financial impact on both the BLM and big-dollar gold-plated wild horse non-profits like AWHC, whose leaders live in the lap of luxury at the expense of taxpayers and donors and off the plight of American wild horses, innocent animals caught in the middle of greed, politics and egos.

AWHC is all about promoting the use of chemical PZP on wild horses, treating wildlife (Wild Horses) like Lab Rats!

Of course there’s $-millions to be had for those who support the form of genetic erosion, not to mention how it turns American wild horses into a carnival circus Shooting Gallery, and making a mockery of the 1971 The Wild FreeRoaming Horses and Burros Act (WFRHBA) in the process.

Investigative journalist, Stacilee Sherwood did some digging and produced this eye-opening report that points out what appears as malfeasance at several non-profits, including, American Wild Horse Campaign, whose idea of wild horse management is to treat native species American wild horses (wildlife) like Lab Rats, treating them with dangerous chemicals ostensibly as ‘contraception’, which in reality is ‘Selective Breeding’, which science shows leads to genetic erosion.

American Wild Horse Campaign (AWHC) also promotes the idea of keeping wild horses commingled with livestock in Herd Areas that long-ago have had apex predators eliminated. And by keeping wild horses in areas where the evolutionary process of Natural Selection is disabled, which naturally controls wild horse populations, culls the weak, diseased and elderly horses, genetic decline is assured, as well as over population.

HERE is Ms. Sherwood’s Report:

History teaches us the lesson that; when a new and better management paradigm arrives, providers of paradigms that are made obsolete fight change, full-well knowing they are hindering positive change.
We expect that those people, agencies and organizations who are profiting from the currently failed management and resulting plight of American wild horses, sadly will do and say whatever they can to save their own revenue models.
The Bureau of Land Management (BLM) has a published record of misinforming the public and Congress.
In a report to the U.S. Congress the BLM stated in writing that: “Wild horses have no natural predators…” This is a lie that was presented to Congress and the public.
The evidence of this malfeasance is read in their Report on page 1, paragraph 5: Report To Congress – Management Options For A Sustainable Wild Horse And Burro Program’.
Only a corrupted agency would propose to manage any resource starting with a lie. But the lies continue:
Contrary to the misleading and false statements by both the BLM and American Wild Horse Campaign, we also know, there is existing LAW (Humane Transfer of Excess Animals Act  ‘HTA’).

One of dozens of examples of BLM malfeasance: BLM contractor abusing an exhausted burro that was hit by a helicopter after being chased for miles!

The HTA provides excellent protections that are superior to the so-called ‘protection’ we see in reality (brutal roundups, slaughter, chemical treatments), which is currently being dished-out to wild horses in horrific manner.

The HTA provides protections, which are arguably superior to those proposed in the SAFE ACT for wild horses provided to entities under that Law as ‘Work Animals’ (a legal semantic); here it the Law:
Regarding the Consolidated Appropriations Act, 2017 (HUMANE TRANSFER OF EXCESS ANIMALS SEC. 116) to transfer excess wild horses and burros currently in holding to other federal, state, and local government agencies for use as work animals, take a look at H. R. 133—Page 358-359  – SEC. 419:
(a) Notwithstanding any other provision of law, the Secretary of the Interior, with respect to land administered by the Bureau of Land Management, or the Secretary of Agriculture, with respect to land administered by the Forest Service (referred to in this section as the ‘‘Secretary concerned’’), may transfer excess wild horses and burros that have been removed from land administered by the Secretary concerned to other Federal, State, and local government agencies for use as work animals.
(b) The Secretary concerned may make a transfer under subsection (a) immediately on the request of a Federal, State, or local government agency.
(c) An excess wild horse or burro transferred under subsection (a) shall lose status as a wild free-roaming horse or burro (as defined in section 2 of Public Law 92–195 (commonly known as the ‘‘Wild Free-Roaming Horses and Burros Act’’) (16 U.S.C. 1332)).
(d) A Federal, State, or local government agency receiving an excess wild horse or burro pursuant to subsection (a) shall not— (1) destroy the horse or burro in a manner that results in the destruction of the horse or burro into a commercial product; (2) sell or otherwise transfer the horse or burro in a manner that results in the destruction of the horse or burro for processing into a commercial product; or (3) euthanize the horse or burro, except on the recommendation of a licensed veterinarian in a case of severe injury, illness, or advanced age.
(e) Amounts appropriated by this Act shall not be available for— (1) the destruction of any healthy, unadopted, and wild horse or burro under the jurisdiction of the Secretary concerned (including a contractor); or (2) the sale of a wild horse or burro that results in the destruction of the wild horse or burro for processing into a commercial product.
In addition to the protections for wild horses cited in the foregoing law, as ‘Work Animals’ deployed onto the landscape in wildfire grazing roles, there are also state’s laws providing additional protects and severe penalties for harming these animals.
This infographic further addresses my rebuttal to the BLM and AWHC:
False and misleading information aside, we find that the Wild Horse Fire Brigade plan can stand-up to scrutiny by naysayers, and is a superior plan for re-wilding American wild horses over the existing paradigms that are cost-ineffective and empirically proven as failed.
At this point, it becomes important for all wild horse and forest/wildlife advocates to press for this natural and cost effective solution with their local officials and legislators.
Regards,  William

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  1. Individuals, agencies, and corporations often prefer profit over the welfare of anything or anyone standing in their way. Through their deceit many innocents are destroyed or severely harmed. Through their deceit many people are mislead who otherwise would be supporting the correct model for the cure. I am relieved to come across The Wild Horse Brigade and investigative journalism that exposes false narratives. The information is sent, and more will be sent, in hard copy to my legislators in Colorado. We are killing our earth through greed and ignorance!


  2. He is exactly right. If only the government had enough balls to listen to someone other than the rotten BLM. They are concerned with wiping them out They make me sick. Media needs to be more forceful in their coverage of this disaster affecting our great Wild Horses & Burros. The more coverage the better. Maybe someone in Gov. will listen. Cattle industry need to get off our public lands. They are making millions off the horses. People need to wake up and support our wild ones.


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