Horse News

Video: Why Horses are more than Pasture Ornaments

Video and commentary by R.T. Fitch ~President of the Wild Horse Freedom Federation

“It’s Sunday and time for a breath of fresh air.  This week’s submittal is a video for your enjoyment and review.  Last summer Terry and I attempted to tape a small PSA for the launch of Wild Horse Freedom Federation.  We thought it appropriate to film said segment in our backyard with our “boys” in the background.  In theory it all sounded good but one of our equine children, Harley, wanted to have a bigger role in the video than we had originally anticipated.  Keep your eyes on Harley in the background and from beginning to end, he was going to get noticed, one way or the other.” ~ R.T.

“Pay Attention to Me or Else!”

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  1. heheheheheheheheheh First I love your shirt ,wow it is awesome , Harley is precious ,he is on a quest to be noticed, first the very cute movements of look at my eye right next to Terrys shoulder , hummmmmmm not working let me try again and again ,darn its not working , ok this calls for a more extreme method ,Ive got it , ill try the drop to the ground stick my hooves in the air and roll around trick that will get me noticed big time AHHHHHHHH Sweet success Terry noticed and now Im sure everyone noticed ME>>>>>> Ohhh Now what was RT saying hheheheheheheh


  2. I got it!


    He can run on the new to be found horse ticket. And his pay? Hay and oats! Insurance and Obama care for him! Not needed!

    Harley’s platform? To do away with BLM and all their contractors! Horses rule! Cattle drool! And all the rest of it? We who sign on to the rose ticket can help Harley figure it all out as we go along! No more lies! No more Washington lobby politicking cause Harley can tell a lobbyist from a true horse person!

    And for Vice President Zenyatta! What a win win! You get one–you get them both! And you don’t have to worry about foul language!

    By they way I LOVE your backyard!


  3. Here’s the proof: “It’s all about the horses.” So Harley heard it–and is acting on it. Sense of humor/good timing/annoyance value/natural tricks— now I have to replay it and listen to RT.


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