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Video: Cynthia MacPerson challenges Sue Wallis’s Horse Slaughter Plant Proposal in Missouri

Video’s by Jan Myers

Video Puts Bogus Walli$/Duquette’s Claims of Low Attendance to SHAME

Ole “Slaughterhouse” $ue Walli$ and her faithful lapdog Dave “Doink” Duquette would have the public believe that a recent town council meeting held in Missouri over a proposed foreign owned horse slaughter plant was ill attended and went their way, as Duquette states below:

Here’s the deal folks, again Steven Long just prints anything his buddies from EWA put out as gospel. Reality is there was about 30 people there and no one was turned away. Most were from out of town. There was NO vote of any kind. This meeting was contrived by an HSUS attourney. So this was not representative of the population in that area.” (poor grammar and incorrect spelling not edited)

Reply: NOT

Shown in sequence below are six (6) videos from that very meeting that show the truth, the reaction and the “rest of the story”.  Big thanks to all who fight for the horses.

Part 1 of 6

Part 2 of 6

Part 3 of 6

Part 4 of 6

Part 5 of 6

Part 6 of 6

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  1. BRAVO Cynthia MacPerson a stellar presentation, Thank You !!!!! And Yes the Self appointed President should give back to Mountain Grove citizens there money !!!!!


  2. RT: I do appreciate all your help in getting the word out, but you’ve misspelled Cynthia’s name. It should be Cynthia MacPherson and the reason I’m writing here is to say that Cynthia deserves soooo much respect for putting a face on this battle we’re raging in MO. She has basically shut down her law firm to dive head first into this matter that so many of us are vehemently passionate about. I know you meant no disrespect.


    • Barbara, thank you for bringing my mispelling of Cynthia’s last name to my attention. You are right, Cynthia MacPherson deserves so much respect as she has given so much of herself to this issue. I am proud to know her and I have corrected her name on the videos. Thanks again!

      Best Regards
      Jan Myers


  3. Well done ! I was attentive through the whole meeting, the facts speak loudly and the people of Mountain Grove understood them. !


  4. Wow again the backroom meetings that were denied taking place and the missing money and the general lies and abuse of power. I would like to say it is shocking but unfortunately it is all to common. Good job on Cynthia MacPherson for exposing all of this!


  5. Thank God, there are people: ” SMART COMPASSIONABLE People”. People, who are standing up against the ” WRONG” , People, who are fighting for the ” RIGHT. Those people have the courage, they won’t let go, until they have won the fight. Such a person, I am proud to write her name down, is ” Cynthia Mac Person”. I like to thank her on behalf of all the WILD HORSES.
    Cynthia, keep up the fight, we are all behind you!!!.. Solvejg.


  6. Excellent presentation! Direct, clearly stated, documents to back up questions, Just excellent.
    It is also the first time I have not felt emotionally drained. So very informative. Thank you Cynthia, we so need you to continue to help our Wild Horses, and all of our horses to fight for freedom.


  7. Just Wow and More Wow!

    And remember what the bad guy said…”of course, it has to be done right.” Do you all remember how many other guys from Sue’s slaughter fest used these very same words.

    As if there is a right way to do something like this, as if someone without an ethical fiber in his body would know right from wrong if it hit him over the head.

    The American people are not stupid, and it is high time people trying to cram things down our throats that violate our moral values and humanity started to respect that.

    Sometimes it is hard to explain how corruption and fraud follows those who seek to be a part of this business, but these videos just hit this nail on the head.


  8. Just for those of us who are keeping track of a few possibly related details. The fraudulent documents giving this man control over the board that doesn’t exist were begun in 2008. Senator Roy Blunt (Mo)s one of the members of the Conference Committee on Agriculture that voted to omit language prohibiting meat inspectors for horse slaughter.

    Timeline 2007—2008—2009
    Domestic slaughter plants close—2 years pass after Senator Reid’s Burns Amendment passed, so it can now be illegal once again to slaughter wild horses—2008 Obama elected—2009 Salazar appointed—2009—roundups increase—2010—-access denied to wild horse roundup sites(where are these horses going (to feedlots, to slaughter, are they being bred for slaughter)

    With what this evidence suggests based on the Mindy Patterson and her licensed paid lobbyist lawyer for the defense department spewing HSUS hatred based in Missouri, the livery stable operator whose horses were seized from her Ozark mountain trail riding business, Senator Blunt’s vote, the possible/likely/probably network just got a little bigger.


    • Unfortunately for MO, Blunt has been in office a long time and thinks he’s invincible, so he gets away with a lot of bad stuff. Wouldn’t make any difference if his office was listening. They could care less. It’s politicians like that we need to vote out of office.


  9. Great presentation by Cynthia MacPherson! We are very fortunate to have this remarkable lady on the side of our equines. Her knowledge and understanding of horseslaughter is well documented. Along with her compassion and support for our horses, she’s able to project the true and horrific facts about this dirty business and the damage it can cause to society. Thank you for telling it like it is.


  10. Awesome!!!! We could not make the meeting but so glad we were able to see it!!! Cynthia, you did a fantastic job!!!! I can’t say I’m shocked with the findings. I actually expected some sort of corruption. The good ol boy system works well till you get caught. Unfortunately it seems to be rampant in these parts.


  11. To Cynthia MacPherson and the Citizens of Mountain Grove…WAY TO GO!
    Someone else here posted some good advice. You probably should put this on a ballot and make it legal…ASAP.


  12. Awesome job and our thanks for once again exposing that this industry consist of a criminal element, that serves to enrich themselves at the tax payers costs always. Thank you good citizens of Mountain Grove for sending this predatory industry packing and not horse meat, but themselves, right out of town!


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