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BLM Employee/Contractor Publicly Promotes Hunting Season on Wild Horses and Burros

(The News As We See It) by R.T. Fitch~President of the Wild Horse Freedom Federation

Give an Idiot a Computer and Watch the Sparks Fly

BLM wants to open hunting season on Wild Horses and Burros ~ artwork by Cyrstal Lopez

For you long term readers, you may remember during last November, click (HERE), when we caught a BLM employee using government equipment on government time writing to this blog with a user name of “Animal Abuser” and a fake email address of AAbuserAfterYOU..  Well once again another BLM employee, bored from suckling on the teat of the Federal government, has written to this blog with the recommendation that the only true way to manage wild horses is to open up a hunting season on them.

This individual is not smart enough to know that not only was his/her comment filtered and pulled from the queue but there are also ways that average, semi-savvy computer geeks, such as myself, can not only tell where an email comes from but can track it right down to the geographical location and the exact unit it was typed on.  Last year we figured out exactly which BLM office in Colorado the Animal Abuser worked and the assigned user of the laptop that it was written upon.   Steven Long, editor and publisher of the Horseback Magazine made contact with the BLM’s mouthpiece in D.C., Tom Gorey, who assured us that he would take care of it and “DOINK” not another word.

Now another low-life BLM employee, using your equipment and time ,sent this…sit down as you are not going to believe this idiot’s rambling…oppps, shouldn’t say that, it could be Bob Abbey:

The deer populations up north are so big and beautiful, but down south there are far too many deer and they are all malnourished and fighting for little food sources.  We regulate the populations through hunting permits and kill-quotas.  Why is it such a faux-pa (sp?) to hunt a horse?  If we leave the horse populations alone, all the press and citizens would look at the sickly and starving over-abundance of horses and beg the government to do something about it!!!  Rediculous.  Why is a horse’s life more important than a deer’s life?  Or a chicken’s life?  The populations must be regulated to ensure good healthy strong ones are around for future generations to enjoy.”

Chicken Herds are causing range degradation according to BLM employee

Okay, have you dropped and rolled, yet?   Is this not a case of a mind so detached from reality that he/she/it actually is comparing a wild horse to a blinking CHICKEN!?!? Excuse me while I take a few moments off and shower because I think I wet my pants laughing so hard…no, never mind I just spilled my Wrangler Iced Tea.

Why is a horse’s life more important than a chicken?  Why is a wild horses life more important than YOURS you backward thinking government employee that ought to be fired and sent back to remedial first grade.  Let see…this brings to light a few things that I can’t remember ever seeing before:

  • Can’t remember ever seeing or hearing of an American solider saddling up a chicken to ride off to battle and defend our country.
  • Don’t recall ever seeing a chicken pulling a carriage, wagon or cart across this great land of ours.
  • There does not appear to have ever been any speedy mail service that was called the “Chicken Express”.
  • In all of my recollection I cannot ever remember seeing throngs of people, sitting on the edges of their seats watching a world class Chicken Race
  • Don’t recall anyone ever roping a cow, running barrels or cutting cattle on the back of a chicken
  • Nor have I ever heard anyone ever pose the questions, “Why did the Horse cross the road” or “What came first, the Horse or the egg?”

I suppose in your twisted mind the chickens are degrading the range, too…good God there is nothing more detrimental to the environment than an entire herd of wild, out of control chickens stampeding across the desert.  “Grab the women and the young-uns, the CHICKENS are stampeding”

I guess what bothers me the most “Chicken Gizzard” is that your mentality and your attitude personifies what we, the people who pay your salary, perceive to be the disgusting illness that permeates your corrupt agency all the way to the top.  You are the very best living proof that the management, which you don’t do I might add, of wildlife should be taken out of the hands of the special interest serving BLM and DoI who cater exclusively to hunting, cattle and extraction money mongers.  The only management that your vile organization has done over the years has been to manage our national, native icons right into extinction through the unwarranted and illegal destruction of once flourishing herds.

“Chicken Legs” I am not going to let this one go; we are working on tracking you down as I type and we WILL let those above you, all the way to D.C., know…not that they will do anything to a card carrying member of the good old boys club, but we intend to take it further, deeper and to the conclusion as you have just crossed a line that there is no backing down from and this old cowboy is hankering for a fight.

In fact, while I have been typing these words our outstanding research staff has already traced you back to:

OrgName:        US DOI Bureau of Land Management
OrgId:          UDBLM
Address:        BLM NOC OC-330, Denver Federal Center, Bldg 40
City:           Denver
StateProv:      CO
PostalCode:     80225-0047
Country:        US
RegDate:        1994-07-07
Updated:        2009-06-23

I see it is National Operations Center in Colorado AGAIN that offends the public and squanders their money, hmmmmm…and we have two active law suits against your attempts to zero out two Colorado wild horse herds, I wonder if that is just a coincidence or design.  None the less we are off to Washington and the press and encourage the thousands of readers who visit here to do the same.  Trust me, you are NO match for this bunch of Boss Mares…your Chicken has just been cooked.  “Cluck, Cluck”

IP address of offender is: ,

The National Operations Center
PO Box 25047 Bldg. 50
Denver, Colorado 80225-0047
Telephone 303-236-6454


State Director: Helen Hankins
Phone: 303-239-3700

Associate State Director: John Mehlhoff
Phone: 303-239-3700


Director: Bob Abbey
Deputy Director (Operations): Mike Pool
Deputy Director (Programs and Policy): Marcilynn Burke
Chief of Staff: Janet Lin

BLM Washington Office
1849 C Street NW, Rm. 5665
Washington DC 20240
Phone: 202-208-3801
Fax: 202-208-5242

Let these people know that you have had enough of their abuse and for a BLM employee to suggest and recommend that we hunt, shoot and kill our national treasures is too much to bear.  The agency needs to be held accountable for this continued travesty because in the business world such transgressions would never fly.  Warm up your faxing and email finger because Bob Abbey’s gang just got caught with their pants down!!!

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  1. Here’s an interesting thought….wildlife does not need to be “managed”. When you kill off deer, they breed MORE to try and bring the population back up. Genetic diversity is essential to long term survival of any species. When we pick off a few, are we picking off the weak/genetically inferior ones? Not so much. We are actually messing with mother nature, who would eliminate the weak and sick ones and encourage “survival of the fittest”. The “hunt animals to save them” arguement is as lame and illogical as the “slaughter the horse to save it” arguement. I live in Florida, and I have Never seen a skinny or sickly deer. I live next to a 6000 acre state park, I get hundreds of deer visiting me on a regular basis. Why can’t man leave wildlife alone?


    • The only reason there might be ‘too many’ deer is that we are building all over their territory and chopping roads through it and also killing off any other predators.
      I have friends that hunt for deer occasionally but they EAT the deer meat, they don’t hunt it just to hang up a trophy or for sport. (Although how you can look at that beautiful creature and shoot at all beats me. I’d have to live on fruit and bread if it came to killing my own food.)
      Really, it’s less that the wildlife needing managing and more a matter of managing us. They would probably adapt and manage fine, our only intervention would be when some virus is sweeping the area through the wildlife and being transferred to pets. And aren’t there ways to put some vaccines that can be put in food out in the wild for that?


    • I have forwarded this blog entry to everyone I have listed in it and then some. This is waaaaay over the top and the public needs to know that it is this sort of stupidity and neanderthal thinking that is sucking up our tax dollars and killing off our horses. I am livid.

      R.T. Fitch Author – “Straight from the Horse’s Heart” President of the Wild Horse Freedom Federation The Force of the Horse, LLC 1-800-974-FOTH


      • Sending it to the perps is like the fox in the hen house (pun intended)….they are just gonna eat more chickens (err mustangs and burros).

        I’d make a copy of this recent post and the one on Abbey with a note to my reps and demand we get some change in DOI and while there, ask that the roundups not be funded.

        BTW…anyone help me find the citation where Abbey call the wild ones “rats with hooves”?


      • Denise, please post a source here if you find it for that quote by Abbey.

        All of these people are outrageous and need to be called on all of this BS. They are telling us who they are, time for a major PR push by us to show Americans and the mainstream media just exactly what kind of cretins we have employed by BLM to “protect” wild horses & burros.

        I am outraged too, RT, just hoppin’ mad! Unbelievable, the gall of these “people”…. and I shudder to even acknowledge they are human.


      • Kathleen…haven’t received a reply on my quest for the Abbey quote, “Rats with hooves”.


        In hindsight, I believe it was possibly not recorded and it was hearsay from an attendee at an event he spoke at. If that is the case, then it is NOT usable.

        People?..advocates?…need some help here.


  2. I agree Valorie, various agencies try to manage wild life strictly for the convenience of man. Move into the rural areas and you get coyotes, mountain lions, skunks, rattlesnakes oh ya almost forget those danged pesky stampeding chickens that destroy fences and ankles as they tear by. The answer is usually “kill em!” Doesn’t matter that we are encroaching on their land and that they will indeed go into a warp speed breeding spree to bring back their numbers. Noah managed the animals in the ark to save them, since then its gone downhill.

    I will indeed be one citizen who will comment that the BLM has employees who on company time on my dime are arguing, against the expressed wishes of Congress (you know Chicken Little, they would be your BIG boss, the ones who write your paycheck while you go steal time and company equipment). Indeed if this was a private corporation Chicken Little would be one more of the thousands filing for first time unemployment benefits which would give he/she/it plenty of time for pulling wings off of flies. Thanks for posting the IP address and other information on this illiterate lowlife and for publishing the contact info for all it’s superiors (superiors HUH! more like low scum in high places).


  3. Seems most of our respect for Americas Wild Mustangs is from their past deeds in helping us build this place, (maybe they made a mistake). In any case we need to look to the future after oil which isn’t too far off. 100 years ago we lived without it with the help of horses. 100 years from now we will live without it and without horses.


  4. Completely unrelated – but when did ‘rediculous’ become a word? I see it all the time from these guys and I have no idea what it means. Does it mean anyone interested in horse welfare is a Communist? Or these are people that dropped out of 6th grade?

    My other statement – YOU CAN’T FIX STUPID!


    • I couldn’t agree more. Why is it we can reproduce without restrictions but other animals can’t? Do people not have any guilt to the loss of other creatures that we share this world with? Why do we feel so privileged to take over the world and kill off other lives?

      Just look at what happened to the last of the desert lions last week. This was a rare, small group of lions that lived in the desert and yet the humans came along after the documentary, in one year, and killed them all. Hunted and poisoned. Now there are no desert lions. And I hope no tourists dollars! Let them eat sand.

      This is going to be a very sad place when the animals are all gone. Hopefully I won’t live long enough to see that happen. But man is doing a really good job of killing off entire species everyday so who knows just how long that will be. Lets hope the specie of man wakes up before it is too late.


  5. WOW! can’t believe the stupidity and hatred of some people!

    go get’m RT……..this “person” needs a trip to the woodshed!


  6. I think there are to many rogue BLM employes I guess using there own strategy would be to have open season on them (figuratively speaking of course)


  7. RT , another stunning article Bravo RT, I need not add any thing to what you said except this person mentality reflects that of the BLM>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>, ……………well I am off to email, and make calls….


  8. The National Operations Center
    PO Box 25047 Bldg. 50
    Denver, Colorado 80225-0047
    Telephone 303-236-6454
    First phone call was to them, they said they were unaware of this????


  9. Why is it with all the cutting of government workers due to the implosion of the economy, and this crazy talk about not raising the debt ceiling, that we never hear of lay offs at the BLM? Anyone who advocates hunting of the federally protected animal and who get paid by the agency sworn to protect them needs to be fired. Save a teacher, fire a BLMidiot. Half these folks sound like they could use a refresher in grade school too. I’d also let George Knapp know what government workers do on the dime paid by the American taxpayer.


    • just sent to Jane at CNN NEWS…………………….Titled How the BLM employees waste the American Tax Payers money………………….


    • Exactly! I asked for an answer to this question: how many BLM staff have been cut since the start of the recession in 2007? Just about every industry in the US has cut at least 15% to try to survive. What has BLM done to adjust for the economy? NO ANSWER. Why? I can guess, they have not cut any position, only hired on more of their slimy cronies, more good old boys to get in on the govt teat while getting their rocks off on abusing animals or just fantasizing about abusing or killing them.

      I’m sorry, I know that was a bit over the top but it is SO OBVIOUS that there is a definite segment of BLM employees who actually fit this sickening description. I can’t get over it, just cannot believe WE ARE PAYING THESE PSYCHOPATHS!


    • RT
      I forgot to also mention the rest room at the BLM office. I understand the need to have everything wash down but how about using a low flow toilet? The toilet in the ladies room could fill 50 water bottles and that’s after everything has been flushed. It’s a Total waste of water.

      So the next time we hear about water shortage ask the BLM person if there office uses a low flow or a high flow toilet!


  10. The boorish low niveau of some BLM “chapters” across this already falling nation are an embarassment to any American with the memory of what America was once all about. An era gone by, incidents such as this reflect the lack of the agency screening/assessing and training their staff properly. Too much time is at some within the department, milking our tax funds further to infest the already ill driven agenda with personal and most inappropriate views, which ought to never be tolerated. Is it a wonder how our public lands and wildlife are indiscriminately destroyed – with such a clash of stupidity and arrogance within yet a more arrogant agency ? BLM, trained to live a lie… with some brazen shining examples such as this – and still, reform and transparency are waiting.


  11. I guess he put his foot in his mouth when he said, “The populations must be regulated to ensure good healthy strong ones are around for future generations to enjoy.” Is that why the BLM is decimating the herds, sterilizing the ones remaining, and making them genetically unviable so that the remaining horses will ….oops …become extinct? Of course, the BLM will come up with some prefabricated bullshit that says they starved to death – or there were no water sources – because the big fat cow on the other side of fence is eating and drinking it all!!


  12. They fail to mention they are murdering ALL WILDLIFE and want only MILLIONS OF PRIVATELY OWNED WELFARE CATTLE ON OUR PUBLIC LANDS ! PLEASE SHARE-Stop the STAMPEDES NOW ! In violation of the law, Obama/ Salazars lying corrupt cruel BLM is wiping out Americas wild horses to steal our public lands & stuff millions of privately owned welfare cattle on our public lands, these cattle destroy water, plants, wildlife & cost taxpayers 1 billion per year.


    • This massacre is more about energy and mining extraction and then cattle/sheep…they cater to the underpaying customers that give employee perks and jobs in the private sector. Then there is the water issue.

      Wild equines don’t have money; they even get some revenue from the wildlife that are allowed to be gunned down as sport…can’t do that with wild equines.


  13. You go get ’em, R.T.!! You had me laughing so hard with your response that I almost forgot what the article was about!! I hope that IDIOT gets fired, & I dearly hope that all your lawsuits work in favor of America’s wild horses & burros! As you say, “may the force of the horse be with you!” Hunting season on wild horses!!?? Really!!?? As you said with chickens, the same goes for deer, or other hunted wildlife. These horses, though clearly native & WILD, are directly related to those who have been domesticated by man for thousands of years, you can not compare a horse to any other animal, other than companion animals. Deer & other animals are beautiful, & all deserve to live, but none of them helped our country as much as the horse! What will they think of next, hunting season on dogs & cats??!!


    • You heard it here, first, Kari.

      I am now going to rethink my personal protective equipment before heading out on the range to join Laura.

      I was thinking of adding my omelet maker to my backpack and a dust mask to ward off dangerous feather inhalation.


  14. As I always suspected, The BLM and its below grade employees DO NOT know the difference between a Horse and a Chicken……….



  15. There will be an accounting for those who continue to harm the Creator’s planet earth and its inhabitants.

    Revelation 11:18
    “The nations were filled with wrath, but now the time of your wrath has come. It is time to judge the dead and reward your servants the prophets, as well as your holy people, and all who fear your name, from the least to the greatest. It is time to destroy all who have caused destruction on the earth.”


  16. His boss likely wanted to give him a raise or take him to lunch! Slapped him on the back and gave him a cigar! Yeah, you son of a …..


  17. Holy, Moly…I guess this person has too much time on his/her hands. However, it does sound to me like a person of the male gender. Has this guy graduated from hs or better yet 8th grade? I certainly am going to fire up my computer again tomorrow and make some calls. Rt, now you got them, play them at their own game. Hmmmm, government equipment on tax payers time, indicating that we should kill the horses. If this person has this attitude, how many other people are sitting in offices with the same mentality? It appears that those at the top hire the same type of people…I guess I will look to see what this person’s salary is. It should be public knowledge. Now besides the waste of tax dollars keeping all the horses and burros in concentration camps at our expense, we now are getting a good look into the type of employees good Ol’boy Bob Abbey employes. Just pitiful….


  18. We have to keep making it VERY CLEAR that we are not advocating for no magagement. “They” use that in order to dismiss all protests. We are insisting upon ACCOUNTABILITY and HONEST, RESPONSIBLE HUMANE management that follows the mandates of the Free Roaming Wild Horse and Burro Act.


  19. We also have to keep letting the Public know that our Wild Horses and Burros are NOT overpopulated. As Laura said during her radio interview, the viability of these Herds is in serious danger.


  20. Thanks R.T. for letting me start my day with a chuckle. One of the great benefits of technology is that it is very hard to hide what you do on the Internet. I hope you make the most of those air filters for chicken feather dust and dander on the range.

    Here is an idea folks. It may not get out of the Senate, but Congress is struggling with the idea of what to do with the debt ceiling. I think we help them out by suggesting that if there is a government shut down, the first agency to be shut down should be DOI with the Bureau of Land Management. I have heard Dick Morris say the same same thing three times now on Fox (sorry, I apologize to Fox haters, but I find that CNN, the channel I watched for the last 25 years, just gives part of the story, so I have to watch both stateions to get perspective). Congressman Grijvalla’s letter, Dan Burton’s speech on the House Floor which is part of the Congressional record, statement’s that were made both to and by Bob Abbey during testimony for BLM apprpopriations, and any other documents you can think of show that Congress is aware and concerned about the BLM’s lack of good management strategy. Also, I think there may be other information at the WWP site regarding the basis for which law suits have been won against the BLM.

    BTW, there was a ticker on TV yesterday that said people in the federal government have a .05 percent chance of being fired from their jobs. Someone speaking for the government said that this was testimony for the government’s highly skilled workforce. However, an outside government anaylist stated that this was the result of poor management.

    I believe we are in a position where our numbers combined with facts that can be sited to original sources speak to the issue of fraud, waste, animal cruelty, and mismanagement in the DOI and the BLM in particular. Let us look at the various oversight committees in Congress. We also need to hit our local media. This might mean that instead of mailing press releases and forwarding email that we make an appointment with the news director and sell him on why a story about BLM mismanagement is relevant to everyone in the country, not just Nevada.

    There is a Republican Presidential debate coming up in less than a month on Fox. Maybe we should come up with some carefully worded questions about the BLM or the Interior’s lack of scientific integrity policies, or statements about the success of the Western Watersheds Projects’ law suits and submit them, or save them for local political debates.

    We need to get a moratorium, so that Congress as well as the NAS can study what is happening with the BLM Wild Horse and Burro Program.

    As for raising both money and awareness for the Wild Horse Freedom Federation, let’s get creative. Maybe there is a restaurant who would donate a percentage of its earnings for one night for the Wild Horse Freedom Fund or a local horse show, barrel racing competition, that would consider donating a percentage of funds to WWFF. Even though we may not be personally wealthy, that does not mean we cannot use our creativity, as R.T. said in an earlier post.

    R.T. has commented on the diverse number of people who post here, and come here for their daily news on wild horses. I come here like I used to pick up the comics and sports pages as a kid. I believe that personal contact is much stronger that sending emails and press releases. The challenge I have as an Easterner is educating people, first, that this BLM really is trying to make Wild Horses and Burros Extinct, and then, with everything else that is going on, that this issue is important enough to be on their radar screen. So we must educate however we can. Connect the dots for the public.

    An attorney and former state legislator I consulted about this advised me that it is critical to get the public involved because Congress listens to the public. I try to work the situation with our wild horses into any conversation with someone I meet or greet again
    We never know when the guy swimming laps in the next lane at the pool may just know someone who could open the door for us. Design a T-Shirt and wear it while doing your errands. Try to be positive and professional. Put an ad in the church bulletin. Perhaps there is an interfaith committee in your town, that could sponsor a special day of prayer for all animals, but particularly our wild horses who are underseige by the government sworn to protect them. Some of these ideas will raise money, and some of them will raise awareness. Some of them will do both.

    I am not experienced in promotions or marketing, but I have been around media organizations most of my life. However, my experience has been with media who are trying to get the story and get the opportunity to cover the story rather than trying to sell the media that they need to cover the story. If the media is not interested in your story, such as when your basketball team is 0-20 for the fourth year in a row, it is hard to get even a sentence in the news. So somehow we have to find the hook to suck them in. The story is so big…so nuanced…it is hard to know where to start, but I think RT’s recent encouter with an employee of the Bullies, Liars, and Murderers Agency is a good place to start. We can do this—together. And we can do this if you use the power of our love for horses and our love for what is right and just to help us focus and direct our anger.

    When I get really angry, I visualize members of DOI, the President, and all the others who remained silent when they could have stopped the ravage of the wild horses including the greedy cattlemen coming to the end of their lives naturally approaching the Rainbow Bridge. On the other side are the baby foals whose hooves were run off at Calico, Blue Moon, and the horses who needlessly died of metabolic disorder because the so called wild horse specialists can’t even adjust the diet of horses coming off the range into holding—something volunteers in rescues throughout the country learn in Rescue 101, the contractors who ran horses with broken legs and then shot them after they were in the trap. Here at the Rainbow Bridge our noble and generous horses hesitate, but then they shudder in a collective spook, and pull the Rainbow Bridge Away. There will be no Elysian fields for these guys, only the pits of Hades, or the 9th Circle of Dante’s Inferno.

    Another image that helps me is to imagine that if there is such a thing as reincarnation, the persecuted wild horses will come back as wild horse specialists for the BLM, and the Director, the Secretary, the Contractors, and those who spew BLMese like dolls you squeeze and they repeat prerecorded phases, come back as a happy herd of horses with deep family bands. In this vision, the reincarnated horses round up the reincarnated BLM members and contractors flipping the contractor who slipped mules and horses with the skiff of his helicopter or running old geldings like the Secretary into a snow bank on a mountain and then buzzing him as he struggles to get up. Then these reincarnated BLM horses are put on cold metal trucks with less refined horses who kick and bite while others are cryings and heartbroken that they have had to leave their young foals behind. Karma.

    While I pray and will support financially as best I can our brave litigants fighting for justice for our horses and the American people, in my faith, vengeance belongs to God, and I believe that it is He whom Bob Abbey, Ken Salazar, Dave Catoor, Sun J,, and lest I forget, our President, I try to avoid religous comments, but as CS Lewis said, “I am a Christian first, and it is through this lens that I view everything else.”

    Sorry for the length of this. Going to check on the horses struggling in the stiffling heat.



    • THANK YOU, arlene!!!!!!

      Got a link or do I have to go to Tuesday’s Horse and search archives?

      God Bless YOU (and I know God does…or you wouldn’t be on this site posting. Nonbelievers would say you are just a good person with character and values). And NO, my comments aren’t a religious endorsement; they are only a reflection of my experience and knowledge. I enjoy ALL good people.


      • Many apologies…I didn’t mean to say “nonbelievers” would just dismiss you.

        We have to take the religion aspect by many here for this fight for justice and protection of our wild ones with patience, tolerance and understanding…ON BOTH SIDES OF THE RELIGION ISSUE.

        I love America because you wouldn’t be allowed to express yourself in China, Saudi Arabia or Somalia this way.


      • Sorry Denise we had a huge power outage here, or I would have tried to find it for you, I remembered it cause it made really disgusted with Bob Abbey……


    • arlene….I checked archives and can’t find it at Tuesday’s Horse.

      I’ll keep checking and they have contact #’s.

      Thank you for you post.

      I hope 75% of the US isn’t literally melting today (and I live in the desert of the Southwest…and it is great here [well, hot but not unusual])….but it is awfully quite here at SFTHH today. Where are folks…eerie quite.


      • I tried also to look in the archives ,I cant find it either????? I know it is there somewhere, maybe I have dates wrong????


  21. RT
    I have some disturbing news. At the KOA here in Rock Springs I found out that the guy next door has a shotgun. I was kinda stunned into not saying anything but the hair on the back of my neck rose. What does he need a shotgun for?

    I did NOT see a single horse on the 14 mile loop. I saw horse poo that was maybe a day or two old, and lots of older poop.

    I saw two very small watering holes but I need to explain that I am in a little car without 4 wheel drive so really searching the range isn’t totally possible right now.

    I worry that BLM has already started moving horses. By noon today (Friday) it is above 90 degrees.

    The lady at the front desk of the KOA seemed kinda bewildered when I told her that ALL the horses are going bye bye. If history repeats itself it doesn’t matter how many times BLM says one thing the truth is the horses won’t be returned. And if they are all the studs will be gelded.

    I’m worried and scared for the horses. I want to know where they are. I want BLM to carefully manage this roundup. Call it off if weather is too HOT.


    • RT
      I’d liked to give a bit of an update from yesterday. I hope this message lands in the right spot.

      The guy with the shotgun (Alex) says he’s here for this skeet shooting contest down in Green River about 12 miles west of me. The distance part doesn’t bother me so much. This is the desert and there ain’t much out here.

      So do I believe him? He gave off several offhand chuckles like I know something you don’t know. He told me that you don’t use a shotgun for killing horses.

      While I get the sense he’s something sinister I am one person and can’t do much. For the moment I have to accept the situation. When it gets light out I’ll get his license plate number…

      What is bothering a lot is the Horse Loop. I have made this loop twice now and haven’t seen a single horse. I’ve seen lots of poop–most of it several days old and more. Nothing fresh.

      Where are the horses???

      I’m going out later and will try a couple of different roads (think of them as dirt paths pretty rugged). I hope Ican report back some good news.

      RT please call or write me here and let me know if you want photos of the loop. I can easily document where and when I was where.


  22. Oh, RT….you are at your best!!!…hard to find humor these days re; the wild ones…thank you for giving us something to boost our moral…..what a warrior you are..thank you.


  23. After re review hundreds of Photos of Our National treasures out and free on the range, how could anyone ever come to any other conclusion , after seeing how healthy and beautiful they look , but this is where they need to stay, not in holding pens at the BLM, shame on this Government…..They really make themselves look like a bunch of Morons !!!!! Now more then ever we need to stop these Greedy bastards……………………………How dare they purposely endanger them on Our dime……………………


  24. I called the Operation Center today and was told that I was only the 2nd call they received regarding this employee and his blog. Shocking. I was told that the complaints received by the State were numerous and that this “Animal Abuser” is being investigated> Hmm.


    • Dear Debbie, I was call number one, they asked for all kinds of information, today Dean Bolsted called me, He wanted a full report of what happened ,,,………………….


  25. I called Helen Hankins (BLM) had to leave message she was out of the office for training. She called and left me a message saying the person (BLM employee who wrote the email had been delt with. She added that he was new and didn’t know how to handle situations yet. She said his email did not reflect the BLM thoughts.

    Bob Abby was a guest speaker at the Horse Summit organized by Slaughterhouse Sue and her side kick. He said he was advised not to attend.
    He made a statement the BLM would not euthanize the horses but he didn’t say they wouldn’t slaughter. Everyone who attended was pro slaughter of horses for human consumption.

    Below is a letter I emailed Bob Abby:

    Attn: Mr. Bob Abby (Director of the Bureau of Land Management)
    Dear Mr. Abby,
    Friday, August 05, 2011
    I write you to express how extremely angry over the unethical treatment of our Wild Horses and Burros by the Bureau of Land Management under your leadership. There have been and continue to be horrendous and unforgivable atrocities being performed by the BLM. Let me assure you that the American people are watching. We are fed up and are absolutely questioning the lack of ethics of the BLM. The BLM and the way in which they operate are not transparent and you need to understand that the BLM doesn’t operate in a vacuum.
    For arguments sake and to set precedence, I’ll list just three of these atrocities.
    1.) The Bureau of Land Management is “Zeroing-Out” / “Eliminating” herds of our Wild Mustangs and Burros. The BLM is sterilizing complete herds and dramatically altering the ratio of Stallions to Mares to insure the complete eradication of these American Icons. Against the BLM “Directive” signed by you, the BLM is holding “Round-ups” during foaling season. What are you thinking?!?!

    2.) I watched you as a “Guest Speaker” at the Horse Summit, after you were advised not to attend. That specific Summit was “Pro-Horse Slaughter” for Human Consumption. Every attendee was “For” or “Pro-Horsemeat.” You said during your speech that the BLM was not going to euthanize these animals. What you didn’t say was there would be “No Slaughter.” What are we as the American People to think? You have stepped into a complete “Conflict of Interest” and don’t even realize it. Or, do you?!

    3.) Pause for a moment and think about those first two before you read this next one please. A Bureau of Land Management employee, under your leadership has decided to promote “Open Season” on Killing Wild Horses. Shooting our American Icons that have been in the U.S. probably longer than your ancestors. On the web-site “Straight from the Horses Heart,” this employee actually had a user name of “Animal Abuser” and submitted a fake e-mail address prefix of “AAbuserafteryou.” I recently received a phone call from Hellen Hankens of the BLM telling me that this employee had been dealt with. I’m betting that he is still employed by the BLM and probably received a slap on the wrist. Can you tell me exactly how this “Employee” was, “Dealt With?”

    You need to understand that the World is watching what the BLM is doing to these wonderful animals, our “American Icons.” I understand the whole concept of Resource Allocation and Management but the BLM needs to insure that our Wild Horses and Burros get some of the land BACK that has been unethically taken.

    I would like to educate you, the Wild Horses have natural predators that would help with population control, and they are called Mountain Lions. However, the BLM is paying hunters $1,800.00 per killed mountain lion. Why, because the cattlemen don’t what their Calves killed.

    ECO! ECO! Your organization is absolutely upsetting the Ecological Balance that has worked for millions of years. You need to understand that the American people know that greed, cattlemen’s hate of the horses, pipe lines and mining are driving our wild horses to extinction.

    You are the Director of the Bureau of Land Management for the greatest country in the world. “We-the-People” should be able to look up to you and your leadership and trust what you are doing is in the best interest of preserving our precious heritage, our Wild Horses and Burros. I do not trust your ethics behind you decisions.

    If I may be of assistance in providing ethical insight into management and tranparentsy of the wild horses I have much to offer.

    Tired of Lies,
    Debera Mansfield


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