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Good Clean Fun According to Sue Wallis

Guest OpEd by Vicki Tobin and John Holland of the Equine Welfare Alliance

Perversity Shocks Wallis Followers

Wyoming State Rep. "Slaughterhouse" Sue Wallis

Preferring to deal in facts, we prefer not to editorialize about personalities. However, sometimes a public figure will say something so revealing about their motives and ethical beliefs that it suddenly shines a light into motives that had never seen light.

We are, of course, referring to the heretofore enigma that was Sue Wallis, WY state representative and self appointed scientist, veterinarian, medical doctor and omnipotent master of all aspects of horses and their welfare.

In recent years, Sue Wallis has effectively galvanized the pro-horse slaughter movement and become its undisputed leader. As she has accomplished this, she has become ever more vitriolic in her attacks against those she sees as “animal rights extremists”, blaming them for all manner problems facing the horse industry, and immediately proclaiming that any evidence emerging to the contrary is a lie.

The enigma was not that someone with no pertinent knowledge or experience could, through bluff and bluster, be able to rise to a position of leadership. Indeed, history is replete with examples of this phenomenon, and it was all the easier because no one of reputation in the horse industry wanted to publicly accept the crown of entrails.

No, the enigma was why a mother of seven children with no equine experience should be motivated to take up this grizzly crusade. Wallis portrays herself as representing the horse industry although she doesn’t own a horse. Clearly Wallis is trying to turn the horse industry into a meat industry, but how would that benefit her?

Wallis, a rural state legislator, spends her days and nights lobbying. She does this with a 501(c)(3), a charitable designation that only permits a small percentage of time to lobbying. The lobbying is done under the guise of “educating” so as not to arouse IRS suspicions. There are two things wrong with this picture. First, one must have facts to educate, and second, virtually every communication from Wallis is aimed at influencing Congress.

Her organization started as United Organizations of the Horse (UOH), a mutual benefit corporation that doesn’t allow tax deductible donations. To get around that, the donate button bounced over to the 501(c)(3) organization of her sidekick,  quarter horse breeder Dave Duquette, titled United Horsemen’s Front. Possibly realizing that name portrayed too much, it was changed to United Horsemen (UH).

Earlier this year, UOH faded into the sunset as have numerous other websites of Wallis’ and then Dave Duquette disappeared. Currently, Wallis is sending all her “educational” materials from UH that was supposed to be moved to WY earlier this year.

Until now, nothing has raised an eyebrow among her devoted flock. Not when she sold them lotto tickets for a truck and then faked its presentation with a loaner from a dealership; not when she announced unregistered investment opportunities in a slaughter house in Wyoming that was never built; not when she came out in support of the indefensible abuse that is horse tripping; not when she claimed videos of abuse in horse slaughter facilities were faked only to have government agencies authenticate them; no, nothing shook their faith. Nothing that is, until now.

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Over the past week, a young Oregonian woman and her boyfriend killed their horse, disemboweled it, and took a series of photos of the woman peering out of the abdomen of the horse as well as standing nude while apparently eating its raw heart.

The images were posted to you tube and soon went viral. The story was so disturbing that we hesitated to even acknowledge it. But Sue Wallis felt otherwise.

Sue thought this was fun. Her exact blog quote was: “Wonder what the AR nutjobs will make of this? People humanely kill an old horse, butcher it to use the good meat, and decide to have some fun with it, and take pictures.”

She went on to ask her followers to support the couple who she felt were being unfairly criticized!  This was finally too much for her minions. While they had no problem at all with killing or eating the horse, they were horrified that her statements showed her deeper motivation, and their fear was justified.

Suddenly Sue Wallis is a known entity, as exposed and disturbed as that young woman standing nude bathed in the blood of her horse. Whether it was the incident in England a decade ago when her refusal to mount a horse for a photo opportunity ruined her tour as a traveling “cowgirl poet”, or whether it was being kicked as a child, the disrespect in which she holds horses is now clear to all the world. She can no longer claim to care about their welfare.

Slowly at first, her supporters began to realize their leader had made a fatal blunder and to speak out. Across cyberspace her words were going viral and being irretrievable secreted away in a thousand caches.

Yet even after her supporters called her on the devastating admission and how it would reflect on slaughter supporters she retorted with, “[name], if you had lived in my shoes over these last few years you would know that it doesn’t matter what I say or don’t say “they” will make something up. It is all a Saul Alinsky style campaign to make it a personal attack on a single individual instead of a broader problem effecting every horse owning family and business in the U.S. I ignore it. It is irrelevant. Once you understand that simple concept, it is pretty easy to figure out what is going on.”

Meanwhile, Europeans continue to eat our horses, apparently oblivious to the fact that the meat is often contaminated with drug residues. We wonder if those who have been consuming Wallis’ “information” will now realize what a poisoned well they have been drinking from.

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  1. I’d read about this the other day and couldn’t watch the film then or now. How someone thinks it is amusing and good clean “fun” for someone to desecrate a body and then film their exploitive, disrespectful act only shows the lack of their own moral character.

    Kim Sheppard


    • Well hello, Hawkovermustang. I will tell you that I did see the pictures by accident, and you are wise not to look at them. As if the gore wasn’t disgusting enough, what is more disgusting is that there are actually people out there sick enough to entertain themselves in this fashion. And worse, people who are supposed to be respected, elected government officials applaud and support it. Why? Because she really thinks that it is exciting, or because she really just hates horses that much. IMO, any person that has any amount of respect for a horse would go no further than to say “Oh my, that’s awful,” and look away. This was not the case with Ms. Wallace and I feel very sorry for the people who elected her to represent them. What an embarassment not only to the state of Wyoming, but to the entire U.S. that she continues to inhabit.


      • No, R.T., it is not a pretty thing to look at by any horse owner, horse lover or any average American for that matter. I don’t know how anyone could go about such a thing and then act as if there was nothing wrong with those actions. That in itself says there is clearly some mental issues there. But I suppose it doesn’t help matters when there are others with mental issues smiling, peeking at you through the trees and giving you a thumbs up. Enough is enough already. How long are they going to continue letting that woman humiliate this country.


  2. Her Honorability and Intelligence is only Overshadowed by her Beauty,surely when this Blog places such Ugly and Scary photographs there should be an age-restriction to who may view, to avoid children having Nightmares,mind you adults as well.


  3. I don’t know. Somehow i think disemboweling the horse, crawling inside and posting the pictures shows a disturbed young woman. Mom is also disturb. She just wants this whole thing to go away. Geez, posting the pics on the web is not the smartest thing in the world to do. Things like this go viral and makes good decent hard working folk mad as a hornet.

    Sue baby it ain’t good clean fun. Climbing inside to be one with her horse shows a distinct lack of horsemanship. What ever happened to listening to your horse? Watching him for lameness, or colic? Whatever happened to deep bonding moments?

    As for eating your friend?, boy how low is too low for you? You don’t to try out for Survivor–you’d win based on knifing each player in the back when they least expected it.

    Sorry the idea of eating your friend is just turning my stomach right now. Go home to Recluse. Your neighbors want to eat you next… assuming they can find any meat on that hide that is your body.


  4. I’m pulling this forward. Representative Lummis is also from Wyoming:

    Nov 04, 2011 @ 23:48:54
    Not to mention that H.B. 1996 the Government Litigation Savings Act is in Committee. If this bill evolves into law, we would many of rights that allow us as citizens to insist that our government follow our laws, not abuse or over-reach its power, or allow incompetent, unsuitable people to create harm for the people. The Wallisonians and their enables such as Representative Cynthia Lummis want to see this pass so we can not interfere with the BLM’s ability to do their job.


  5. I wonder if Ms Wallis will have any opponents next election cycle? I wonder if any of her opponents will use this in the campaign? I wonder if the tiny electorate of that WY state legislature district care?…or will they rally around Wallis more fervently?


  6. Thank God she doesnt own a horse, OMG she has 7 children also ????/ To expose her innocent children to this kind of mentality is awful, Not only is she a disgrace to the State she constantly humiliates and the Country, she is a disgrace to Motherhood , a mother is suppose to teach her children to love and respect ………………….. I am sure the fine people of WY will show their dismay with this woman who obviously needs mental help that they will no longer put of with her disgraces……………..


    • I actually think Wallis is fibbing on the horse ownership thing. While she supposedly doesn’t personally own a horse, I believe someone in the immediate family (brother, uncle?) does, I think the family businesses are somewhat intertwined….not that it would make much difference.


      • I do not beleive anyone in their family ever owned a horse or any other animal,they would have eaten by now after all cannibalism runs in the family


      • I believe her brother raises draft horses–I’m sure Sue looks at them as the nothing more than giant sized meat producers.


      • Morgan G is right on…I went to Slaughter Sue’s FB site and she mentions her brother raises Belgians and Haflingers, if I remember right…whatever the breed, I’m sure she does her shopping there for the winter meat…. WHY is it WRONG to stuff someone like HER into a pair of cement shoes and teach her how to swim on the bottom of the ocean??? WHAT HONEST purpose does she serve in soiling our oxygen and land???? People like her make me honestly believe that they should all be rounded up into one enclosure and left to starve, or be “humanely” euthanized either with their Mexican methods ( repeated stabbings in the neck area to sever spinal cords, or the bolt gun to the face, MAYBE hitting the brain, but most likely the eye or other parts of the face) or the tried and true, gas chamber that is still in use in some parts of the country for excess dogs and cats to suffer in…. I PERSONALLY DO NOT see anything wrong with this….Like the Marines Motto..”Kill ’em all, let God sort them out”…..guess if one doesn’t want to be considered like them, don’t play in their sand box. It makes me sick that our laws CONTINUALLY side with this sore of mentality….course there we have the bleeding hearts to thank, because they ALWAYS believe that sort of person can be “rehabilitated, or saved”……….REALLY?? SHOW ME THE PROOF and I can show you 100 more that FAILED!!! One is NOT worth THAT gamble, and neither is this pond scum!!!


      • The real issue is Wallis is an issue,but the worst issue is when Daddy or Gran-Daddy voted Democrat or Republican and you beleive you must follow suite,rather Vote Independant and use your mind not your past and pick the right person not the right party.


  7. Sue Wallis. Oh my, since she 1st came on the scene as self-proclaimed head of pro-slaughter, her derangement was immediately obvious. For one, aside from being a bona fide clinical sociopath, all her proclamations against anti-slaughter are “projections” of her own statements and actions. “Projection”” is a defense mechanism that involves taking our own unacceptable qualities or feelings and ascribing (projecting) them to other people. For example, her statements that “animal rights [AR] extremists,” including big time attacks on HSUS, as anti-welfare of the horse & horse industry, causing the need for horse slaughter, is a projection of her extreme vitriolic hatred of the horse (& all animals). And she unconsciously is protecting, denying, that the horse industry (breeding, irresponsible ownership, horse tripping, etc.) is a major cause of horse welfare problems. Just try reading her statements against others and turn them around to what Wallis is doing, stating, feeling. As for SAUL ALINSKY, he is considered to be the founder of community (grassroots) organizing. Well-respected although controversial with some of his movements. He focused on helping the poor, onto African-American ghettos, and in 60’s, students adapted his strategies. Sue must love the title of his classic book, a text for college courses: “Rules for RADICALS.” As for Suzy supporting the blonde, butchering her companion horse, slipping inside, eating his heart, having some fun with it and taking pictures….wellllllll…this is loaded with libidinal, pornographic, sexual desire/repression/connotation. So clearly, Sue calling anti-slaughter advocates, “radicals” & “nutjobs,” is a classic in projection and sexual implications. Yes, her last statements about the blonde horse eater inside a horse just about sums up what Wallis is all about. ~ ~ ~


  8. When I think of good clean fun I think of playing with a kitten, tug-of-war with my dog, trail riding attending a ball game. Not climbing inside the carcass of my fresh dead horse and eating his heart. And for SW to proclaim this sickness as anything but disgusting should indeed show her followers exactly what sort of demented individual they have chosen to follow. One word of advise–don’t drink the Kool-Aid at any picnics.


  9. Maybe Sue Wallis is a blessing in disguise. She is thenposter child for depravity, and by extension, anything that she is associated with is equally perverse. She could have just disappeared after encouraging her followers to commit fraud at the White House .gov site. There is no way that the ISP numbers of everyone who has signed any petitions can be not be identified by number.


  10. Did you see the report from The Praire Star, April 12, 2011. It will give you the fact and reasons why “Wyoming slaughter plant may not be constructed’ by Terri Adams. The chemical in the blood and the entire body of the horse including Bute can not be in any way deposited in the ground which will end up in our lakes or rivers or in our farms and them our plates. Especially since bute causes Cancer and more. This is a must read. I am sure lawyers would love to read this.


    • That is a partial proHCHS argument to maintain HCHS and argue against responsible equine ownership euthanasia via chem or gunshot and burying.

      Yet proslaughter want people to eat the flesh for their payout.

      Concentrations of questionable substances for burial are way different than eating the flesh and the high concentrations in slaughter/rendering situations.


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