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Salazar Lashes Out at Anti-Animal Wyoming Congresswoman

OpEd by R.T. Fitch ~ President of the Wild Horse Freedom Federation

Shining Example of “No Honor Amongst Thieves”

Wyoming's Congressional Rep. for Special Interests, Cynthia Lummis

The three ring circus of animal bashing legislators continues as enemy to wild horses, Secretary of the Department of Interior Ken Salazar, lashed out against Wyoming’s bumbling horse and wolf hating Congressional Rep. Cynthia “a horse in every pot” Lummis during a recent public speaking event.

Lummis, a long time slumber party buddy of Wyoming’s “Slaughterhouse” Sue Wallis, made a fool out of herself on the house floor last month when she attempted to interject a last minute pro-horse slaughter amendment onto the 2012 appropriations bill.  Her Republican Party leaders turned against her on the floor and Lummis was forced to lose face and pull the amendment prior to a swift and impromptu exit from the house.

Next up, on Lummis’ pro-dead animal agenda, was to not only have Wyoming’s wolves removed from the state’s endangered list and labeled as predators so that anyone with a gun and a hankering for bloodshed could shoot them but she also wanted to slip in verbiage to strip citizens of their rights to challenge the move via litigation.  So once again, she slipped in a rider into a 2012 congressional appropriations bill on July 6th just one day before Salazar and Wyoming Gov. Matt Mead announced that they had agreed “in principle” to a bloody deal to delist the state’s 340 wolves from the endangered species list and paint bull’s-eyes on them for Wyoming hunters.  Ole Kenny was NOT happy.

While reading through a prepared speech at the “Conserving the Future” Conference in Madison, Wisconsin, on Thursday, Salazar openly referred to Lummis’ sneaky wolf rider as “unnecessary” and “problematic”.

Even though the underhanded tactics of Lummis rile fellow Republicans congressional observers believe that her deed of death for the wolves will survive the Republican controlled House but the same may not be true for the Democrats who rule in the Senate.  There stands a glimmer of hope that the Senate may give the teeth back to the citizenry to save the wolves from the special interest motives of the likes of Lummis and Mead.

One can only hope.

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  1. Hmmm… I can think of several truely dangerous preditors who should be listed as such. They are the two-legged kind… preying on wild animals who have every right to a peaceful existance without fear of harm from the evil two-legged’s and their constant threat.


  2. Sometimes I really start to believe that they smply speak out and have the views that they do in order to get attention because if not for the hatred that we feel for Wallis and Lummis, would anyone ever know they existed? Certainly it goes to show that just about anyone can be elected and sadly they are given a platform to voice their opinions.

    Many people are shocked that these so called leaders would spend time and energy worrying about wildlife and how to destroy it more than they already have when the economy is in the terrible shape that it is. It seems to me that they simply get stuck on these issues again because it gives them the attention that they are obviously seeking.


  3. I had not heard of this apparent meeting of the minds between Matt & Kenny. Anyone have any info about it? Just who is ole Kenny “Conserving the future” for? Oil, logging, Ag, energy, hunters?…….certainly not any of the wild spaces and wild creatures you associate with “conservation”.


  4. Does anyone know where the language/text of the EPA & DOI appropriations bill can be found? The House just voted. TX Cattlemen are boasting about stopping EPA (water), DOI (endangered species stuff).

    I was always wonder what else has been covertly inserted that means more h*ll for our wild ones.


    • I got this from the Hoyer Report Denise,
      Hoyer Statement on Republicans’ Energy
      and Water Appropriations Bill

      WASHINGTON, DC – House Democratic Whip Steny H. Hoyer (MD) released the following statement today on the Republicans’ Energy and Water Appropriations bill:
      “I opposed the Republicans’ Energy and Water Appropriations bill, as it undermines our nation’s ability to keep our lakes, rivers and streams clean. The bill restricts the Corps of Engineers’ ability to work with the EPA to protect our waterways under the Clean Water Act. This bill also makes shortsighted cuts to our energy efficiency and renewable energy programs – programs that will pay for themselves in the long run by supporting the development of groundbreaking clean energy technologies that will save consumers money on their energy bills and create the jobs that will help more families Make It In America.
      “In addition, this bill once again tries to repeal lightbulb efficiency standards that could save consumers billions of dollars every year. While Americans are focused on job creation and reducing the deficit, Republicans are once again spending their time trying to repeal lightbulb standards that originally passed with widespread bipartisan support and are supported by the industry. This is yet another example of how Republicans are not focused on the issues that matters most to the American people.”


      • Thanks…just would like to read the text of the appropriations bill from the House.

        Of course…this is not a done deal because it still has to go thru the Senate.


      • MorganG,
        I can not remember where I read it, but it has been recently, but it had to do with a policy that was initiated in the UN that would control global water usage, including who could use water and how much they use and for what purpose in the US. The Core of Engineers was the designated agency in charge overseeing that the US complied with these standards that were set by the UN during the Bush administration. I am not sure about the specifics like what the name of the initiative was, but I am certain that I am tired of having the resources of our country drained, so that the rest of the world can lunge ahead while we continue to decline. I am not without compassion and concern about the rest of the world, but without maintaining the core values that made us great, we will lose our freedoms which allow us to make the choice to be compassionate.


  5. So, am I thick to not understand this? Salazar is simply angry that she stole the spotlight from his announcement? The two announcements accomplish the same end—kill off wolves, YES???


  6. Hi folks from the mountains of Wyoming. It is unbelievably gorgeous here with TONS of snow at 8200 ft and above. Middle of July and enough snow to ski or cross country ski like you wouldn’t believe.

    One of my goals when I get home is to make a webpage about this adventure.

    Now for some interesting news that I thought I’d share. You know how SS wants to remove the food safety laws from like highway stands and so forth? Seems that good ole Norovirus is traveling around the Jackson Valley as well as the Grand Teton National Park and Yellowstone. Seems there is a state law that says if you have diaharrea and vomiting (both signs of Norovirus) you are REQUIRED by law to stay until three post symptoms.

    Norovirus isn’t just spread by not washing after using the restroom it can also be spread when and if you vomit. Now it’s airborne. It can live on surfaces A VERY LONG time and even washing with bleach isn’t a guarantee to get rid of the virus.

    The good news is that it passes usually in 2 or 3 days, then you still have to stay home and this part can last up to two weeks. There no pills or shots you have to tough it out.

    I suppose that I’m just curious how SS would defend herself against this virus and the public.


  7. This is the way the Wild Horses and Burros lost their protection. In the early morning hours when most of the Congressional members probably left to take a break Conrad Byrne slipped in an amendment which STRIPPED OUR HORSES FROM ALL THEIR PROTECTION. The deed had been done before anyone could do anything about it. Now look what we have been left with! Ken Salazar is the ABSOLUTE & MOST DISATEROUS HEAD OF THE INTERIOR DEPT. that I remember. Most people say they want to stay away from politics, but to all my WARRIOR friends it is IMPOSSIBLE! But the thing that we must all remember is that most of these people are ELECTED and politics today is a very slippery slope. Most talk a good game, but try to push their own agenda through after they are elected. I was instrumental in forming a union at my place of employment. Why??? Together we STAND divided we FALL. Organized groups are the only way that you can fight these monsters and demons from hell. Very few people are up on the context of what the appropriations bill contains. Long and lengthly, boring and
    equal to a root canal, but within all this STUFF some Congressional members submit amendments which do not support conservation or the working American. This is what the Animal Haters tried to do and some are still trying to do it now. Just about every day I am receiving information regarding the actions that are or to be take against wildlife. It’s a TRAVESTY! Some Legislators don’t give a rat’s a if Americans have enough to eat or that they are secure in their homes. I see this as DESTRUCTION ON ALL FRONTS! The FIRES are every where, which one do you put out first. This Interior Dept at the hand of Ken Salazar is try to remove all protections from some the most vulnerable species and then some. The horses, the burros, the polar bears and the whales, I’m sure that are more. The only solution is to keep on trucking by keeping people informed. Today I received an excellent piece entitled
    “Managing for Extinction” -Shortcomings of the Bureau of Land Mangeagement’s National Wild Horse and Burro program. This is being distributed by the Animal Welfare Institute. If anyone wishes a copy I would be glad to forward some copies to you. It is just excellent and has a few pictures of “Wild Horse Annie.” Chris Heyde from the Animal Welfare Institute has done some really great work. He was instrumental in helping us close Cavel, Intl. in DeKalb, Illinois. Many of us from Illinois will always be indebted to Chris for his outstanding and tireless efforts to rid our state from the slaughterhouse. RT and all, again you keep us up to date on the latest and I truly appreciate everything you do as I am miles and miles from Nevada. We must continue to insist that the Legislators from our states monitor the amendments submitted in these appriations bills. One by one we will make a difference.


  8. The governors wanted the wolves to lose their endangered status. Many arguments emerged that we had enough wolves and they could be de-listed. We never intended for them to be hunted. They were brought back to help control elk populations and even buffalo. They succeeded and elk do not behave like cattle in Yellowstone any more by hanging out along the rivers and keeping the riparian plants from growing… now those plants thrive and small animals and birds have been able to return to the riversides. Nature is subtle. There is nothing subtle about our loss of science in wildlife management.


    • The governors wanted the wolves to lose their endangered status. Many
      One of the most important functions of top-tier natural predators, aside from keeping prey animals in check and healthy, is to take lower tier predators that flourish without them and descimate smaller prey. Humans (especially Homo governmentus!) “managing” nature is a failure, because man is, by nature, doesn’t seek to understand, but manipulate.

      And many “hunters” are angry the elk and other big game revert to their natural patterns when wolves are present. They actually have to get sweaty and work for their kill, instead of shooting them like fish in a barrel!


      • Woops! I copied your comment so my jet-lagged brain wouldn’t forget anything, and failed to take out your first line.


  9. Salazar was not elected but appointed ! I think that riders should be illegal altogether . The people have a right to know what our representatives will vote on and riders are designed to get through what most people don’t want . We have to keep putting the word out about what shenanigans these thieves and mobsters in Washington do to us and our wild life.


  10. Gail, you will find some tremendous research and information on AMERICAN HERDS. Here’s one for starters:

    SUNDAY, MARCH 6, 2011
    For High Crimes & Misdemeanors

    >In 1992, Michael Blake funded and organized an independent census of wild horses in Nevada conducted by the Public Lands Resource Council. At the time, the BLM was reporting over 33,000 wild horses were on Nevada rangelands but the independent found less than 8,300. The results of the census were dismissed by BLM officials based on the assertion that BLM used a superior method to count the animals via helicopter while the independent census used a fixed wing aircraft. Today, BLM is making “progress” on new census techniques using fixed wing aircrafts.


  11. Two things have always surprised me: animal intelligence and the bestiality of men!
    The real beast has 2 legs, not 4 hooves or paws!!
    If all the beasts were gone, men would die


  12. max baucus is trying to get the senate to end the horse slaughter defunding in the agriculture appropriations bill


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