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Wyoming Representative “Slaughterhouse” Sue Wallis goes totally Postal

We couldn’t even write a script this good.  “Slaughterhouse” Sue has gone so far over the edge that she not only insults almost everyone who is anyone but she also includes DEAD people to boycott.  “DOINK”, how diffiuclt is that? The poor memory of Bea Arthur is now blackened by this mad woman as she calls upon the morons of the world to never watch reruns of the “Golden Girls” again.

No input, just straight facts as we insert this lunatic’s (in our humble opinion) full email below.  Thank God that the true insanity of the Anti-Horse people continues to show their ignorance and total lack of understanding of the issue.  The horses that they desire to kill are 10 times smarter than they are.   “DOINK”

Boycott Press Release with List

a nonprofit mutual benefit corporation registered in Wyoming – IRS 501(c)(6) status pending
an IRS 501(c)(3) educational & charitable organization
Contact Us

1902 Thomes, Suite 202B
Cheyenne, WY 82001

Sue Wallis
United Orgs of the Horse (UOH)
Executive Director
307 680 8515 cell
307 685 8248 ranch

Dave Duquette
United Horsemen’s Front (UHF)
Executive Director
541 571 7588

Krissa Thom
Operations Manager
307 689 8536

Membership Levels & Promotions
Every Basic Membership will receive one chance to win a Stetson/Resistol Hat which will be awarded at the end of December, 2010.

Every Supporting Membership, and/or contribution of $100 will receive one ticket to win a Dodge Truck. The truck will be awarded to the winner of a drawing which will be held at a press conference in Cheyenne, Wyoming immediately after we have garnered 2000 contributions of $100. For tax purposes, the first $25 will be allocated to the United Organizations of the Horse as a membership, and may be deductible as a business expense, $75 will be allocated to the United Horsemen’s Front, which is 100% deductible as a contribution to a 501(c)(3) nonprofit

Lifetime Member-$1,000
Full benefits and prominent acknowledgement for a lifetime.

Group and business support is negotiated individually on a case by case basis-please call Sue Wallis or Dave Duquette at the numbers above

Click here to join online,  print out a mail-in form, complete our important online survey, and sign petitions that are automatically delivered to policy makers.

Membership and Survey Participation Campaign Continues

If you have not already done so, please join or renew your membership with the United Organizations of the Horse & the United Horsemen’s Front TODAY!

We may never be able to match very wealthy and powerful radical animal rights organizations like the Humane Society of the United States or People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals dollar for dollar.

With your help, we CAN match them

grass root for grass root!

Join today and forward to everyone you know!

All memberships and sponsorships expired at the end of 2009 – please renew or join as soon as possible. Financial resources are needed to ensure that your voice is heard at important upcoming hearings in Washington D.C, and to support state and local legislation to help the horse industry and horse people.

If you are a member or a leader of a horse related organization, please make sure that everyone in your organization receives an invitation to participate in this very important survey about the effect of the plants closing on your life. Everyone on our free email list will also receive timely, pertinent alerts through our online system whenever important decisions are being made in time for you to have a chance to meaningful participate in your future.

On January 9th we issued a press release calling for the boycott of celebrities supporting HSUS/PETA and their many offshoots. Following that release our email and voice messages were filled with people who wanted to know everybody on the list so they could make sure never to see a movie, buy a song, or otherwise support anyone who supports organizations seeking to end animal agriculture. Well…here is your list…so far…below it find the original press release…

[This is a partial list and a work in progress…please forward others who belong in this Hall of Shame…]

HSUS Sponsored Organizations

·      United States Equestrian Federation

·      Parelli Horse Training – Pat Parelli

HSUS Supporters

·      Maria Conchita Alonso

·     Bea Arthur (Halt Hog Factories)

·     Ed Asner (Providing for Your Pet’s Future)

·     Alec Baldwin (Choosing A Humane Diet,  Halt Hog Factories)

·     Ed Begley, Jr. (Animals In Research, Halt Hog Factories)

·      Shari Belafonte (Fur Free Century)

·      Jessica Biel (First Strike)

·     Elayne Boosler (First Strike, Fur Free Century)

·      Berk Breathed (Fur Free Holidays, Karakul Lamb)

·      Ron Burns (Artist in Residence)

·      Dixie Carter (Fur Free Century)

·      Mary Chapin Carpenter (Fur Free Century)

·      James Cromwell (Halt Hog Factories)

·      Jenna Elfman (Fur Free Holidays, Pets For Life)

·      Mike Farrell (Animals In Research, Karakul Lamb)

·      David Foley (Fur Free Holidays)

·      Sara Gilbert (Animals In Research)

·      Bill Goldberg (Animal Fighting, Farm Animals, First Strike)

·      Whoopi Goldberg (First Strike)

·      Cathy Guisewite (Karakul Lamb)

·      Steve Guttenberg (First Strike)

·      Anne Heche (Fur Free Holidays)

·     Tippi Hedren (First Strike, Fur Free Century, Halt Hog Factories, Karakul Lamb)

·      Anjelica Huston (narrated public service announcement)

·     Kevin James (Fur Free Holidays)

·      Diane Keaton (Fur Free Holidays)

·      Vicki Lewis (Fur Free Holidays)

·      Ali MacGraw (Equine Issues, First Strike, Karakul Lamb)

·      Bill Maher (First Strike, Fur Free Holidays, Spay/Neuter)

·     Dave Matthews (First Strike, Fur Free Holidays, Halt Hog Factories)

·     Peter and Mary Max (Halt Hog Factories)

·     Rue McClanahan (Animals In Research, Equine Issues, First Strike)

·     Patrick McDonnell (Fur Free Century, National Animal Shelter Appreciation Week)

·      Mandy Moore (First Strike)

·     Mary Tyler Moore (Animals In Research, Equine Issues, First Strike, Karakul Lamb)

·     Frankie Muniz (First Strike)

·     Kevin Nealon (Animals In Research, Fur Free Century)

·      Alexandra Paul (Halt Hog Factories, Karakul Lamb)

·     Victoria Principal (Animals In Research)

·    Leah Remini (Fur Free Holidays)

·      Christina Ricci (First Strike)

·      Ally Sheedy (Halt Hog Factories)

·      Alicia Silverstone (Fur Free Holidays)

·      Britney Spears (Fur Free Century, First Strike)

·     Jerry Stiller (Fur Free Holidays)

·      Maura Tierney (Fur Free Holidays)

·      Joan Van Ark (Fur Free Century)

·     Betty White (Fur Free Holidays, First Strike)

·      Montel Williams (Disaster, First Strike, Safe Cats)

·      Robin Williams (Tuna/Dolphin)

·      Carrie Underwood

·      Ellen Degeneres

PETA Supporters

·         Pam Anderson

·         Alec Baldwin

·         Bill Maher

·      Paul McCartney

·      Eva Mendes

·      Christina Applegate

·     Jack Ass’s Steve O

·      The Office’s Lucy Davis

·      Pink

·      Charlize Theron

·      Alyssa Milano

·     Jamie Lee Curtis

·      Heather Mills

·      Joaquin Phoenix

·     Lisa Rinna

·      Ryan Seacrest

·      Alan Cumming

·      Moby

Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine

·         Alec Baldwin

·         Noah Wyle

Farm Animal Reform Movement(FARM)

·         Bob Barker

·         James Cromwell

·         Bill Maher

Farm Sanctuary

·         Alec Baldwin

Wild Horse Advocates, Habitat for Horses, Et Al…

·         Willie Nelson

·         Sheryl Crowe

·         Viggio Mortensen

·         Barbi Twins

Madeleine Picken’s Saving America’s Mustangs Foundation Advisory Board

(so what makes a bunch of football jocks, musicians, and film makers experts on wild horse management…we can’t help but wonder???)

·         Troy Aikman – NFL Hall of Fame Quarterback

·      Mark Cuban – Owner, NBA Dallas Mavericks

·         June Jones, Chairman – SMU “Mustangs” Head Football Coach

·      Michael Blake – Academy Award-winning Screenwriter

·        Mike Ditka – NFL Hall of Fame Tight End & Head Coach

·         Jerry Jones – Owner, NFL Dallas Cowboys

·         Jenny Craig – Founder, Jenny Craig, Inc.

·         David Foster – Grammy Award-winning musician

·        Henry Kapono – Award winning & grammy nominated singer songwriter

·       T. Boone Pickens – Legendary Businessman

·         Mike Post – Grammy & Emmy Award-Winning Composer

·       Rudy Ruettiger – Notre Dame Football Lengend

·        Junior Seau – Legendary NFL Linebacker

·         Emmitt Smith – Legendary NFL Running Back

·     Roger Staubach – NFL Hall of Fame Quarterback

·      Barry Switzer – Hall of Fame Football Coach

·        Thurman Thomas – NFL Hall of Fame Running Back

·        Doug Williams – Super Bowl MVP

Phew, time to pour a nice tall glass of Wrangler Iced Tea and call the Govorner of Wyoming and let him know that there is a mad woman in his cabinet, don’t you think?

I just keeps getting better and better…

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  1. Seems that she’s tipped over the edge completely now. The posted alert is sure a work of a HAWK’s lookout. SUE Hawk-eye Slaughter.
    She is probably wishing some of those famous folks were on her side. Everyone needs dreams… I just cannot fathom that some such deranged individual is not axed by some hawk hunter. By Golly, what next ?


  2. I thought it was hysterical that the late Ms. Arthur was on this “hitlist”.

    Frankly, I’m sure Ms. Arthur is having a good laugh…she was quite the actress and human being with a sharp wit.

    Honestly, boycotting dead people?!?! Priceless.


  3. They must be really scared of the these folks to put them on a list. That must mean we’re doing somthing right! Hopefully they will continue to be scared of all the people not on that list who are working for the animals.


  4. Well, Sue is at it again and this time she is attempting to place a boycott on the entire entertainment field as well as most prominent Americans who show any kind of compassion for animals. The woman is indeed deranged and a menace to society. I vote that we boycott Sue and her ilk.


  5. 1-26-10

    Open Response to OUH and UHF BOYCOTT and all possible marketers of products affected by this boycott:

    Sue Wallis, Dave Duquette, Krissa Thom,

    I’ll help you out; I’ll print a stack of your list and make sure I hand it directly to the managers of:

    All the movie theaters, CD and DVD stores, let’s see who else, Hewlett Packard grazes cattle on public lands – I’ll hit all the office supply and office machine stores too. Partial list – still compiling – what other corporations graze on Public Lands? I’ll make sure they all have a chance to join your boycott.

    Since I’m writing to Congress anyway, I’ll include the OUH/UHF list there too – some corporate constituents may be interested in this list also and want to join your boycott.

    Co-op here I come. Goodbye Fry’s, goodbye Safeway, goodbye all chain grocery stores as much as possible – I’ll be handing out the OUH/UHF boycott list to them also when I go to tell them why I’m shopping there less. They may want to join your boycott too. Hello Farmers markets.

    I’m telling Whole Foods, Wild Oats, etc. that I will not buy beef grazed on Public Lands, oh, and I’ll make sure they get your boycott list – I’m sure they will want to join you.

    Once OUH and UHF has taken American Wild Horses as “Base Products” off their slaughter house lust list, has made a public retraction, cattle are removed from the 20 million plus acres of wild horse public land that belongs to them, and the wild horses returned to their homes from their prisons, a 1 year moratorium on roundups to determine a sustainable and humanly effective wild horse population control (stop killing mountain lions), passage of S 1579 without Salazoo, I’ll go back to my regular beef diet again – though may not want to by then.

    But I’m just one person. Anyone else joining me? Do what OUH and UOH have asked – get this list out to EVERYONE? While you are there buy a DVD or CD or 2, see a couple of extra movies, buy a NON Hewlett Packard ink jet cartridge?

    OUH and UHF what part of “PUBLIC Lands” and protected American Wild Horses don’t you understand?

    Ok, so I’ve gone a little postal myself?


  6. Can’t find this list on the UOH website, found the press release, but not the list of horrible celebs advocating for the animals


  7. I’m re-posting this, because I think it may be something the pro-slaughter faction will latch on to, depending on how the BLM reacts.

    In tommorrow’s State of the Union Address, the President will be announcing a 3 year freeze on domestic spending, except for the military and anti-terrorism. I assume this means no increase for the BLM.

    Any thoughts on how this may impact our wild horses, especially maintaining those in holding facilities at “taxpayer expense”? I’m concerned the BLM will redouble efforts to remove & “dispose” of the horses ASAP.


    • Linda ~ Of course I have NO idea how the BLM will react to this, but I’m going to start writing to Salazar and Congress, heck, Obama too, about how the eco-tourism Mr. Salazar suggested could work – IF they were real, intact wild horses on their native ranges. They may have to reclaim some of the horses’ stolen land, but heck, they need to do that anyway.

      This would keep the West’s natural resources in the West, where they belong. It would provide employment. They wouldn’t need to build a bunch of fancy accommodations, just reasonable access. And it WOULD attract tourists. Heck, I’d go myself.

      They HAVE to do something, freeze or no freeze, so why not this?


    • I read this “article” and I sent an email to this Canadian Horse Welfare organization rebutting the lies and distortions. I told them Ms Wallis is known as Slaughterhouse Sue in the US because of her outrageous rants – which I described.

      Wow, was that FUN! Besides, I thought they ought to know. Really I did.


      • The Canadian Horse Welfare org is pro-slaughter. They don’t care what they print. Check out their ‘truth about horse slaughter’ article and read that bunch of crap. Click on their partners link.. Bouvry which is a slaughter house, north american equine ranching which is the pmu industry.


  8. Curious how the anti-horse folks always accuse us of being PETA crazies and isn’t this the exact stuff that PETA does? Don’t they go after the celebs wearing fur, etc and publish lists?

    Just an observation!


  9. My goodness, these folks sure are going to have to work very hard and spend alot of time at boycotting ALL of the pro-animal rights groups and individuals. Sure looks pretty time consuming to me. Oh well, sure am glad I don’t have to boycott all of these people Whew! especially the dead ones, I’m not ready to go there yet but sounds like the pro-slaughter, anti wild horse bunch is heading that way. Grasping at straws and WOW ! Going down the “insanity drain.” Glug, Glug, Glug..

    The “seeking to end animal agriculture” comment almost made me fall off my chair laughing. Boy, throw anything out there on the “slaughter house wall” and see if it STICKS. Too ignorant for words.

    Should thank her for “EXPOSING” just how LARGE the anti-slaughter, animal rights base is though. I’m sure it took a tremendous amount of time to thoroughly research and substantiate her list as fact. Come on Sue get busy, can’t wait to see ALL the rest. Looks like I may have to take out a loan to buy all these CD’s and go to movies.


  10. Give them enough rope and they will hang themselves (we can only hope!!!), that is the road old Sue seems to be going, even if it is just in a literal sense.


  11. Can we all send our names in to be included on Mizz Crazies list? Got to go now, got a long list of CD’s to buy before the stores close. And gotta make up a sign so I can picket Bea Arthur’s next movie due out ????????


  12. I see a lot of powerful, talented, and wealthy people on Sue’s hit list, with more to come.

    Documentaries like the Cloud series are inspiring and wonderful, but it takes a feature film with a powerful story (like “Dances with Wolves”), a great director, a superb cast, an inspiring score, awesome locations, and a bunch of high-powered backers to really deliver the goods.

    In this case, turn about would be more than fair play. It would be sweet revenge.

    Come on Hollywood, you’re the pros. Do what you do best.


  13. Can’t believe I forgot “Hidalgo”. What a ride! I’ve watched it so much, I may have to buy another copy. Go Viggo, and go Hidalgo – you take my breath away!


  14. She failed to mention Toby Keith- whom not only supports wild horses but will provide them beer as well-i doubt he would buy sue a brew. She can’t even manange a very good list, i didnt see Robert Redford on there and he said: “I believe, as do so many of my fellow Americans, that the wild horse is an irreplaceable national treasure. It would be a tragic mistake to allow this noble creature to disappear from our western landscape
    Others sue missed- Eric Roberts, Nicollette Sheridan, Carl Reiner, Martha Stewart, Oprah, Jane Velez Mitchell, Doris Day, Betty White, Clint Eastwood…….


  15. This woman Sue must be crazy!! Obviously from the shallow end of the gene pool or something. I am going to make sure to buy every movie/album and see every movie that these people named on this list have put out!!


    • That is what I have been doing. And it has greatly enriched my entertainment world, many recording artists, movies and TV shows I would not have done before. In fact, started watching Bill Maher. Talking heads are strictly off my regular viewing list. But since Sue dinged him twice I tuned in. He at least does not make any phoney pretense to be anything other than what he is – a political satirist and comedian. So bravo to him, unlike most talking heads.

      I am on an anti talking head fest lately, I don’t care what “side” – I truly believe that is where our nations divisive problem is.


  16. Got here via a link from Facebook. Unbelievable! I suspect this lady may have severe mental health problems – hope she has family & friends that will look after her when she becomes unable to look after herself. Is she actually part of your government? The voters in her area/constituency need to re-consider their voting choices next time round IMHO. As for the celebraties on her ‘list of shame’ – I imagine it’ll boost their careers no end as most decent Americans (at least the ones I’ve met) support animal welfare.


  17. Remember this deranged nut was able to influence legislation at the highest level of this country and have a hard earned law against horse slaughter reversed and signed into law by both Democratic and Republican lawmakers in Washington as well as the president. She may be nuts but she has truly proven to be very very dangerous to horses. Beware.


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