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Pro-Horse Slaughter Monsters: Are They Worth Any Notice?

OpEd by R.T. Fitch~ Author/President Wild Horse Freedom Federation

Filth First Thing in the Morning is a No Go!

It was late Sunday night when I sat before the computer contemplating what to write for Monday in the way of Equine news.  While my mind was churning away I browsed through the comments regarding our weekly Sunday “feel good” story and noted how many people sincerely enjoy taking a break from the stupidity and insanity of equine neglect, abuse and slaughter.  Everyone needs to catch their breath and regain their footing.

So I asked myself several questions in regards to what people might want to read on a Monday morning, starting another work week with Friday seeming so very far away…and I took notes:

Graphic used in Wallis/Duquette email blast about American horses

1.)  Would our readers be interested in learning that Equine Terrorist “Slaughterhouse” Sue Wallis and her trusty lap dog, Dave “Doink” Duquette were once again caught defrauding the public and legislators this time by using a picture of a dead Spanish horse in their printed propaganda claiming it was a horse that American Advocates had starved?  Probably not, it’s nothing new.  From bogus truck raffles to misuse of 501(c)3s nothing surprises anyone anymore.  There is no bottom in the barrel of how low these two can sink.

2.)  Would it peak anyone’s interest that the deadly duo publicly admitted the above fraud that was transmitted through their shady United Horseman organization and then shrugged it of with a BFD (Big F#%$king Deal) comment on Facebook Nahhh, low life scum-balls experience great difficulty when attempting to articulate their twisted opinions and bogus agendas in public.  It’s a struggle for them not to cuss.

Copyrighted picture hijacked from Spanish Newspaper then altered by Wallis/Duquette.

3.)  Anyone care if the horse eating fanatics have become so afraid of the light that they created a bogus page on Facebook in an impotent and juvenile attempt to mock our book which is centered on equine connection and love with profits going to a non-profit horse rescue?  Hey, what do you expect, they are desperate and swimming upstream against 3/4 of public opinion that does not want bloody horse slaughter on U.S. soil. They are backed into a corner and sitting around they find that playing with themselves is more fun that researching fact and truth.

4.)  Would good folks care if after condoning and pledging support for a woman who killed her horse, stripped off her clothes and climbed inside the horses body so that her boyfriend could take pictures of her inside it before they ate it that Sue Wallis and Duquette posted gruesome pictures on their Facebook page, wrote fraudulent rescue stories and then bragged about how offensive they were?  Nope, everyone already knew that, no surprises there.

5.)  Do folks know that it is legal to give one’s opinion of celebrities, personalities, politicians but it is not lawful to attempt to cause fiscal damage by inaccurately defaming products or services which is the line that the two horse eaters have crossed and publicly documented with their advocate attacks on their kindergarten page?  No, educated, compassionate and self-actualized human beings innately are aware of such things if not firmly versed in appropriate law and conduct.

6.)  Does anyone care about the horrible and grotesque legacy that these two are leaving for their offspring and the emotional damage that they must be doing to the people around them?  That would probably be a big 10-4 on that one.  Children look up to their parents, even in an abusive household, but it always helps the emotional and intellectual growth of a child if they have some sort of pride or respect factor that they can latch onto instead of a preoccupation with death, blood and a sub-culture of killing and eating family pets and friends.  It is shameful, sad and unfortunate that young, susceptible spirits cannot pick their parents.  I am certain that many people feel that their hearts go out to those who are trapped against their will in the cold and slimy pit of the dark side with no way out and no means in which to cleanse themselves.  For those there is great pity.

Soooooo…I took the coward’s way out and wrote nothing but in so doing you all were spared a seedy and grotesque beginning to the first day of the work week and perhaps can better handle such perverted revelations later in the day.

It’s important that we stay abreast of the unsavory tactics utilized by the dark-side but at least tonight, you can sip on a Wrangler Iced Tea while you clear your mind of the filth.

Click (HERE) to view Horseback Article on Wallis/Duquette Graphic and Propaganda

Click (HERE) to view Spanish Article where Wallis/Duquette Hijacked Photo

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  1. Hah, I read on Straight from the Horses Fart that they used it because the picture fit nicely and they just blew it off as no big deal. Well, it is just another bit of brainless actions by the bunch of them. You might have seen what they wrote, I don’t know. It was quite a thread and they thought you were all upset because of them naming their page, Straight from the Horses Fart..I laughed because that is all you can do is laugh, they are all just laughable..


  2. I wish I could relax tonight “but at least tonight, you can sip on a Wrangler Iced Tea while you clear your mind of the filth” I just can’t clear my mind. I guess I need to go out and be with my horses. But I can’t stop the nightmares. I will start praying f that the BLM will be surrounded by thorns of shame, and the tight hold on those who could help with tighten around their throats and choke them too. Just like in the roundups when they rope the precious young and remove them from their family, love, and freedom.. I will get up tomorrow and continue the fight for our horses.j


    • Absolutely…we are here and with our equines, or holding down the fort called “Equine Welfare” and will never go away.

      When I get bummed, I remember, know I am doing right by my equines and spending time on behalf of all equines.

      Hang in their folks….it is going (and has been) to be a bumpy ride.


  3. I wish I had the ability to feel sorrow for these poor excuses for human beings that represent the dark side of what is supposed to be a civilized society in this Nation. But I just can’t bring myself to feel sorrow for them. I do feel sorrow for their off spring. But more than sorrow, I feel fear. Fear that they are bringing up the next generation to be even colder, better at deception and manipulation and certainly without respect or compassion for another living being. After all, when mommy stands naked, covered in blood, dining on the meat of the family horse, what would be normal to a child? Would someone please explain to me how on God’s green earth this woman has been in office in the state of Wyoming for three years? Is there something in those folks water? I can guarantee you one thing………I will NEVER set foot in that state.


    • One thing to keep in mind…the plague that is Wallis does not infect the entire state of Wyoming nor does Oregon completely suffer from Doinkitus. A handful of perverts does not turn an entire state into a insane asylum.


      • But, they sure are jocking for top position as each of their respected State’s birds!

        Here’s wishing for a Wrangler Tea.


  4. For a super cartoon see Iota McHippus fb page. Iota KaPow’d horse eating legislators! Iota loves to KaPow anything and everything!


  5. I looked at their fb page. It was like a piece of tissue–so soiled that I couldn’t even boot it out of the way. And my boots have slogged through some poop–but it was “clean poop”. Animal waste–not brain waste. A mind is a terrible thing to waste. However, it is important to keep them in our sights. One might not respond–but never let down your defenses. I could not find the “don’t like” button.


  6. What elected politician spends so much time on Facebook to *serve* such a small number of her constituents? How is she able to serve the *other* constituents who aren’t interested in either her Facebook shenanigans or horse slaughter? Everytime a politician opens their mouth or puts pen to paper they are communicating a message. Sue Wallis`gaffes have made her into an internet parody – mocked an ridicule for perpetual hoof`n`mouth disease, while her devoted horse eating fans display a perverse and psychotic narcissism in their flattery of her.


  7. WOW!
    Sue Jenkins allegedly allowed a further 36 thoroughbreds get so ill they now face a compulsory death sentence from the Spanish authorities.


  8. I read that waaaay too fast…thought “they” was “she”. Didn’t see that until after I posted. Can we have another Sunday session?


  9. The sad part is that legitimate equine publications will cite SS Wallis as being part of a so-called pro horse group…take a look at the blurb in November issue of the Horse. I don’t understand how so many can turn away from facts. Don’t think we can let our guard down for a second….


  10. Which is why that it is important that we know who these people are. However, when you consider that “The Horse” is a publication of the AAEP, and understand that the AAEP is trying to push the “return slaughter to the US” as a humane issue, not a food issue.

    I am truly concerned about the fact that these people have managed to be as effective as they have been. The truth is that veterinarians who are out treating horses every day and reading their veterinary journals, trying to keep up with the latest medical news. They are reading the articles from the Irish Veterinary Journal or the Journal of Food and Toxicology. They are aware that phenylbutazone is widely used, but I am not sure that they have made that horse is not raised as food animal, but slaughter is to produce food, slaughter will produce food that will kill some people.

    Because of the good work of R. T., EWA, AA, and others, we have much more up to date information and insight into what is going on now and what went on in the US before slaughter was banned. Most people who are working in their litte niche of the horse industrywhether they be veterinarians, farriers, agricultural issues educators, breeders, trainers, or even rescue volunteers, have not had the time or opportunity we have had to learn what most of us now know.

    Therefore, we have to figure out a way to educate people who need to know what we know and understand without attacking them or questioning their character. If you grew up without the Internet, how would you know how brutal horse slaughter is? How would anyone know how devestating the environmental and economic impacts of horse slaughter are to communties if not for the Internet?

    One error in judgment that I made about this was that I thought that she who should not be named’s shamelessness would jump out and knock people over. The truth is that most of her work has been through writing and publishing on the Internet through mainstream ag type publications. I seriously doubt that all the different states that make up the American Horse Council are aware of the behaviors that Sue Wallis engages in. She is serving someone’s twisted view of what animal agriculture should be about, and if someone doesn’t wake up, the full bite of this misjudgment is going to come back and bite the animal agriculture industry.

    We have speculated at times that perhaps Sue Wallis is not writing a lot of what has been attributed to her and that it is possible that she is lending her name and identity to some other group or organization. If”The Horse” is continuing to use her name, perhaps she was recruited by the Wyoming Division of the AAEP? Who knows.


  11. Straight from a horse’s fart? Well that is what horse slaughter is. A huge cluster Fart. I guess they named there page correctly, they are straight from the horse’s fart and what usually follows. We are straight from the horse’s heart which is good and honest. I must say slaughterhouse Sue Wallis and Doink Duquette or Dumb and Dumber for short really showed they certainly are not straight from the horse’s honest and good heart.


  12. Hoofhugs, you brought up a good point. I’ve wondered whether some of it has been meant as a distraction….sort of a bait and switch? Time and energy going their direction instead of towards the Reps, Senators and news publications?


  13. They are really scrapping the bottom of their Slaughtering barrel now arent they,………………………I know the Great State of WY and its people will not put up with her for very long………………………………………. Come on WY show these two that they cannot Pull the wool over your eyes with disrespect of the Wild Mustangs or any other Law protected horses…………………………


    • WY is a great state. First US State to elect a female governor. Amazing.

      But she was a big prohibitionist and lost second term narrowly. She is still the only female governor in WY. Nuff history lesson.


    • I think it was reported quite some time ago that the district that SS was elected in is very small and made up of her family and friends, so it may be difficult to end her so called tenure there. Don’t believe she could be reelected if more of the voice of this state had a say.


  14. That’s just horrible! The poor horse suffering to death. My God rest your soul precious one and grant you eternal freedom.


  15. Janet Ferguson posted this on HORSE BACK. I don’t think she will mind my posting it here:
    Here are 3 of the legislators that are responsible
    Since 2006, Congress has prevented horse slaughter in the U.S. by cutting funds for inspections of horse meat from its annual Agriculture Appropriations bill, but the fate of America’s horses has been undercut by THREE MEMBERS of Congress in one swift move. There has been overwhelming support by the American public, the horse community and the House of Representatives to include defunding language in the 2012 Agriculture Appropriations bill but special Conference Committee members
    Representative JACK KINGSTON (R-GA), SENATOR HERB KOHL (D-WI) and


  16. I have been in the horse industry since I was born and I have a deep compassion for horses, but at the same time horses are livestock just like cows. Yes, several of us view horses as companions, but not all of us. Horse ranchers should have the same rights as cattle ranchers.I live in MS where there are more horse head per acre then any other state including TX and we also have the lowest houshold income in the United States. P.E.T.A will not show you pictures of starving, neglected, and abused horse that are out on the country side. I agree that the slaughter industry needs a major overhaul and what was taking place was inhumane, but at the same time we stopped inhumane treatment in one area while spreading it throughout other areas.


    • Dear Nicole , if in fact you are as compassionate for the horses as you say you are I am surprised that you are not deeply indebted to them , and want for their Freedom and safty , their are problems but all are solvable……..They are in dire straits all created by Man and his greed…….. We created their plight now we must help them, Slaughter is not the answer here, and never was the answer, and can never be the answer !!!!!!! If your compassion is true to them , be apart of the solution not the problem…………………………


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