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Wild Horse Groups push to Update 1971 Law which has NEVER BEEN ENFORCED…why now?

Source: REALITYCHECKSWITHSTACILEE by Stacie-lee Sherwood

In 1971 the Wild Free-roaming Horses and Burros Act was passed. This was designed to guarantee all wild horses and burros living on public land freedom from any harassment from people or being sent to slaughter…

It was supposed to spare nearly 50 million acres from development and keep as their unspoiled habitat. That has never happened. Over the years, language in other legislation was changed in how wild horses were seen and managed.

Federal agencies like the US Forest Service and Bureau of Land Management started referring to them as feral and livestock, neither of which is true or accurate. Their habitat which was supposed to be a refuge has been turned into a wasteland of ‘multi use purposes’ which include everything from grazing private livestock to mining for toxic minerals. The BLM gets $150 million from taxpayers to ‘manage’ the horses. In reality this has meant brutally rounding them up and selling them into slaughter through a variety of means using livestock auctions, online only auctions, private deals with kill buyers and private owned holding facilities never open to the public. There is zero transparency or accountability.

Enter the so-called advocate groups. They are advocates in name only. Over the past few years, one by one, all the non-profits have falsely pushed for birth control as a way to save wild horses. THIS is the big lie, since it has failed to do so. There is a BIG difference between compromise and sellout, and for the following groups/people they have sold out. Follow the money and look at their actions, not their PR spin. They all have millions but do not buy horses or land, instead they want you to do that.

These are the main groups pushing these PZP bills:

· American Wild Horse Campaign AWHC – Suzanne Roy (Ellie Phipps Price is President but Roy is the face of the group) (877) 853-4696

· Return to Freedom RTF – Neda Demayo (805) 737-9246

· Veterans for Mustangs – Cameron Ring (540) 250-7292

· Animal Wellness Action AWA – Marty Irby, Scott Beckstead, Wayne Pacelle (including their other ‘non-profits’ Center for Humane Economy and Animal Wellness Foundation ) (202) 525-6746

· Humane Society US HSUS – Kitty Block (202) 452-1100

· American Society for Prevention Cruelty to Animals ASPCA – Matt Bershadker (212) 876-7700

Click here for an in-depth expose of these non-profit major players

A full list of all the PZP pushing groups here

What is behind those in Congress who keep supporting these quasi conservation bills? Are they really that ignorant of the obvious truth and being manipulated, or are they willing players in the ruse to defraud American taxpayers at the behest of so-called non-profits hoping to reap financial rewards with false claims of saving wild horses? The wild horses and burros of the US do need saving….as much from these non-profits exploiting them as from the government rounding them up. Why the rush to introduce not 1 not 2 but 3 nearly identical bills mandating the use of toxic drugs like PZP? The devil is in the details, which includes language about jobs and contracts for the wild horse exploiters.

Look at how it’s always the same few Reps in Congress pushing these misguided bills. Touted to the unknowing public as humane conservation bills, they are the opposite. The wild horse population is gravely underpopulated and the numbers put out by both the BLM and non-profits are over inflated to fit their agenda. The burro population is all but extinct at this point, with the majority being shipped to China for their insidious skin trade. Most horses end up in slaughterhouses.

An educated citizen is the scariest thing for politicians & government because it means they might have to actually do their job. The same can be said for unethical non-profits.

Follow the money, it always shows the truth…(CONTINUED)

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  1. As always, Stacy – nail on the head! But somehow, all the pushback from us (people who care, advocates) it continues. Of course its impossible for the BLM’s numbers to be real – and of course, using these chemicals on living wild creatures over & over will affect these mares reproductive lives AND just as bad, change their way of living within the bands and the herds. Removing more and more from the wild & treating them with this kind of chemical not only changes their genetic viability – the whole safety of being one of a herd is destroyed. After all these years of saying the same thing over & over & being ignored.

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