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Bison Learn to Avoid Hunters

Source: The Jackson Hole News by Mike Koshmrl The herd has apparently adapted to an annual hunt by delaying its migration, but that’s causing new conflicts with neighbors. Near midnight on Sue Pepe’s long commute home to Buffalo Valley, four bison appeared near the S-curves just up the […]

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USDA’s Wildlife Services Sued Again: Enviro Orgs Ask Court to Halt Wildlife-Killing Program in Idaho

Story by Dan Zukowsk as published on EnviroNews.TV “Conservationists contend that Wildlife Services operates primarily for the benefit of ‘ Welfare’ Ranchers…” (EnviroNews Nature) — Four conservation groups filed a lawsuit on May 11, 2017, aimed at stopping the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) from killing Idaho’s wild […]

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Wild Burro Shooting Texas Parks and Wildlife to hold Annual Public Hearing

Wild Horse Freedom Federation’s (WHFF) Director of Wild Burro Affairs, Marjorie Farabee has brought to our attention that this week the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department (TPWD) will be holding an annual hearing. It is interesting to note that with all of the controversy swirling around the TPWD’s policy of shooting wild burros on sight there is no mention of them or their policy on the proposed agenda, Marjorie intends to change that with your help.

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Fitch Outs BLM Employee Who Advocates Hunting Season on Wild Horses

HOUSTON, (Horseback) – An employee in the Denver office of the federal Bureau of Land Management has been outed as advocating a hunting season for wild horses in the west.

The employee’s email was traced after it was sent to author R.T. Fitch’s “Straight From the Horse’s Heart” blog. Fitch, a fierce opponent of current BLM stampede, capture, and hold, policies traced the email address to BLM NOC OC-330, Denver Federal Center, Bldg 40 – the agency’s National Operations Center.

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BLM Employee/Contractor Publicly Promotes Hunting Season on Wild Horses and Burros

For you long term readers, you may remember during last November, click (HERE), when we caught a BLM employee using government equipment on government time writing to this blog with a user name of “Animal Abuser” and a fake email address of AAbuserAfterYOU.. Well once again another BLM employee, bored from suckling on the teat of the Federal government, has written to this blog with the recommendation that the only true way to manage wild horses is to open up a hunting season on them.

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