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BLM Infamous Helicopter Contractor Returns for Illegal Tuscarora Wild Horse Roundup

(The News as We See It) by R.T. Fitch author of “Straight from the Horse’s Heart

BLM Utah Contractor's chopper hunting wild horses - Photo by Terry Fitch

With lawsuits coming in from all directions BLM spokesperson, Debbie Collins, has verified that the notorious roundup company Cattoor Livestock is the contractor that will be herding hundreds of newborn foals across the northwest Nevada desert during the much contested Tuscarora Roundup (formerly the Owyee Roundup but name was changed, at last moment, to confuse the public).

With a clouded past, it was Cattoor Livestock that stampeded the horses of Pryor Mountain in 95+ degree heat for miles and again the Cattoors who actually were credited with running the hooves right off from several foals during the bloodiest of all BLM roundups on record, the Calico Complex debacle.  Due to deaths in the field and the company’s aggressive practices documented on video the Cattoors launched an attack on the First Amendment and instructed their attorneys to issue threat/demand letters to news agencies, major non-profits, magazines and blogs that were reporting the news to the public on the deadly Calico Roundup.  The letters wanted to “fix” the news by ensuring that the truth about the helicopter stampedes was not published and even went so far as to insist on public apologies for reporting the facts as witnessed and opinions as concluded.  The mention of company owner David Cattoor’s past indictment for capturing and selling wild horses to slaughter was, likewise, considered taboo.  The hiring of contractors with criminal records is a clear violation of federal preferred vendors guidelines.

Now the wealthy helicopter owners are back to rain misery down upon the federally protected wild horses while an outraged public unwittingly funds the operation with tax payer money.  Only days out of the foaling season the roar of helicopter blades will be heard across the Tuscarora area as the BLM plans to stampede 1,200 that they claim need to removed from their legal reserve while thousands of private cattle are allowed to stay and destroy the countryside, all of this to be conducted in secret as the BLM alleges it has the right to bar the public from publicly owned lands.

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  1. Don’t ya love it, when anyone tells the truth about what a lowdown dirty “b” you are you just threaten suit. Wouldn’t you just love to watch that trial? Oh how many years of evidence would they allow in?


  2. As my daddy used to say: ” it’s not what you know, it’s WHO you know.” Cattoors obviously know some powerful people!


  3. Cattoors not ONLY running hooves off horses but it is documented: taunts, endangers, gets kicks flying copter almost on backs of horses.
    On land, Cattoors are abusive to penned wild horses.
    Cattoors have history of horse abuse, bring wild horse to slaughter, under-cover!
    Lying, low-life, criminal thieves.
    Unbelievable, 1992 federal offense and gets another federal contract. Hired by DOI for years and paid millions $$$$$$$ of taxpayer $$$$$$$.

    To refresh memory (& scroll down Cattoors):

    This is all definitely seriously illegal and serious animal cruelty/abuse/neglect! To the max!! By DOI, Salazar, BLM, Cattoors!
    I know animal organizations have been involved helping with lawsuits. And we talk “”class action.”

    Why not have this “issue” of the illegal and brutal holocaust of all our wild horses in the news by HSUS? On Oprah as Mr. Pacelle was for factory farm animals, downer cows, chickens? For sharks! I don’t understand. Except there is a deal between HSUS and BLM for PZP contraceptives!

    The HSUS has accomplished miracles for animals. Now for the wild horses & burros & BLM breaking so many laws!


  4. Lisa did a superb job researching how the DOI doesn’t even follow their own regs (or the freaking LAW). I’d like to add, if you go to the Western Watersheds Project legal page you will be able to read through their (and Adovates for the West) suits that have shown through science and documentation the retaliatory nature, childish behavior, lack of administrative law adherence of many Federal ( AND STATE) agencies (especially BLM) in their quests to do rught by enviroment and wildlife. I will say they are conspicuously silent on the plight of wild equines.

    However, they write stuff and filings/petitions that WIN!!!!!


  5. Changing the name to confuse us. They are desperate and despicable!

    BLM – What pigs!

    Oh, sorry pigs didn’t mean to insult you.

    Filing an area closure and backdating it, not permitting witnesses, giving us some stupid marketing expert to insult our intelligence – to condesend to us.

    These are the most egregious and oppressive moves BLM has made in my short venture into the cause. My anger and fury just continue to boil.


    • HEY….PIGS ARE SUPERIOR LIFEFORMS! When you compare Cattoor to pigs, you insult pigs (sorry, should have typed BLM….same tree, diffrent monkeys). OK, you get my point. 😉

      I’m telling readers here, if possible FOIA the contracts, fast tracking same, sole-source garbage and you got something. I’d say you got an IG/GAO supporting document, but we’ve all seen what the Congress and the Executive Branch (Obama/Bush) have done with those


  6. I just went to Cattoor Livestock page – thinking there would be an update of the current roundup.

    I did not find that, but I found they are in cahoots with Sue Wallis’s group. They have posted a UOH proclamation on their web page.

    So Cattoors are admitting they are horse slaughter advocates!

    The two Sues – one rounds ’em up, one serves ’em up. From home on the range to plate – just call Sue!


    • That is really sickening news, Roxy. Sue Wallis and Sue Cattoor and all their cohorts and minions are the scum of the earth. It isn’t bad enough that our horses have BLM targeting them, these two moronic mamas want a cut of blood money to turn them into steaks. This is all like a very bad horror movie and one cannot leave the theater because the doors are locked shut.


      • And Roxy, Kathleen,

        Did you see the video of the last BLM Advisory Board Meeting, I think it was last month.
        I was so shocked and sickened when that Wallis got up and said she would help the BLM with horse slaughter. The stuff that comes out of her foul mouth and sociopathic brain.

        SOB! (foul here appropriate:)


    • Evil attracts…I’m not surprised or disappointed that “Killtoors”, “Walrus (sorry walruses)” and the like have linked up…there is always plenty of room for one more in hell and/or pursuit of a dirty dollar.

      Excellent obeservation about the meat and me first groupies though. And these trolls round up American Icons?

      DOI/BLM…seems you have a PR problem; but I think you already knew that, ergo the “new spin doctors” you recently hired for land and Gulf abuse fluff and buff.

      Job well done Kenny, err Brownie, err Abbey, err who ever!

      Per Ron White: You can’t fix stupid. You can fix ugly, ignorant or poor, but you can’t fix stupid. No endorsement by Mr. White is intended related to this issue….

      I Juusssst Like It!!!!


    • Aren’t they almost always going on in one phase or the other?

      Also, what the schedule is publically posted v. what the contractors and the Feds/States are really doing with our wild ones are more than 2 different things.

      Anyone smell the AVGas fumes floating on those hills and mountains yet?

      Nevermind…not a good time to do a reveal and always remember OPSEC for the wild ones.


  7. How come all of these agents get to be cruel/inhumane/abusive and they go free? What happened to catching them and getting some punishment/justice?
    Would the President notice if there were 100 dead horses on his lawn some morning?
    I’m beginning to feel sorry for M. Vick–he went to jail! Everyone is asked to put an end to puppy mills and fight for better conditions for farm animals. What happened to the “intent” of the Wild Horse and Burro Act— that these animals could live free of harassment. Helicopter round ups are harassment– certainly not a “natural ” way of herding horses.

    And where are all the industries that we horseowners support– feed/clothing/tack/trucks/trailers/vets— they should raise such a stink that the President would finally take notice.

    Keep up the good work RT and all the other writers and watchers. Keep nippin’ at their heels. Disgusting.


    • Bingo, Ann.

      And where are all the industries that we horseowners support– feed/clothing/tack/trucks/trailers/vets— they should raise such a stink that the President would finally take notice.

      Just a matter of time until all the players in our industry sit up and take notice of this travesty. Spread the word to all you know, suggest the stink, and it can only keep growing as it has been. The truth will win out when all US citizens realize the theft of our American icons is being perpetrated by our own government using our taxdollars!


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