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Fanatical Equine Terrorist Lies to Public on Facebook

“I get to sit back and sip on a Wrangler Iced Tea while my good friend and fellow equine advocate Vicki Tobin exposes even more of the propaganda and lies perpetuated by the horse slaughter cultist, Sue Wallis from Wyoming. Deception and perversion run amok in the camp of this half-baked nut case and her loose lips are about to sink her ship of horsemeat sooner than she may realize. (When you post to Facebook, you idiot, it is out there for the whole world to see, including your tainted backers and even they have had enough) Glug, Glug Sick-0 Sue, you are all washed up!” ~ R.T.

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Good Clean Fun According to Sue Wallis

Preferring to deal in facts, we prefer not to editorialize about personalities. However, sometimes a public figure will say something so revealing about their motives and ethical beliefs that it suddenly shines a light into motives that had never seen light.

We are, of course, referring to the heretofore enigma that was Sue Wallis, WY state representative and self appointed scientist, veterinarian, medical doctor and omnipotent master of all aspects of horses and their welfare.

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Truth Sends Horse Eating Fanatics Scurrying

The Equine Welfare Alliance (EWA) recently issued a press release on Obama’s campaign promise to ban horse slaughter, forever, and on the dark and shady antics of Wyoming Rep. “Slaughterhouse” Sue Wallis and her mindless followers who allegedly defrauded the White House petition website in a feeble attempt to defend their perverse need to bring horse slaughter plants back to the U.S..

The release was published, here, and also at Horseback Magazine where a certain individual, who is obviously part of Wallis’ coven if not Wallis herself, began commenting and accusing Mr. John Holland of distorting the truth and facts…which is documented on NOT being the case. Most readers, here, were engaged but one compassionate soul replied back to the avid horse-eater with the comment, below, and the dark little demon skittered off into the night to lick it’s wounds and has yet to show it’s slimy face in the daylight. The truth always puts them away…

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Wyoming Slaughter Terrorist Suffers Backlash on Dead Horse Desecration

Wednesday we reported on Wyoming State Rep. and Chief Horse Eating Fanatic Sue Wallis’ comments endorsing the shocking and perverted actions of a young Oregon woman who killed her own horse then stripped naked and crawled inside it’s carcass so that her boyfriend could photograph her before they ate the animal for dinner. The comments from the Wonder Warthog of Wyoming appear to not only have shocked the sensibilities of mainstream America but also the handful of mentally challenged and educationally deprived Wallis worshipers. It is obvious that the sloppy serpent of slaughter has not caught on to the fact that every time she posts one of her insane and idiot comments on Facebook it is open to the entire world to see. Such awareness comes from an education that made it past the 3rd grade and evidently the evil princess of death fell off from the little yellow bus long before it made it’s way to that very special school.

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Wyoming’s “Slaughterhouse” Sue Wallis Condones Slaughtered Horse Desecration

It’s all over the internet about the petite, 21-year-old Oregon woman, Jasha Lottin, killing her own 32-year-old horse, stripping off her clothes, climbing “inside” the dead horse’s body, asking her boyfriend to take pictures of her, eating the flesh of her horse and then posting the bloody pictures on the web and wondering why people are flipping out?!?!? DUUUHHHHH!!!

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Ag Bill Passes Without Prohibition Against Federal Horse Meat Inspectors

HOUSTON, (Horseback) – Horse slaughter enthusiasts got a rare victory, of sorts, when the United States Senate passed an agriculture appropriations bill that did not contain a provision banning horsemeat inspections at U.S. slaughter plants. HR 3233, will now move to conference committee where conferees will hammer out the final legislation that will be passed by both houses of Congress.

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Equine Terrorists Fabricate Untruths to Promote Eating Horses

Chicago (EWA) – In a press release today titled “Equine Scientists Debunk Horsemeat Health Risk Claims”, United Horsemen (UH), an extremist pro horse slaughter group, cited a letter from four equine instructors ostensibly written to the Journal of Food and Chemical Toxicology complaining about the accuracy of the landmark study that found that the meat derived from horses administered the carcinogen phenylbutazone (PBZ/bute) is being shipped to the European Union for human consumption.

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