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Video: “Maybe Next Year”

“We post this video, today, knowing that New Years was two days ago but this small slice of equine/human goodness just came across our desk yesterday and we could not help but want to share it with you, straight away. Although produced to sell a commercial product, it touches upon on a nerve that many of us have lived and feel tightly bonded to as strongly today as we did yesterday.

To all those who fight the good fight; never give up!

Oh, tissue alert.” ~ R.T.

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SD Sheriff Moves Wild Horse Auction to Undisclosed Location Amid Threats of Violence

It is often times disheartening to realize that people (humans) are probably the most pathetic and at the same time dangerous life-form that walks (or slithers) on the face of this planet.

We have been involved and engaged with equine advocacy for well into two decades (one day we would like to retire) and witnessed that history continues to repeat itself over and over again with no lessons being learn. The formula for disaster (which always leads to horses and donkeys paying the price) is this:

People create a serious problem for the horses; then people attempt to correct the problem that other people created who are then blocked or further impeded by people who think that they are correcting a wrong only to whip up a bigger problem for the horses and donkeys that people had created in the first place ultimately resulting in the equines paying the price for the stupidity of…(drum-roll)…PEOPLE! I HATE IT!

I have further opinions on this topic but I do not want to overshadow the disgusting course of events, detailed below, that were caused by PEOPLE!

Below is an official statement of the Dewey County Sheriff’s office as published on their Facebook page; directly following that statement is a comment made on Facebook regarding this course of events, it pretty much sums up what I was alluding to above.

PEOPLE if you want to make a difference you can do a variety of things other than put the horses at risk and showing your asses, recommendations would be as follows: (contact numbers are listed in previous posts)

Donate to the county for hay for the horses
Support Elaine Nash and Fleet of Angels to help transport the horses
Get up off your dead ass and volunteer for on the ground work
Call up the ASPCA, HSUS and with respect and controlled passion seek their assistance in this case
But above all, don’t threaten, harass, demean or insult those who are in control of the horses. Even the twerpyest, little sniveling geek can sit behind a computer screen in the wee hours of the morning and act like some big bad ass, twisted gangster but it takes a real, self-actualized individual to bite their lip, raise their hand and selflessly offer to assist in a situation where confrontation would be an easy out.

Get after it, do the right thing, grow some kahunas and most importantly…do it with dignity and grace. The horses and donkeys need us.” ~ R.T.

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By Elaine Nash of Fleet of Angels “Even the newspapers are guessing and publishing wrong numbers…” We’re seeing some funny rumors about how many of the ISPMB horses have been adopted since this effort started on Oct 14. People are watching our pics showing examples of the horses […]

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