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Truth Sends Horse Eating Fanatics Scurrying

(The News as We See It) by R.T. Fitch ~ President of Wild Horse Freedom Federation

Facts Work Better than Bug Spray on  Horse-Eating Vermin

"Horse Eater" and Wallis Worshiper, only thing missing is the inserted foot.

The Equine Welfare Alliance (EWA) recently issued a press release on Obama’s campaign promise to ban horse slaughter, forever, and on the dark and shady antics of Wyoming State Rep. and infamous equine terrorist “Slaughterhouse” Sue Wallis and her mindless followers who allegedly defrauded the White House petition website in a feeble attempt to defend their perverse need to bring horse slaughter plants back to the U.S..

The release was published, here, and also at Horseback Magazine where a certain individual, who is obviously part of Wallis’ cult if not Wallis herself, began commenting and accusing Mr. John Holland of distorting the truth and facts…which is documented on NOT being the case.  Most readers, here, were engaged but one compassionate soul replied back to the avid horse-eater with the comment, below, and the dark little demon skittered off into the night to lick it’s wounds and has yet to show it’s slimy face in the daylight.  The truth always puts them away…

For your reading pleasure:


Who ever you are, don’t bother replying – I’m actually responding to you so that others reading here get the whole picture in case they are new to this issue. I’m not going to entertain any more of your nonsense, so just save it….

It’s obvious you are just plain dense or you are a paid hack, here to spout for your pro-slaughter lobby group and most certainly paid to do so. There is simply no other explanation for someone so ignorant to completely disregard reams of valid information you have been given over the past year right here in these comments. You have come to this site time and again with your backward, nonsensical “theories”, spouting this same garbage you do here today even though you’ve been schooled in facts by experts — PhDs, horsemen, even cattlemen, for crying out loud — right here on these pages and still you refuse to learn or accept any fact or truth.

What did you say your IQ was again? Didn’t disclose that? It’s pretty self-evident as the sign of an intelligent person is one who is able to modify and revise their thoughts and positions based on new information. Surely you’re way down into the double digit range because you fail miserably to acknowledge or accept that it is indeed a fact that the vast majority of US horses are given Bute at one time or another in their lives even with ample opportunity offered here repeatedly. Or more likely you are being paid by anti-HSUS forces or pro-horse slaughter devils…. don’t care and don’t want to hear more of your drivel but since you started it, I will press the REALITY you obscure and deny.

Facts — google to find sources, I realize you are not intelligent enough to do so but other readers might want to do so:

1. Veterinarians confirm that Bute is the single most effective and most commonly prescribed and used pain/inflammation relief medication for horses.

2. Millions of tablets are dispensed annually according to the drug companies which manufacture it.

3. No testing has ever been done on it for withdrawal times in horses because NO AMERICANS EAT HORSE (except for the little fringe group of sick and ignorant ones who do not care if they suffer disease from such a stupid act).

4. Most vets make sure their clients have it on hand while they also instruct it is only to be used for significant reasons and with vet approval — it’s not a panacea but it is vital to good horse care because of the nature of horses.

Just about every good horseman will have some Bute on hand “just in case” to help their horse through life’s little mishaps. These mishaps might be: a rope burn, a hoof abscess, an eye injury (corneal scratch), a serious flesh wound from pasture play or a mystery injury. Real horsemen know this happens to all horses, they turn up injured and the source is never really known or they find a way to injure themselves in even the most safely constructed horse facility. FYI, these mystery injuries happen to “using” horses and to show, trail, companion, retired, pet and to EVERY KIND OF HORSE – it’s part of being a horse. REAL horsemen attend to their animals when they find them injured and with their vet’s blessing they administer Bute to help ease the problem and help the animals recover. This is fact, plain and simple. That you can’t find people like this among the backward neanderthal horse-people you hang out with is not all that surprising. It’s obvious you and your kind do not care if an animal suffers – you’re probably so backward you still believe the earth is flat and only human animals feel pain. But the fact remains that the neanderthal 5% of the horse owner population who DO NOTHING to help their animals when injured DO NOT COUNT and should probably be brought up on abuse/neglect charges. So put that in your pipe and smoke it.

Now while American horses are getting Bute once, twice or several times in their lives for various ailments and injuries, our US food safety agency MANDATES that any animal given Bute EVEN ONCE IN THEIR LIVES are NEVER ELIGIBLE FOR SLAUGHTER for human consumption. I’m NOT going to cite again ALL THE LITERATURE available to any simpleton who can use google which gives irrefutable proof that:

1.) Bute DISQUALIFIES any animal from slaughter by mandate (slaughter is a method to produce food and is NOT EUTHANASIA);

2.) Bute has horrific debilitating and fatal affects on human beings when ingested (this is why it is BANNED, duh!); and

3.) Bute stays in the body of the horse – muscle, sinew, bone – indefinitely — there have been no studies to prove it EVER DISSIPATES, therefore THERE ARE NO WITHDRAWAL PERIODS allowed by law, PERIOD! See #3 above for more info about this FACT.

Fire up the pipe and smoke that too!

And for your information, there are many horse owners living in suburbia and in cities. They keep their horses in nice facilities (plain to fancy) in town or on farms/ranches out in the country and the vast majority of them have nothing to do with Hollywood. In case you had not noticed, the rural and agricultural population in this country is a very small minority. We work on Democratic principles in this country and majority rules – that means the minority DOES NOT SET LAW or CUSTOM, capice? No one cares if you feel downtrodden because we won’t allow your sick and twisted agenda from a perverted extremist fringe group to be promoted — majority rules. Humane and intelligent horsemen are the majority in this country – not people like you.

THE FACT REMAINS that you country bumpkins who callously treat your horses as if they were machinery without pain sensation are the definite minority – polls over 2 -3 decades prove this point. REAL American horsemen do not align themselves with the cruel heartless way in which people like you “care” for your horses. YOU ARE THE FREAK with your backward views such as horses have no pain sensation (therefore do not need horse “aspirin”/Bute), they do not deserve treatment when wounded/ill and slaughter=euthanasia. GET IT THROUGH YOUR HEAD: Horses feel pain, deserve treatment for wounds/illnesses, deserve a dignified caring end via humane euthanasia, and most of all: THEY ARE NOT FOOD!

So again, why don’t you just accept reality, accept you are part of a small minority of fringe extremists who are becoming more and more irrelevant and more reviled the more you talk your ugly and vicious talk. Quit with your whining, moaning and ridiculous posturing and accept reality. Until you do, you look like such a fool, a cruel, bitter and vicious one at that.

Please take your ugly self right out of this forum – the repulsive baseness, cruelty and blatant ignorance displayed is truly abhorrent to good and caring horse people everywhere. If you want to open your trap and spew more ignorant repetitive nonsense, try — you’ll fit right in there with your queen, Sue Wallis, her jester, Davey boy, and all the other sick slaughter supporters, most recently rallying loudly to support the despicable disturbed and perverted girl from OR who does nude photos with dead horse carcasses with her boyfriend. You folks are the dregs of society – begone with yourself!

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  1. Comprehension, along with any intelligence, sense or morality is obviously lacking.

    Smoke between the ears and that’s about it!

    Air heads without oxygen…


  2. Love the retort!!!! But me thinks there may be too big words ie; more than one syllable, for Golem to understand. Hopefully he will scuttle back into the darkness from whence he came.”The light hurts us eyes,yes it does precioussss.”


  3. How a State representative can condone something that is an abomination to human nature as this, is beyond me. This is as sickening as copulation with an animal is, it is pornographic in nature and should be against the law. How in the world that she got away with it is beyond me. If we cannot do something like this to a human body, why is this allowed to any kind of body. I just don’t understand.


  4. I am against slaughter 100% But I have a question. What happened to the unwanted horse when horse slaughter was banned here in the US? The unwanted horse endured horrific trips to Canada and or Mexico where he endured even more torcher and pain for God only knows how long! Instead of banning slaughter and banning horses to be sent across border for slaughter why can’t we improve the conditions of slaughter? Now before you start ragging on me hear me out. Right now who pays? The horse, right? So when it is banned all out what happens to the unwanted horse then? Abandonment by those stupid idiots who are sending them to slaughter right now! Then who pays for that? The HORSE! There will be so many starving and injured horses being abandoned everywhere! I don’t think we have had the horse in mind this whole time because they are still paying the price of humans no matter who we are! And no I am not on the side of Slaughter house Sue or any of her cronies. I am on the side of the poor horse and I don’t want the horses to pay for our ignorance!


    • Humanity requires progress and evolution. Looking back at what has been banned for a good reason will not bring you the answers you seek. Instead look forward to closing Canada and Mexican slaughterhouses and how this can be accomplished for the sake of our own evolution.


    • Ummmm….. this is what happens: Rescue, Sanctuary and Humane Euthanasia.Honestly, I’m really surprised to hear your question: what happens to the unwanted horse?

      Right now all 3 of these options are available and being utilized for some of these animals. When slaughter (and transport to slaughter) is fully banned, these 3 options will still be there. Yes, they will have to be further developed to accommodate more animals since they will no longer go over the border to their deaths. Good people are working now on gelding and euthanasia clinics so those services can be more affordable. Both will help plus our rescue/sanctuary folks will step up their operations.

      Regardless of the 3 current options, there is no way that slaughter (when it was here in the US) was ever a humane 4th option. It is not appropriate even on the most fundamental basis: Slaughter is for food animals (which horses are not) and slaughter is NOT for disposing of unwanted animals. We don’t slaughter excess cats and dogs – why would we do it to horses? Hence my surprise at the question…


    • Kathleen…thank you. I always find the “what are we (and I’m not including me in Gail’s proverbial we) with all the “unwanted” (there’s a keeper and tell if I ever heard of one) equines?”, more than disingenuous. I’ll be back to further comment, because right now I might start loosing my religion….need to calm down.


    • @Gail, nothing has changed for anyone in the US since the horse slaughter plants closed in 2007. Then and now the majority of people wanting to send their horse to slaughter had to do so by using auction and/or directly selling to a kill buyer. That was the process prior to 2007 and it is the process now. Certainly a few people in Texas or Illinois could potentially haul their horse directly to the slaughter plant in their town, but the vast majority of people had to go the auction/KB route.
      The lie that has been created stating more horses are starving due to no horse slaughter in the US is just that, a lie. A big, fat, complete and total lie. There are more horses starving because the US has suffered an economic downturn, people have lost homes and farms. I’d go so far as to suggest if indeed there are more horses abandone, it is because their former owner’s don’t support horse slaughter and would rather hope and think their horse had been taken in by a kind soul rather than carrying around the thought that they sent their former companion to such a horrific fate as the slaughter pipeline and process. Please don’t let the lie that ending horse slaughter leads to horses being starved, it is simply not true.


  5. I want to say thanks so much for keeping us updated on Sue Wallis, because I do believe she will get what is coming to her, anyone that has looked into a horses eyes and just sees their eyes, and not their souls and heart should never own a horse, and with slaughterhouse Sue, may she see them someday in her nightmares. Her vermon means nothing to me, unfortunately she holds an office in Wyoming… enbarrasement to the state of Wyoming. (I notice she is looking for funds on her site), Like so many, feel she is a big joke, and can only hope she will be out of office soon. Thanks again, R.T. you are appreciated, and thanks for fighting everyday,


  6. To Gail: You present good points and all have been debated. First, when the slaughter houses were still open in the U.S., we still sent horses on long trips to both Mexico and Canada and they endured horrific conditions even on short trips within the U.S. The slaughter houses were deplorable in the U.S. even with “government inspection” (!!) and horses suffered terribly. Ask someone who lived near them — there are reports online from these people. Second, regarding the “unwanted” horses: the pro-slaughter people want all of us to believe that thousands of horses are being starved and abandoned since 2007; however, all reports show this to be false. Owners still have the option to sell to a kill buyer — that has not changed. The incidence of abandonment, starvation, etc., has actually decreased (along with horse theft) since the kill houses were closed (also documented). Yes, the horses pay and pay for human ignorance — overbreeding, greed, etc.


  7. I just watched the Academy Award winning documentary, “The Cove.” I shook, cried. While watching, I saw the similarity to wild horses and all horses. Every year @ 23,000 dolphins are slaughtered in Taiji, Japan. For their meat! Most of the town people did not know of this slaughter, nor the world. (Like “America’s Dirty Little Secret.”) Media blackout and lies by officials. The dolphin are called “pests” as they eat other fish. (Like “feral.” horses & BLM lies, horses ruin terrain.) Once known, the people were horrified. The dolphins are herded by fishermen in boats with loud banging. (Like helicopters and electric prods.) Dolphins become disoriented with loudness. Once gathered, they are penned. No way out. Fishermen slaughter by stabbing over and over. The dolphins thrash and thrash about. Blood fills the cove. (Like horses hung by a leg, conscious, thrashing at slaughter…BLOOD) ) The meat is sold, fed to children. The meat has high levels of poison, MERCURY. (Bute!!) Officials know but>>> $$$$. Dolphin advocates work tirelessly. They manage to stop the selling of poison dolphin meat. (Advocates close U.S. slaughterhouses & more). However the dolphin advocates work is not done They need to stop the roundup of dolphins and slaughter. And they will never stop…For The Dolphins. FOR THE HORSES!


    • Ronnie, You are right in seeing the parallel! They feed the meat to school children and package it as something else besides dolphin. It makes me cry remembering seeing this massive cruelty. I learned of this shortly before learning of horse slaughter and now the destruction of our wild horses which undoubtedly, is our country’s equivalent. It changes one’s life to know of these ungodly, disturbing activities that are allowed to go on no matter how appalling or unlawful. Civilization is not at all civilized. This world is a difficult place and it’s reality surely can be devastating and sad.


  8. All morality aside, and from an observational, logical perspective, I’ve often wondered about worming medication and if the people eating meat are aware of the fact that many equine wormers are labeled “not to be used in animals meant for human consumption.” I know the local zoo requires that donated horses be off all worming meds and other drugs for a minimum of 6 months before they will even accept the horse for feeding to their predators.
    What about the horses sent to slaughter for “human consumption?” Are they testing said horses or holding them for 6+ months before slaughter? I don’t think so and one would be foolish to eat horse meat from such horses.


    • No… American horses are not kept around for anywhere near as long as six months… They may spend some time in a feedlot, a couple of weeks maybe, but that’s it…

      Selling American horse meat for human consumption is a form of international fraud, kind of like China selling baby formula or pet food with melamine in it. They know they’re doing it, but no one is blowing the whistle on them. I don’t know why this hasn’t become a bigger issue.


    • Another good point Kim…What about the wormers used???? Especially the ones now out that are fed DAILY??? No rotation to worry about, nor forgetting the last time it was done type of thing??? Imagine the poisons floating in the systems with THIS ONGOING medicine???? POINT IN FACT…..Look at the issues with eating beef and the GROWTH HORMONE IMPLANTS given to the calves to gain weight for slaughter faster than nature intended…. Look at the health issues THAT has been known to cause in children…earlier puberty issues and body changes for girls….for one….There is WAY more reasons NOT to want to eat horse meat than there is to even consider it as a meal option with all of this to think about.


  9. For Gail
    There is nothing wrong with euthanasia. Even making sure when and if you shoot your horse–its quick simple and to the point. Sometimes situations call for this. Horse is hurt that badly and the vet can’t make it. There are any number of scenarios that I can think of that would warrant this.

    Yes, you have to pay for someone to come get the horse. But this is a part of horseownership. You know it going into having a horse.

    There is no excuse for sending a horse to a end like this. That horse has shared your life with you. Being a companion, a trusted friend, a working buddy or maybe just a pasture ornament. Still remember all those evenings when you came home in tears from work or your best friend told you to jump off the Golden Gate Bridge–your heart felt like it was breaking into a billion pieces. Who was there in the still of the night to help sooth your aching heart? Your best bud–the horse.

    And for all the hours of faithful service he has rendered, all those tears he helped you wipe, all those nuzzles telling you thanks for feeding me–your going to ship him to a death like this????

    Elizabeth or whatever her name is–didn’t even remotely have it right. Being one with your horse is knowing those nuzzles and whickers are thanks. Or let me explain this way.

    I was at my sis’s tonight. She has a HUGE lab. He is my best friend. I know that this dog loves me. How? When he sticks his nose into my leg and then lifts his head so its rubbing against my cheek–and doesn’t move for at least 10 secs–I know he was telling me goodbye. You only have to watch the both of us for a minute to understand this dog loves me.

    A horse is the same. No he doesn’t speak human. Learn to watch his actions and listen to his ears. Watch him when he flickers his ears at you when you cry and he’ll stand with you. And that friend doesn’t tell anyone your deepest darkest secret. Everything you say to him stays between the both of you.

    You owe him to give him a dignified passing when that times comes. It’s that simple. You don’t eat your friends human or equine.


    • And you don’t allow someone in a foreign country to eat them either! Plus, horses are incredibly sensitive. They know your heart if this is what you plan on doing to them.


  10. I find horse slaughter and anyone associated with it deplorable. The mere subject incites me.

    I do have one complaint here though, Sue Wallis being compared to a witch (the coven comment) is VERY upsetting to those of us that ARE indeed, witches. I have MANY witch friends who are also huge horse lovers. So, call her a bitch, but PLEASE do not call her a witch!!


  11. There does need to be an alternative. Things are tough right now for so many. They have been hit by all sides and they simply can’t afford it. They might feel as if they have no choice. They may have spent most of their funds on veterinary care in trying to save a Horse. This is where the slaughter proponents use slaughter as an option.
    People who have Horses usually carry some kind of liability insurance. Could there be a low cost rider included that would pay the cost of euthansia and/or other costs that are incurred? There are those types of policies for people…why not for Horses?


  12. Can’t afford euthanasia? Sell your tack… If you can’t afford to euthanize a horse, you can’t afford a horse and don’t need your tack. OR, you can always get yourself a $0.35 bullet and take a walk into the back field. There’s no excuse that works for me. None.


    • Agree. Sell your computer, your tv, your extra SUV whatever. Make a payment plan with your vet whatever. Borrow from family. Get an extra job for a few months. There is no excuse and you and your horse both know it.


      • Or start a savings account at the bank. The only person who can draw from it is the vet. But he has to show that he is indeed owed monies. Or maybe some kind of county euthanasia program that EVERY animal owner pays into. That way dogs aren’t abandoned when the family moves or whatnot. And part of the vet fee is the rendering company. The vet pays the renderer. That way you have one acct. and only one person drawing from it.

        If you sale your horse and are not going to be getting another–a signed bill of sale should release any funds back to you from that acct.

        Above all in this economy–please don’t wait until the last possible moment for your horse. You need to start looking NOW if you suspect problems down the road.


  13. Excellent article, well-rebutted.

    I do disagree with this one statement in the comments “We don’t slaughter excess cats and dogs”, we sure do euth them with impunity, and the euth method varies widely by area. Gas Chambers are still in use in some states.

    Good luck to all critters trapped with people who have no business owning anything that breathes…


    • THITG, I wrote “We don’t slaughter excess cats and dogs” because the point is:

      Slaughter is for FOOD animals. Horses (as well as cats and dogs) are NOT FOOD in this country. Therefore, none of them belong in a slaughterhouse, ever.

      It’s true, we euthanize far too many cats and dogs in this country and in inhumane/questionable ways. That topic is another ball of wax for sure and our society has a lot of improvements to make on this front too.

      But the bottom line is we do not send unwanted pets (or horses) to the slaughterhouse because a slaughterhouse is in business to produce food, not to provide disposal service. Even though the bonehead slaughter supporters see slaughter as their dream of “humane euthanasia”, this is their convenient lie to themselves, to their followers and to the public.

      Slaughter is NOT euthanasia because it is meant to produce food. And beyond that, horse slaughter is not humane in current working slaughterhouses and it is financially impossible to build a plant/process that would be profitable and humane at the same time (Temple Grandin has even noted the high costs that would be required to even attempt it). This leaves us back at the only 3 options: rescue (which includes rehoming), sanctuary and euthanasia for unwanted/homeless horses which cannot be sold in the normal horse market.


  14. Margaret, that’s what I am thinking. There needs to be some kind of program set up…..probably locally, but funded nationally, perhaps?
    There have been such programs for spay and neuter, vaccinations, veterinary care, etc.
    There are hay banks and gelding clinics. I saw a suggestion on one of the other sites..the organizations that profit from the Horse industry could and should set aside a certain percent of their profits for humane euthanasia. This would pay veterinarians who might then not be so in favor of slaughter.
    We need to have an answer for the slaughter proponents that accuse us of not offering solutions.


  15. I just gave bute to two of my draft mares this morning, one for aches and paines as she’s an old girl and the other for an abcess. So YUP, but is commonly used, we always have it on hand for our silly accidents waiting to happen (our beloved equins) and people who eat horses,….well, we told you so and you get whats commin to you.


  16. I belong to two horse clubs who have sent and provided food, vet or shoeing for people in a bad situation. I have also offered to help my fellow horse owners if they wanted to end their horses life in a dignified manner. So the bs of saying their are no options is rediculous. There are always options. But we must stress this to our fellow horse owners, there is always help out there but please ask. You will find your communities are filled with horse clubs, horse owners and sometimes vets and shoers who are eager to come to their aid. But AGAIN we must relate this to our horse communities. Please FORGET YOUR PRIDE AND PERHAPS SHAME because because that living breathing horse(s) safety comes firsts. Let us help you with your horses.


  17. I am thrilled to see people coming forward and offering alternatives to horse slaughter. The idea of someone allowing their horse, or a horse they could have helped, go that route makes me hate people. Only for a moment. Then I remember that there are decent, kind, respectful people who give a damn about other beings besides themselves. I was in a tough situation a few years ago. Some wonderful neighbors listened to me and stepped up to help. Then members of their church stepped up to help. It was just enough to encourage me to continue with my efforts and then I landed that great job and now I am back on my feet, and all is well with me and my horses. I could never repay them for their help. I did give a couple horses away, to screened homes, but needless to say they are back. I’m not comfortable with giving them up again and will work three jobs if necessary, even scrub toilets, plant trees, weed gardens and buck hay if I have to. There is no excuse for not asking for help when needed. Thank you to all who took the time and caring to post here. Let’s see this through until the changes needed for the horse have been established.


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