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Wyoming Slaughter Terrorist Suffers Backlash on Dead Horse Desecration

OpEd by R.T. Fitch ~ Author/President of Wild Horse Freedom Federation

“Slaughterhouse” Sue Wallis Disgusts Own Followers

"Slaughterhouse" and her horse "Processing" Deli - ~artwork courtesy of Fred Bastida

Wednesday we reported on Wyoming State Rep. and Chief Horse Eating Fanatic Sue Wallis‘ comments endorsing the shocking and perverted actions of a young Oregon woman who killed her own horse then stripped naked and crawled inside it’s carcass so that her boyfriend could photograph her before they ate the animal for dinner.  The comments from the wonder warthog of Wyoming appear to not only have shocked the sensibilities of mainstream America but also the handful of mentally challenged and educationally deprived Wallis worshipers.  It is obvious that the sloppy serpent of slaughter has not caught on to the fact that every time she posts one of her insane and idiot comments on Facebook it is open to the entire world to see.  Such awareness comes from an education that made it past the 3rd grade and evidently the evil princess of death fell off from the little yellow bus long before it made its way to that very special school.

(If you are really, really bored and have plenty of time to kill, literally, stop by the Walrus and Doinkette show at and watch these people stumble all over themselves, ignore science, law, medical expertise, business sense…you name it.  If a firm grasp on truth, understanding, compassion and common sense float your boat then hang onto a life-preserver because you will have no buoyancy in this black sea of horse blood.  Halloween may be over but the ghouls are still sniffing around while belching and farting over at the United Horsemen’s Haunted House.)

People humanely kill an old horse, butcher it to use the good meat, and decide to have some fun with it, and take pictures” the putrid pursuer of pestilence posted, “Hey you Oregonians…how about reaching out to these folks? No doubt they are being hammered by idiots. Let’s give them some support.”  (this last portion is now deleted but screen grabbers can work wonders.)

But I have to give several of her followers credit as they appeared to show a flicker of decency and felt a little shock and awe over the deadly dirigible’s comments.

Follower (Name withheld to protect the non-brain dead): “Okay, lets forget about taking sides and look at this from a position of common sense. From top to bottom, there is no evidence of anyone having the common sense that God gave a turnip. First, they put the horse down, I have no problem with that. Second, they used the meat, awesome. Third, their form of fun is pretty bazaar at best, but that is their choice and not my business. Forth, they let these pictures be publicly posted which was stupid to the extreme.” (hey, I did not correct grammar or spelling, here)

Follower: “Part 2. Sue asks what the AR nutjobs are going to do with this. They will wring every drop of blood out of this in a media campaign. (Yup) Sadly, Sue gave them even more.(sure did but that is normal for the putrid politician)  The caption will read something like “Good Clean Fun according to Sue Wallis”. (pretty dog-gone close)  By association, everyone who wants the return of horse slaughter will be seen as this turnip and her boy friend. (yup, yup and double yup)  By association, we all suffer.(That you do)  Sue you handed them a bullet that will hit us all. (She and Duquette do it all they time, with automatic weapons, no less) Even a turnip knows when to lay there and be quiet.  (No turnip bashing here, they have more sense than mush for brains) Learn by example Sue.”

SW (Slaughterhouse Walrus):  “We didn’t get here by acting like turnips. We got here by religiously bringing forward every story and raising the awareness of Congress and the American people that yes, horses have always and still are perfectly legitimate food animals, and there is nothing wrong with someone doing so as long as they kill the animals humanely, which these people did.”  (can I say B-b-b-b-b-bu-bu-bu-bul-bul-bul-bull-bull-bull-bulls-bulls-bulls-bullsh-bullsh-bullsh-Horse Puckey, here?  You thought I was going to say Bull S@#t didn’t you?  She just don’t get it, do she?)

Follower:  “I understand that Sue, but when they make it up it is a lie. (when, where, who?) This one will be a provable quote. There is a difference. Secondly, you speak for all of us and should consider that before you post. (and open up your great big, fat disgusting mouth) The “fun” they were having was well outside of the comfort zone of the vast majority people and your comment seems to endorse it. I agree with everything you said and appreciate and respect your work. However, one thing you said is disturbingly and decidedly wrong, it does matter, very much, what you say or don’t say. (a light goes on)”

SW goes quiet during the next 115 comments but this particular “follower”, although a tad misguided, catches a glimpse of the white light through the cold and slimy Wallis fog.

Follower:  ” I just read the article by RT Fitch regarding this thread. (Tanks) As I see it there are three groups of people who might read his article. First, there are those, like us, who recognize Fitch for what he is A STUPID LIAR. (that’s one I could take to a court of law)  Second, there are those who are equally stupid and think that every time a donkey braes he is saying something important.  (it isn’t?) These idiots have already made up their minds and we will not change them. Third, there are those who are unsure or undecided. They might take the time to learn the truth about his article. If they do and find only lies, we win. If they do and find substance in what he says, we loose. In this case, RT makes a claim that we are very much okay with, and even similar to the girl in these pictures. (yup) The Fitch article points to some quotes that add significant credibility to his claims.(glad you are paying attention) Today, we loaded the guns of our enemy and they are now shooting.  (there is an AC-130 gunship orbiting over your heads right now) Mistakes were made. Today… we loose.”  (BINGO, you got it and I am glad that you stopped by)

The point, here, is that these people lose each and everyday that  they listen to this preposterous, self-anointed scientific apostle and world’s leading authority on everything besides decency, sound morals and patriotic spirit; every time they endorse one of her bizarre and twisted initiatives they harm the horses and the very industry that they misguidedly believe they are protecting.  Slimy Sue has even admitted on this very Facebook page that she does not even OWN a horse, take care of a horse or know a blinking thing about horses and guess what, duhhhh, WE DO!

Besides being called a liar, which my attorney has schooled me well on not being one, I believe that this dialog shows promise and hope.  Perhaps there are a few amongst the damned and morally bankrupt that are beginning to take their blood tinged glasses off and are seeing a bit of the light of the truth, we can only hope.

But one thing is for certain, even her followers think she is a whack case and the very best advertisement for our mission of common sense and good business; when those seeds of awareness and discontent are sown within the enemy’s camp it is only a matter of time until the chief equine terrorist disappears into the quagmire of her own lies and deceit and that is a day that the American public and the Nation of the Horse are anxiously anticipating.

A fresh wind to blow away the stench of death is what is needed and I see the treetops stirring.

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  1. RT:

    While the topic is sad and tragic (humans behaving badly with regard to equines), this is the most awesome op-ed yet! Bravo….and the artwork is priceless.



  2. If Sue had any sense of right and wrong she wouldn’t have praised the stupid Oregonians. Might have helped if her mother had taught her not to play with her food.


    • I have to add a interesting fact here. When approached with proof of Sue’s warped sense of compassion (to the perpetrators of this debacle) a few of her faithful admit they do not agree with what the whack job (the naked chick) did but will not admit that Sue showed extremely poor judgment when she encouraged others to reach out to her. All I can do is shake my head in disgust with incredulous eyes wide open and mouth gaping that these people are so determined to bring back slaughter they will defend such an obviously sick and demented person. The will not admit that she is unfit to serve as a state legislator and talking head of the United Horsemen. Of course that makes it all that much easier for us so I am not complaining. My hope is that her co-legislators shun her and her propaganda and do what the greater majority of the USA want. Stop the Slaughter of American Horses across our borders by stopping the transportation of them for purposes of slaughter for human consumption. Having the slaughter option remain viable only limits the Horse Welfare Advocates ability to change things for the better for our beloved companions.


  3. FT:

    I think that you are fighting a great cause and, until recently, I was unaware it was even going on. I also was following your posts on the BLM’s “handling” of wild horses and burros (sp). Again, I was unaware. Whatever you need me to do to help with this cause, please let me know. The one thing I would recommend that would better your position, and that of others like you, would be to grab some scholarly research into the topic and cite these sources with your posts. I know it takes some significantly more time, but it also gives you the grounded, FACTUALLY based position with scholarly evidence as proof. Thanks again for bringing this and other issues to light, at least to me.


    Randy D. Kuhlman
    Owner, Horse Shoe Stables


    • Hi, Randy – I wish there were a single repository of original source documents relevant to horse slaughter and wild horse and burro management. It would make things so much easier! However, you could look at Animals’ Angels for slaughter horse investigation reports ( and at the Mary Nash site ( for a collection of Freedom of Information Act responses, including documentation of nightmarish transport abuse that occurred in the U.S. There are criminal records for kill buyers, letters by the ex-Mayor of Kaufman, TX, regarding sanitation violations by the local slaughter plant – a lot to take in. Animal Law Coalition is a good place to look for horse-related laws ( That’s a start, anyhow… Best wishes, and welcome! :o)


    • Mr/Ms Kuhlman:

      BTW, if you are the Horse Shoe Stable co-owner that just returned from Afghan war service on behalf of our country, I want to sincerely thank you for your service. Seriously.


    • Speaking of this, I just received an e-mail from a horse rescue here in Virginia, Roanoke Valley Horse Rescue, asking folks to read pro-slaughter propaganda. Their newsletter , which was sent out to a whole lot of folks said: “Whether you are for or against the slaughter of horses, things are getting worse for the lives of the domesticated horse or pet. These animals are our family members. I have been searching the Internet to find TV reports or newspaper stories about abandoned horses. I found some very interesting things, things we would not know about without doing some research. For example, there’s – Texas to Mexico Slaughter Export Numbers I strongly encourage you to please take the time to explore these links. ”

      I believe these are fine folks who just fell into this internet trap and do not understand who is behind this and the people putting out this “research”. My hope is that perhaps some well spoken individual can approach them and help them to understand the disservice they are doing to the animals that they serve through their rescue by passing along this disinformation to their readers. A retraction would certainly be in order. I wrote to them and have yet to get a response.

      It is sad that here in Virginia, only one horse rescue stood up against Big Ag when they passed a law here last year that gutted any protection that horses and livestock had. Not sure where their heads are at but they sure don’t get the politics of this at all….


  4. Love the pic RT, its so representative. I’m going to be laughing about this article all day. On a more serious side I’m glad some of her followers have stood up and said “enough” you have crossed over the line of decency and have taken the rest of them down with you. Perhaps they will now see SS for the very radical slaughter clown that she really is. I’ve tried to read that site, too nauseating. I always want to inject a bit of fact in it until I remember how useless facts are on that page and to her hardcore followers.


  5. I am choosing my words carefully= I hope sue wallus and people who eat horse meat DIE a suffering DEATH!!!!! YOU DESERVE IT!!!!!! have a nice day now.


  6. Thank you RT for keeping us up to date on the insanity of the “United” and their representation. Our horse world needs and appreciates you and fellow horse supporters, who don’t dine on them or advocate the sale of horses for human or other animal consumption. God bless you for your work!!!!!!


  7. Rt just for clarification–you theoretically could haul this person into court for slander–the one that called you a stupid liar? couldn’t you?

    Next question. Who’s the more stupid here? The one who tells the truth or the one who doesn’t like your comments and proceeds to call you stupid on a public board?

    Ah well–maybe it was DOINK or one of his good buddies that he fed roasted BUTE too that called you stupid. I guess we have to consider the source. It might not even really be this person’s fault cause the BUTE might’ve rotted their brains by now.


  8. If they continue to eat horse meat they will die a long slow death from some form of cancer. That is how Monty J. Merola of the Brave-O (yes, that is how it is pronounced) died; he even slaughtered his very own Rodeo horses. BTW I have not finished my investigation, I am still recording calls to his father as we wait to get out Lawsuit on the Court Calendar.

    Mangia all you slaughter freaks, you will get your ‘just deserts’ and it won’t be enjoyable at all.



    • Is that the same Bravo packing plant that’s been on fb recently! What a disgusting place….& yeah, think they call that ‘karma’?


      • I believe it is the infamous packing plant in New Jersey where they do slaughter equines, but not for human consumption….supposedly.

        And equines are still slaughtered in the US. Difference? The owner has to pay for it (and frequently provide transport) AND, it is not sold as food for humans; it is either rendered or used for exotic/carnivore foodstuffs. I wouldn’t feed it to a rat.


  9. Sue baby you better get plenty of A&D ointment because they say it gets pretty d&** hot where you are going. Don’t worry about getting rich off the poor horses as evil loses and GODS creatures will win. Be aware when you close your eyes at night as the horse ghosts will never leave your stinky a#$ alone.
    Your state must be ashamed of you. The most hated in the land.


    • “the most hated in the land”

      Wow speak for yourself but DO NOT include me in your rant. I happen to LOVE WY. Maybe some of the people are less than desirable but that doesn’t change the beauty that is WY. DO NOT include my family in WY in your rant. They don’t live in SS district so they have no say in her political dealings.


      • Margaret…I agree with you. However there is a problem in many ways.

        I tell you my problem is that Ms Wallis is a representative and doing some very unethical stuff IN her state and outside of it….as a currently elected official.

        That is the problem overall with our country. She is getting support from special interest (she couldn’t fight her way out of a wet paper bag). She is the frontfool. The problem is the “system”. She is an example of it.

        We will figure it out.


      • I think she meant that Sue was the most hated in the land, not the state of WY. It seems that politics is full of idiots and no state is immune.


  10. Advocates:

    This is off-thread topic, but troubling. EWA released info/data about the White House petition issues pro v. anti HCHS. It was featured here and at Horseback. Mr Holland is being trashed by “Anotherhorseman” (oxymoron) and “Jason” at this link, and comments are needed:

    And American Horse Council released a press release re: Senate Ag Bill that we all here know the HCHS USDA inspection “defunding” language has been removed (also featured here). Please make comments there too.


      • Me too, but I think this is coming from contractor for the horse breeding, meat biz and selected others.

        Until we know…waiting for help on Horseback for Mr. Holland, of whom can certainly hold his own.


  11. Excellent op-ed RT.

    Members of the US Senate out of step AGAIN with the will of the American people. Let’s hope these people will get voted out of office next time they come up for re-election and learn a hard but very important lesson!


  12. I have so much I’d like to say but will just say this, once again out of the mouth of a Wyoming Legislature? I just don’t get it, how can someone with such ignorance hold a seat in our Gov’t.I would think by now she would have been fired, something…Her comments are mind boggling and that of a unbalanced human….Gee, I’d really like to know just what goes on , at her house…Sue, do not try and copy cat what that Oregonian girl did….if you do NO PICTURES ..PLZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ


    • Her constituents LIKE her. Her peers in the WY legislature have NO problems with her. She is the frontfool for the insidious, covert money behind big meat, landgrabbers, etc.


  13. Someone – can’t remember who – told me that the defunding language had never been in the Senate version but was incorporated from the House version in the final bill that is presented to the President. If that’s true, then nothing has happened that is really different from what has happened every year.

    Anyone know about this?


  14. Dear, dear R.T. Everyone is giving kudos for the “artwork”. But, I have seen “Slaughterhouse Sue”, and that portrayal is far too feminine. Her double chins have a beard, and her clothes are…uh… butchy.


  15. From your pen to their ears. Thanks RT. And yes, I did think you were saying bullpoop. I have not used this latest insanity in fax or email to our elected officials. What do you think is the best course of action? How does it further play to our advantage?


  16. Good grief…Wyoming is such a beautiful, beautiful state. How can they continue to allow this woman to remain in office. What a total embarrassment. Can’t some Wyoming people get together and try to get her Baker acted…


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