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$10k Reward for Killing of Wild Horses in 2 States

story by Scott Sonner from multiple sources

Nearly a Dozen Federally Protected Horses Shot Dead

The U.S. Bureau of Land Management is investigating the shooting deaths of nearly a dozen federally protected wild horses and offering a $10,000 reward in connection with the four separate incidents reported in California and Nevada since the beginning of the year, agency officials said Monday.

The most recent killings involved one horse and two burros on BLM land near Black Rock Canyon in Pershing County about 100 miles northeast of Reno. They were discovered April 9.

The BLM earlier announced a $1,000 reward for information leading to the arrest and conviction of the shooter or shooters responsible for killing two mustangs in California’s Lassen County near the Nevada line.

A BLM crew working on a prescribed fire on April 3 discovered the remains of those horses — which had been dead for several weeks — near Newland Reservoir about 12 miles southeast of Eagleville.

Earlier, six additional mustangs were found shot to death in northern Nevada — three in Eureka County in January and three in Lander County in February, BLM spokeswoman Heather Emmons said.

“We started seeing a string of these so we thought we would offer a bigger reward,” Emmons said Monday.

The three horses found dead in Lander County on Feb 2 were near Bottle Summit on the Humboldt-Toiyabe National Forest. They were about 10 miles south of U.S. Highway 50 and 30 miles west of Eureka — about 250 miles east of Reno. The three in Eureka County were found Jan. 25 near 3 C Well about 15 miles south of Eureka.

Emmons said she could not provide any additional information because the investigation is ongoing.

BLM Director Bob Abbey asked anyone with information to call the BLM Crime Hotline at 1-800-521-6501. He said persons providing information may choose to remain anonymous.

“The perpetrators of these unlawful killings will be vigorously pursued by BLM law enforcement and our partner law enforcement agencies,” Abbey said Monday. “We hope this reward offer will generate information that leads to the swift arrest and ultimate conviction of these individuals.”

The killings are a violation of the Wild Free-Roaming Horses and Burros Act of 1971 and punishable by up to a year in prison and a $100,000 fine. Two Nevada men recently completed six-month prison terms after they pleaded guilty to shooting several federally protected mustangs about 120 miles north of Reno in 2009.

An estimated 37,000 wild horses currently roam federal land in 10 western states, about half of them in Nevada.

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  1. How sad. Like the other two they were probably killed for target practice…sick, sick, sick people.


  2. What gets me is that they are “Federal protected” but the BLM can kill them with no questions asked or send them to slaughter. What gives?????


  3. Target practice or targeting wild horses and burros to exterminate what local ranchers consider pests? Caliber of bullet should reveal some interesting info. I have never understood how hunters can brag about shooting a wild creature with a high powered rifle. One of my friends (ignorant one) was bragging about shooting a cougar from almost 2 miles away. Big sport in that???? And he didn’t even have any cows or sheep to protect, so WTF? Hope the investigation results in a conviction. Putting the ballistics information on file/data base will help to identify if the killers are repeat offenders. Shooting wild horses is not far off from shooting people, no empathy, no respect, and definitely setting a dangerous precedent. Many serial killers started out torturing and killing small animals. Trophy hunters are egomaniacs that will stop at nothing to get their thrill. Hmmm, they are probably bragging about it to their friends. Hope so, then they are more likely to be caught. Reward is good incentive for their friends to turn them in. I alos hope that photographs of the individual horses are preserved. Our wild horse advocates that track the herds, will want to add those deaths to explain the disappearance of those horses in their records.


  4. For every wild horse shot or as the Bureau of Land mismanagement wants to do (kill them all) I say the citizens of america pick up you firearms and shoot 150 welfare rancher cattle in retribution.

    We will never get a horse slaughter ban passed because our senators and congressman don’t work for us they work for the corporations that pay them. America fought a revolution against the British because we had taxation without representation. What did we gain (taxation with misrepresentation). America it is time for another revolution as we need to take back our country from the government that works for the corporations and not the people that elected them to office.


      • p.s. If you want to get that legislation passed send copies of the photos from the previous story submitted by AA with a simple note:

        Dear Sir/Ma’am Representative and Senator,

        The longer you take to do the right thing, you not only continue the suffering of equines(photos enclosed) and owners victimized by Human Consumption Horse Slaughter, you jeopardize the reputation of US food products. While you are at it, increase the inspection budgets of states and Feds. Your choice!

        Those that ignore are just as responsible as those that physically violate our values and regulations.

        Send it to you state, county and Fed reps……and tell them you vote.


    • You are so right Tom! Denise revolution is not a “wrong” it’s an American right! That’s why our forefathers gave us the right to bear arms (not to kill endangered species). I believe it was Ben Franklin who said revolution was NECESSARY every 200 year or so! But alas, we have the mightiest military in the world (which our tax money paid for) which would turn on citizens on command. Rome had the mightiest army in the world at one time, also sucked their treasury dry (along with corrupt senators) and where are they now?
      Hope 10 grand flushes out these cockroaches and justice is served but then justice is an ideal which we have not yet achieved much like freedom and the Free Roaming Wild Horse/Burro Act!


      • Thank you, thank you!! And, Amen to that! Yes, we all know that two wrongs don’t make a right, but it might get some badly needed attention! We wouldn’t have to “kill” anyone, just scare the you-know-what out of them. Tom & Lisa, I agree with both of you. If this is suppose to be OUR country, then we do have the right to protest, change things & stand up for what we believe in. Our forefathers did, how are we any different? If we just talk, & don’t act, nothing will get done. We know some things appear to be heading in the right direction, but it’s too slow, too many helpless animals are suffering & dying, & otherwise being removed from the very ground set aside & protected for them! While it’s very “nice” & generous of the BLM to offer a $10,000 reward, you know they just want to look good, & appear as the “good guys”. And, if they have that much money to spare, why aren’t they using it to take better care of OUR wild horses & burros?


  5. As to Mr Abbey, liar, liar, pants on fire! He’s angry that he didn’t get to kill them covertly and the situation brings ANOTHER spotlight on the incompetence of DOI/USDA.

    Mr Abbey, you just had a case in NV and the perps violated probation and whacked OUR wild equines……YOU DID NOTHING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and they basically walked.



  6. this is chump change and certainly ‘lip service’ from BLM! I’m appauled…make it worthy of someone to turn in their neighbor!


  7. Stated in the “Silverpiny Journal” BLM Director Bob Abbey said, “The perpetrators of these unlawful killings will be vigorously pursued by BLM law enforcement and our partner law enforcement agencies.
    This is another Abbey, BLM lying pronouncements, they are not in the least bit concerned. Abbey probably rewards those who do the killings. Don’t be shocked! Horse and burro killers are never prosecuted when they get caught. Don’t think for a second they are serious with these rewards. if anyone is ever arrested (rarely) all they get is a slap on the wrist and are free to go with a mild reprimand.

    BLM is cattle,mining,oil and land drilling management . They are not going to stop the horse and burro slaughter until they are stopped.


  8. It is time to stop focusing on the dirty deed itself..(Horse Slaughter). It is a well planned diversion and outcome of a whole different agenda. It is called AGENDA 21. It was an idea born of the Royals in England . It was then adopted and nurtured by the secret society of the ruling class selected to further English interests. It was then accepted and covertly contracted to be groomed and refined into the master plan for America and all over the world gradually and under the guise of many other many other issues in fact, that the people would not take notice and those that were unfortunate enough to become privy to the information regarding AGENDA 21 would sadly be heralded as ” combative enemies of the State ” . This includes all protesters, advocates, and activists or any single person or group who speak out against the government and or its agendas as it sees fit to keep America safe from terroristic activity. Under NDAA which is the law enacted by congress in the same hush hush sneaky way our Federal reserve and all the powers to make money was handed over to the bankers, WE the people trying to protect the rights of anything or anybody in America are the terrorists under this Act signed into law at 1100 pm on NEw Years Day night by our President while vacationing in HAWAII. This is the precise moment when AGENDA 21 was put into full steam ahead effect without any concern for secrecy because the government has the power to remove by any means it wants anybody who tries to stop it. Go ahead. Google it, check it at Wikipedia. Its all there. Please someone tell me Im wrong, nothing would make me happier than to be wrong about this. AGENDA 21 is the answer that has burnt through the hearts of every Horse advocate on the planet…WHY would they do this to our HORSES, wolves, foxes etc etc. WHY WOULD THEY DO THIS OUR WILD ANIMALS????


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