Horse Slaughter

She Had No Way Of Knowing

written by R.T. Fitch, Author of “Straight from the Horse’s Heart

An Excerpt from “Straight from the Horse’s Heart: A Spiritual Ride through Love, Loss and Hope”

She stood in a dimly lit, narrow alleyway with just four other horses ahead of her.  She was the last one in line followed only by a mean spirited human that prodded her with a stick every time a horse at the front of the line was pushed through the doors ahead.  The doors simply snapped open and the crowded horse would leap forward to escape.  Instantly, it slammed shut followed by not only mechanical and unknown sounds but by the soul rendering screams of horses in agony.  She had no way of knowing where she was.

As the poking and prodding grew more intense and the screams grew ever closer she had no way of knowing that for years people across the nation and around the world were sweating blood and crying tears to prevent her from being pressed against those very same doors.

She had no way of knowing, as she was forced through the doors and into the confining chute, that only a pen and a piece of paper stood between her life and her death.

When the bolt gun hit her forehead and she jerkily crumpled to the floor, while her bladder emptied, she had no way of knowing that the humans around the chute were enjoying this last kill.  They resented her life and her very essence.

As the chain from the winch was wrapped around her left rear hoof and she was brutally hoisted into the air, she had no way of knowing that people would be celebrating this day as a happy, triumphant occurrence.

While the knife cleanly yet cruelly slit her throat and her own warm blood ran down her face and into her dilated nostrils, she had no way of knowing that the event of her death would be documented, cherished, and revered for all time.  The senseless killing was over.

And finally, as her spirit unwillingly was jerked from her butchered and mutilated body, she had no way of knowing that she was truly, the last one…the last horse to be killed in the US for human consumption in lands far, far, away.  She was the last one to suffer, the last one to die, the last one to cry out, and the last one to be lost.

She had no way of knowing….

The Force of the Horse© All Rights Reserved

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  1. RT, Didn’t Tolstoy write “Strider” the short story of a big, unruly horse and his last run and then he was killed and stuffed yet the horse narrates? Guess you are in good company. Mar


  2. Other horse narratives are by Richard Adams(“Watership Down”) who wrote “Traveler” the story of the Civil War as told through the eyes of Robert E.Lee’s horse Traveler and of course Anne Sewell’s “Black Beauty”. It is so very sad that there are people, (some of whom profess to be religious), that do not feel any spiritual ties to the living, breathing creatures that God has created, Slaughter House Sue, being one of these people.


  3. It is sad for that horse to have such an honor to be the last. And sad for all the ones befor. But you have expressed our collective hopes so well – for all the ones that “would have been afterward”. Beautifully told!

    BTW, during may recent by-weekly cruise through the slaughter You Tubes, and I know some others here do the same thing, is it just me, or just coincidence depending on which sites I landed – I have not found one PRO slaughter commenter? Anyone else notice this? If they think I’ll stop looking based on a little pause – OPPS on them, think again.

    There are usually multiple ones from which to select to rebuttal, and YouTube limits the comments, so selectiveness was necessary. But since I haven’t found any, I’ve just commented on the latest push by pro laughter to blatently come out to put their grubby hands on our wild horses too. Not one post was allowed – whats up with that?

    Do you think I went too far in suggesting boycotting all tourism to Begium, France, Japan, Montana, Nevada and Wyoming until such time as the American pro slaughter base retract their bloody profit lust away from our wild horses?

    Maybe too much to suggest that European meat eaters demand an accounting of the methods of slaughter, and boycotting all horse meat from America until such documentation could be provided?

    I’ll be back to them again next week. I’ve got two more weeks until I start a 12 (maybe 16 – maybe 9) credit hour program, so I have to get as much done as I can right now. Hope others will join in the YouTube effort – I’ll be pretty much gone until summer.


  4. Over the weekend I’ve written nine letters to the various Congress men who could affect the slaughter and Wild Horse issues. I don’t think it will help but I haven’t given up. Just got sadder.


    • Good for you for writing so many letters. I can’t get that many out in a day.
      I get sad, it sinks deep into my heart, and stays there a while. Then…I get mad. It sounds like you do too, if it made you write 9 letters !! I use sad to decide what really matters, and then I use mad to decide what to do and how to do it! Keep it up!


      • Gardnebelle, Shirley,Anna,

        Short on time or money or energy sapped, I do e-mails (in city gov where I worked e-mails had to be treated the same as letters).

        This is a tip from others, not my idea, I take no credit,but its a great way to send something out EVERYDAY, if I only have time to send out one it goes to Obama.

        Create your list of talking points.

        Go to both “contact the white house” and “contact congress”, follow the easy instructions. Cut and past your talking points, hit send. Address them all Dear ____, Re: BLM Wild Horse and Burro Program. and say Thank you at the end.


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