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News and updates related to the predatory business of horse slaughter

Give the Mustangs a Voice – Mestengo

Give the Mustangs a Voice Please plan to attend the Free viewing of the time-sensitive documentary MESTENGO The Legend and Legacy of our Wild Horses Saturday, July 18th Doors open at 7:00PM Viewing at 8:00 PM (Hosted by Avenues Yoga) 68 K Street Salt Lake City, Utah Book […]

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Video: The plight of the Wild Horse -Mestengo

Wild Horses and Slaughter: A Recipe for Disaster SFHH Update: Often, on this blog, we speak of the atrocities of horse slaughter and continued distortion of the facts by pro-slaughter advocates.  But we have yet to explore the complexities that intertwine the fate of our American Wild Horses with those […]

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Video: Americans Against Horse Slaughter

Horses on the Hill (Video courtesy of J. Caramante, Animal Angels ) Houston, TX – (SFHH) Come join us in Washington D.C. on July 14th as we take a stand against Horse Slaughter and beseech our Federal Representatives to vote for and support the Prevention of Equine Cruelty […]

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