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BLM Infamous Helicopter Contractor Returns for Illegal Tuscarora Wild Horse Roundup

With lawsuits coming in from all directions BLM spokesperson, Debbie Collins, has verified that the notorious roundup company Cattoor Livestock is the contractor that will be herding hundreds of newborn foals across the northwest Nevada desert during the much contested Tuscarora Roundup (formerly the Owyee Roundup but name was changed, at last moment, to confuse the public).

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The BLM’s Snow Job About Water on the Twin Peaks Herd Management Area

When we were on the June 14, 2010 public tour of the Twin Peaks Herd Management Area (HMA), the BLM said the BIG REASON they had to round-up our wild horses was because there WASN’T ENOUGH WATER. They took us by a spring east of Observation Peak, which was fenced off because it was on PRIVATE PROPERTY. The BLM said this spring fed Smoke Creek, which went south of the area. Aside from the actual spring itself, most of the creek/water runs south on public lands through the Twin Peaks Wilderness Study Area to the Smoke Creek Resevoir. The BLM took us to a cow-poop laden riparian area, showed us what looked like a puddle of water and talked more about how there was hardly any water and how all the creeks dry up in the summer.

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