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HSUS Takes On Wyoming Horse-Eater, “Slaughterhouse” Sue Wallis

Post by Wayne Pacelle of HSUS

Community Speaks Out Against Horse Slaughter in Missouri

The community’s resounding rejection of the proposal put the lie to Wallis’s prior claim that “the folks in Missouri are 100 percent on board with what we’re trying to do and how we’re trying to do it.”

Some people want to become firefighters, to help people in the developing world, to open up a legitimate business, or to serve their country, in one form or another. As for Sue Wallis, she just seems to want to help kill horses. It’s hard to know at any given time whether she is operating as an elected official, a rancher, an investor, or a prospective manager of a slaughter plant. For her, it seems that all roads lead to an equine abattoir.

The message Sue Wallis got the other night came from local people who were being asked to live with a horse slaughtering plant in their midst, and it was consistent with what we know of public opinion on the issue. In poll after poll, the majority of Americans―urban, suburban, and rural―have signaled their disapproval of horse slaughter, especially for sale of the meat in the global marketplace.

Representatives of the horse slaughter industry need to stop their excuse-making for horse owners who abandon their animals, or who only want to profit from them by selling them to a kill buyer. The horse slaughter business is predatory, cruel, and marginal. Even communities trying to attract business want nothing to do with it, despite the efforts by a handful of politicians who see just a bundle of tissue, sinew, bone, and hair rather than living, feeling animals who have played no small role in the history of our nation.

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  1. Glad to hear Wayne checking in on Sue Wallis. She certainly has hysterically attacked his organization almost every time she opens her vile mouth. At least Wayne stayed within the boundaries of Sue’s actual obsession. With Sue’s attacks on HSUS you would think they had the power to make the sun rise and set. Or maybe she just sees them as people who care about animal lives. Utilizing Sue’s standards that concern must make you in league with the devil.


  2. The simple truth is, the people whom abandon their animals, now, can still take them to auctions. What would make these people take them to the processing plant? They abandon them where ever! I just don’t get where people think the neglected horses will have a different outcome if slaughter were an option! Most of these people don’t have trailers and trucks to haul them.


  3. RT: Sure hope HSUS gets involved in this. paid absolutely no attention to my complaint to them about reinstating horse slaughter. Guess w need the big guns!


      • Yep. HSUS has been heavily involved since 2006. They’re on the hill lobbying to get horse slaughter banned and educating people and the public at every turn. We have great groups involved in fighting this atrocity, and HSUS is critical in this fight in DC, where they’re working hard to counter the well-funded lobbying and disinformation efforts of Agribusiness and United Horsemen. That work dovetails well with grassroots and research efforts of other equine-focused anti-slaughter organizations.


  4. Thank you to R.T. for keeping everyone up to date, & for all your hard work, &, to Wayne Pacelle of the HSUS. I’m so happy for everyone who helped & continues to help, our equine friends! 🙂 The horses need all the help & power they can get.


  5. SSue is so mentally deranged, she will never stop trying to profit by this evil business; however I do think the public is finally beginning to become aware and speak out. I am glad Wayne Pacelle is taking on Suey but what he really needs to do is start exposing the AQHA, the racing industry and other breeders who only view horses and a commodity to dispose of when it no longer serves their profit margin. Thank you again R.T.!


  6. Well Harley looks happy. And in past videos he sure likes to ham it for the camera! Don’t know if it’s the camera or his love for his humans but he’s a happy boy.

    Zenyatta had her colt last night. He is stunning he’s so beautiful! And Suzy, I know you want fresh colt meat. It’s just so tantalizing and mouth watering. You’re probably drooling at the thought of killing him to eat him. (all said very sarcastically) BUT YOU WON’T EVER GET YOUR GRIMEY FILTHY BLOODY HANDS ON HIM! SO DO YOURSELF A FAVOR A BLODSUCKING VERMIN FILTHY PIECE OF EXCUSE FOR A HUMAN BEING–GET THE THOUGHT OUT OF YOUR OCD MIND!


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