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UH President Caught Up in Web of Horse Slaughter Lies

Pseudo-OpEd by R.T. FitchAuthor (The “Author” thing drives the Horse-Eaters NUTS; that’s not a long trip)

United Horsemen President Dave Duquette Discredited by National News Articles

United Horsemen's discredited Dave Duquette

After the bumbled $ue Walli$ attempt to ram a bloody horse slaughter plant down the throats of angered residents of Mountain Grove Missouri, Dave Duquette, president of a dubious horse slaughter and meat packing front call United Horsemen (UH), publicly released an inflammatory message to his handful of fellow horse haters:

Here’s the deal folks, again Steven Long just prints anything his buddies from EWA put out as gospel. Reality is there was about 30 people there and no one was turned away. Most were from out of town. There was NO vote of any kind. This meeting was contrived by an HSUS attourney. So this was not representative of the population in that area.” (poor grammar and incorrect spelling not edited)

Duquette is referring to his ongoing battle with the first amendment, free press, common sense and well known author and publisher Steven Long of Horseback Magazine who printed a press release from the pro-horse organization, Equine Welfare Alliance (EWA). Vicki Tobin, VP of EWA, was quick to counter the malicious and slanderous statement:

The propaganda machine is alive and well! Apparently our opponents attended a different meeting in Missouri. In an attempt to do damage control, they are claiming only 30 people attended (one look at the video footage in the links on this page prove that is a lie) and that people weren’t turned away – they evidently didn’t check with the police but they aren’t big on research.

We never said there was a vote but the outrage from the residents (yes, Dave, they were all from the town) in the room was certainly a representation of the town not wanting a slaughter plant. Of course, they had to get a dig in against HSUS by saying the meeting was organized by an HSUS attorney. Wrong again, the law firm is not associated in any way, shape or form with HSUS and HSUS was not involved in this effort.

You would think their few supporters would be enraged at the lies they are fed but alas, they follow like lemmings without questioning a thing.

Curious he didn’t mention why Wallis HAD to move her meeting from the YMCA to a livestock auction. Let’s see them spin the truth on that one.”

Duquette, who’s horse slaughter organization will be hosting a so-called Summit next month to discuss how to kill and consume America’s favorite, large companion animal, was further discredited by a nationally syndicated newspaper article which was featured in the home state of “Slaughterhouse” $ue Walli$ herself, see below:

Wyoming company’s horse slaughterhouse plans in Ozarks draw opposition

Wyoming's "$laughterhou$e" $ue Walli$ ~ photo by Pam Nickoles

MOUNTAIN GROVE, Mo. — Emotions ran high Tuesday when a large crowd heard testimony for and against a Wyoming company’s proposal to build a horse slaughtering and processing plant in southwest Missouri.

The Mountain Grove City Council meeting had to be moved to accommodate the large crowd and some speakers were booed, prompting Mayor Delbert Crewse to call for order and warn people they would be removed if they could not stay quiet.

A Wyoming company, Unified Equine, LLC, is conducting a feasibility study on building the plant between Mountain Grove and Cabool, in the Twin Cities industrial park. The company has not yet sought a Missouri Department of Natural Resources permit for the plant that would produce meat for human consumption.

Roger Lindsey, president of the Twin Cities board, was booed several times as he testified that the plant would bring between 40 to 55 jobs and economic investment of between $6 million to $7 million in infrastructure.

“I think two years from now if you come down and talk to me, people are going to be glad this is here, and it will be a great success, but it needs to be done right. There’s no doubt about that,” Lindsey said.

But Mountain Grove attorney Cynthia MacPherson testified that the plant would destroy the region by bringing environmental damage, crime and lower property rates.

“We get nothing out of it, except destroy this community. That’s it. We will destroy this community,” MacPherson said.

MacPherson said after the meeting that she planned to speak to the Mountain Grove Board of Aldermen this week to discuss pollution problems, reduced property values and animal abuses that she said have been reported at horse slaughtering plants in Texas and Canada.

“I think the most important thing is to make the public aware, and to educate the council,” she said.

MacPherson estimated 300 people attended Tuesday’s meeting and most of them seemed to oppose the plant.

“I was overwhelmed; I did not expect this,” she said.

Lindsey acknowledged he had a rough reception at the meeting.

“Sure, tough questions need to be answered,” Lindsey said in an email to the Springfield News-Leader. “Will there be risk to the ground water and environment? Will local workers be hired compared to nonlocals? Will property values be harmed?”

Lindsey said he wasn’t used to hearing opposition to new jobs for the area.

“But I do understand these legitimate questions about the environment and I know processing horses creates a highly emotional atmosphere for some,” he said. “If you all have any say in this I hope you will consider what a new plant and the jobs from it, with proper safeguards will do for our area.”

The proposed facility also has sparked a local Facebook page “The Community Preservation Project” aimed at halting the plant. Horse lovers also have launched an online nationwide petition at hoping to prevent the plant from being built in Missouri.

Representatives of Unified Equine, LLC, will have an informational meeting Monday at the Ozarks Family YMCA in Mountain Grove. Wyoming state Rep. Sue Wallis, R-Recluse is the CEO of Unified Equity. She and others affiliated with the project plan to attend. The Cabool City Council is also scheduled to hear presentations on March 19.

So however you cut it, Duquette has simply and unwittingly verified that anything related to $ue Walli$, Duquette, United Equine and United Horsemen is unequivocally steeped in great heaps of bull pooh and rotting animal innards. The dumb just keep getting dumber and only the stupid will follow behind.

If it weren’t so perverse and twisted it would almost be funny.

Click (HERE) to read EWA Press Release
Click (HERE) to read rebuttal on “Slaughterhouse” $ue Walli$ Lies

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  1. R.T. This only shows that they can’t tell the truth about anything and they resist the truth. I can’t understand how Wyoming elected this person to represent them. It certainly doesn’t say much about the people of Wyoming. Thanks for bringing all this to our attention. We love these animals and want to help in anyway we can to win this battle. God Bless you for all you do for these American icons.


    • Lynne, I have mentioned before that the state of Wyoming did not elect this person. It was the small community of ReCluse which is mostly her family that got her into the position she is in right now. I doubt that this would have happened if it was a state wide vote. I just didn’t want you to put the problem as my fault because it would be a heavier burden than I want to carry. (Heavy in may ways.)


    • Don’t forget Sue’s partner in crime Herb Kohl, the people of WY elected him, too. I know there are advocates in that state. Hopefully, they are speaking out LOUDLY against those asshats. (pardon)


      • Herb Kohl from Wisconsin is retired and actually was not a bad politician. I wouldn’t exactly peg him as her partner in crime. Sen. Roy Blunt of Missouri is more on her wavelength.



        “Conference Committee Chair Sen. Herb Kohl (D-WI), Rep. Jack Kingston (R-GA), and Sen. Roy Blunt (R-MO) voted to reject de-funding of inspections for equines for slaughter for human consumption. Only Rep. Sam Farr (D-CA) voted to support continued de-funding of the inspections.”

        I misread this paragraph? Doesn’t this say Kohl voted with Blunt? Someone please clarify. (sorry WI not WY)


      • Source:

        “Conference Committee Chair Sen. Herb Kohl (D-WI), Rep. Jack Kingston (R-GA), and Sen. Roy Blunt (R-MO) voted to reject de-funding of inspections for equines for slaughter for human consumption. Only Rep. Sam Farr (D-CA) voted to support continued de-funding of the inspections.”
        Evidently I miss read this paragraph in the article, voted to reject de-funding?? Doesn’t this say Kohl voted with Blunt? Someone please clarify! I do not want to make ANY mistakes on this topic!

        (Sorry my bad not WI not WY)


    • Geez, not sure how many times I’ve said this BUT here’s the deal. Her COUNTY voted her into office. Not a Statewide vote.

      Not everyone in WY agrees with SS.

      Please keep it about SS and Recluse the town she’s from.

      Spoken from someone who vacations every year in WY.


      • I agree, there are a lot of good folks and personal friends in the beautiful state of Wyoming and one rotten apple does not spoil the bunch.

        Paula, Julie, Jerry, myself and many others lived in Texas when the two slaughter plants were open, did that make us bad? I think not.

        So, please, let’s stay focused on the misdeeds of the individual, not the state in which they live.



      • Margaret & swh- Evidently I have made an error, I tried to explain and get clarification on some things. However, my questions are not being posted. Everyone please accept my apologies.


  2. FACTUAL UPDATE: There was such opposition to Sue Wallis and Unified Meats holding their meeting at the YMCA, she had to move it to the Livestock Yards. The meeting will follow a cattle auction.


    • Have you seen Wallis’ latest explanation (read: ‘fabrication’) for the move?

      Quote: “it is our understanding that the YMCA director received threats to his family, and to sponsors of his organization. We have heard directly from other community members that they have received threatening letters just for publicly expressing their support for the project. Fortunately, it appears that the good residents of Missouri are for the most part, refusing to be intimidated by terroristic animal rights radicals, and local bullies. They see the benefits that a well managed business can bring with good jobs, economic opportunity, and a brighter future.”

      Seriously, who writes this crap for this woman? (assuming it is actually written by someone else due to correct grammar and spelling…)


  3. If you think the grass is greener on the other side, it’s because it’s fertilized with Bull Crap!


  4. More Lies:

    In a fact sheet supplied by Sue Wallis, she stated “The animal handling facilities will be designed by Dr. Temple Grandin, a leader in animal handling systems,” but in a recent interview Dr. Grandin was shocked to learn that she had been named as a designer. “I had nothing to do with landing that site,” Dr. Grandin told an audience at Springfield, “I didn’t even know the name of that site until just now.”


  5. With Lies and deceit as their Base, the American People will clearly defeat them……………… America was built on the blood and sweat of people and horses working together in harmony and trust……………. I am so proud of Mountain Groves people for standing their ground and I am sure they will not falter ……………. Americans must all stand firm on their beliefs, we can move mountains together …………………..


    • Arlene, as always, well said and so true. We will move mountains together and the horses will be free again to be with their families. And those at auctions, will find new loving homes with care and attention to their every wishes. God’s gifts will prevail.


      • Dear Lynne, If we can see it and truly believe it , we will together achieve it, This is not just a battle for Freedom for the horses , it is a battle that is a natural American necessity, these extraordinary creatures have only their extreme attributes to offer, completely innocent and devoid of anything but gifts of bettering our lives……………………I know you and I and all here believe this is true, hence forward for this goal…………………………We not only fight for the horses but life itself, their is no progression of life without them…………………………….Nature believes this also that is why she gives to them the tools to make this happen……………………………. WE are infact truly one of the tools she gives to them……………………………….


  6. Wonderful news! A Shout Out to Mountain Grove residents and their lawyer! Hope to read that many were at the auction yard for SS’s meeting! Keep after her!


  7. I can’t even wrap my brain around the phrase “processing horses” or what they refer to as “animal handling.” Talk about faulty wiring! What is driving these pro-slaughter people? There are easier and more lucrative ways to make a living.


  8. This guy (and SS) NEVER, never lets a fact or truth get in the way of his (her) WANT!

    This has turned into a “cottage” industries for these two.

    The sad thing is that they are getting insidious, covert assistance from Berman’s and the food industry’s cretins. They are the REALLY despicable ones in this horror show.


    • I have a problem attacking appearances (although I get some of what you are saying).

      What bothers me is what is in their hearts and the corruption of their ethics and morality….and the others not in front of media or blogs that support them.


    • Golde,

      This is what I have thought all along, and where I grew up either one of these folks would be living at the bottom of a culvert somewhere or in a mine shaft. They would be ostracized out of existence in community life. People forgive a lot of short comings, but people tell it like they see it and it is pretty hard to pull the wool over anyone’s eyes. Lies, deception, and bad animal husbandry doesn’t survive because the community takes care of it. Once people are found out, they are done and shunned.

      Sue Wallis is a fluke of nature. She wouldn’t be elected to office in any county with a population of three or more in this country, but because she has been elected to office she has some authenticity to people who just know her through her personal PR network.

      Remember that United Horsemen is a front for the Public Land Council and the Nevada Cattlemen’s Association. Charlie Stenholm says that the National Cattlemen’s Beef Association also supports them, but I seriously doubt this support runs deep. Vermont has as many cows as the entire population of cows on Western public lands—think about that for a moment. I cannot imagine that state organizations that support the cattle industry really support horse slaughter. I know some of these people, and I think most of them could care less.

      The people who support Sue Wallis are the same people who want to eliminate wild horses from public lands. It may be important that this increase in roundups that we have never understood began in 2009, two years after the last horse slaughter plants closed in the U. S. Perhaps these roundups increased in a deliberate attempt to force Congress’s hand to re-open horse slaughter plants in the U. S.

      Nothing that has happened from Sue Wallis’s article in Range Magazine where she quotes Aristotle and Plato from a book of shortcuts to understanding philosophy to her having knowledge of the GAO report six months before the report was complete and issued to the public. Do we get how big this collusion is? Someone who is working with her or working with the PLC and NCA had access to this report, influenced the design of the report, and the results of the report. The report ordered by Senator Max Baucus was designed to show a relationship between two events that occurred at the same time, but are not related, i. e. the closing of domestic slaughter plants and a decline in equine welfare.

      AAEP equine welfare reports before the GAO report was published state that historically, horse welfare declines when the economy declines and improves when the economy improves. However, these reports were not cited in the GAO report. Instead 17 states’ veterinarians were pre-selected to give their impressions of equine welfare in decline. We have 50 states. Why interview only 17 states’ veterinarians. In fact, why interview states’ veterinarians at all. Why not select state reports submitted by county animal control officers or local sheriffs regarding animal seizures that have actual data.

      Senator Baucus ordered the GAO to do a report showing the relationship between the close of domestic horse slaughter facilities and the decline in equine welfare according to the American Horse Council (a group that has gone from officially pro-slaughter to officially neutral these past few months). No researcher using the scientific method we were all taught in middle school or the principles of scientific integrity ends a report based on his original hypothesis if the evidence does not support the hypothesis. That’s why we do research before we do an experiment or further action research.

      I, for one (and I know that I am not alone), am enraged about the abuse of power and the breach of public trust involved in this report. In fact, I dismissed it as ridiculous only to receive a summary of the report via email circulated by my state’s DOA making this absurd violation of reason some degree of validity. I don’t know if this report meets the standard of fraud or not, but Senator Baucus is not a freshman senator. He is chairman of the Senate Finance Committee. He holds one of THE most powerful offices in Congress. If he is working for the interests of pro-slaughter, he is one of the people whose role in this debacle must be addressed. Likewise, the President of the Senate is said to have played the leading role in adding the loathsome Burns Amendment, a rider added at the last minute to a bill sure to pass.

      I have done research on any number of subjects with a hypothesis regarding cause and effect only to find my hypothesis was seriously off the mark. I did research to become a better teacher, to understand how children learn and what happens when children fail to learn. If I had used faulty research that had been rigged before it was done, I would have come to faulty conclusions had I not been at least somewhat alert on how to evaluate what I was reading.

      Our battle for our horses is bigger than Sue Wallis and Dave Duquette. They willingly wear targets on their backs and hope they can Snowball everyone without critical thinking ability, but they are like parsley on the plate trying to dress up the meat and make some something ugly seem to be something it is not. While they wear the Bull’s Eye and need to get a hefty stock of arrows, we have to remember that in order to end this thing we have to dismantle it piece by ugly, blood-stained piece. Save some of our quiver for the big boys (and girls).


  9. I’m so glad horse slaughter is being defeated one community at a time, but I’m disappointed that it’s due to legal or practical considerations rather than the MORAL INSANITY of it.

    A hundred years ago, people who did what SW and DD are doing were called “morally insane”. Today, they’re called psychopaths.

    When you see this kind of lying and delusion, you could be seeing signs of psychopathy, which is organic brain damage that gets worse with age. SW and DD appear to be incapable of doing anything else except slaughtering animals, and if they have to lie, steal, cheat, destroy, they will.

    They will never get it. Appeals to conscience will continue to fall on deaf ears. They are delusional. They are driven to gratify themselves by controlling and destroying their victims. That’s what we’re watching unfold. If you frustrate them enough, they’ll explode.


    • Anna: I hope we can trustrate them enough so they either explode or implode. Just as long as they are NO MORE. Then we will go on to the other sobs that support harming our beautiful icons. Everyone knows that these people are crazy and may be getting crazier with every day that passes. THey don’t reason or have compassion for anyone or anything except their total greed.


  10. This Dave Duquette guy is full of himself. I was at that meeting in Mountain Grove and Dave is a flat out liar. There were probably 330 people there and lots turned away cause they were over capacity. There was one guy there speaking for the horse slaughter plant (guy that claims he owns the building it would be in) and he was lucky to escape with his life, that’s how bad everyone heckled him. You could tell by the applause given to Cynthia MacPherson and her grandson (who are against the plant) that these awful slaughterhouse people are DEFINITELY NOT wanted here in Mountain Grove or anywhere else in MO or the US.


    • Thanks Barbara.

      Knowledge is power.

      Everyone else…don’t stop paying attention. The lie that is US and international food will not quit. Be on guard….everywhere. As to Congress, vote everyone out that recognize the difference between food safety and disposal convenience. Yes, Obama seems to have a problem with that paradigm, but I’m not advocating a voting choice. Anyone know how to solve the problems of our current candidates.


      • Sorry (need more coffee)….”vote everyone out that DOESN’T recognize the difference between….”.

        Geesh! I must be having a Doink and SS moment.


      • Denise, yes it’s important that we all keep after these awful people. As to politicians, yes we need to vote OUT all the people who are being influeced by big money to resume horse slaughter. I’ve been a Democrat since about 1965 and helped to vote Obama in, but if Washington doesn’tt come around and pay attention to those against horse slaughter, guess I’ll become a Republican. Although don’t know if that’s the answer cause 2 of the congreeemen who slipped horse slaughter thru again were Republican (Roy Blunt of MO and Jack Kingston of GA). We need to go back to being proud of this country and not turning it into a third world country.


  11. LOL LOVE IT!!!!! Stupid is what stupid does!!!!!! united lairs -full of bull poop LLC should be their new name!!!! LOL

    HIGH 5 Mr. Fitch and to all the MO residents!!!!





    • Todd, glad to hear your comments. It’s good to know that so many people are as passionate about preventing horse slaughter as I am. I plan to go after everyone that is pro-slaughter until horse slaughter is totally banned in the US and anyone is banned from shipping horses to slaughter in Mexico or Canada. There was to be another meeting in Mountain Grove MO on 3/12 to hear the pro-slaughter people speak, but it was cancelled or postponed. That doesn’t mean that we can now let up on these people. No one should be happy until they are banished from the US. For anyone interested in the Mountain Grove MO people who are against this slaughterhouse, go to facebook and search Community Preservation Project. It’s run by Cynthia MacPherson who is a Mt. Grove attorney. She is spearheading this movement and spoke for us at the 3/6 Mountain Grove meeting.


  12. I was at the City Council Meeting in Mt. Grove on Mar. 6th, 2012. As far as I could see there were “no” supporters of the Slaughter Plant in that room. It was “standing room” only when I arrived. The police were there & I’m sure there were lots of people turned away at the door. There simply was not enough room for anyone else to come in. Roger Lindsey, president of the Twin Cities board was booed by a lot of the towns people and I heard some tell him to get the hell outta our town. His speach angered a lot of people. Everyone in that room was told that they would be escorted out by the police if they were not quiet while Mr. Lindsey spoke. That didn’t seem to make much of a difference to a lot of our older Mt.Grove citizens. Local Mt. Grove Attorney Cynthia McPhearson got a lot of support when she presented her speach on “Why We Do Not Want A Horse Slaughter Plant” in our community. There are a lot of “horse lovers” in Mt.Grove, Missouri. I for one “OPPOSE” this type of business from moving into our town or anywhere else in the USA for that matter. Slaughtering horses is “in-humane, cruel, senceless & just plain wrong.” This is not about creating jobs for our community. This is about the “almighty dollar that this Corporation stands to make by slaughtering thousands of horses.” Sue Wallis “WE DO NOT WANT YOUR SLAUGHTER PLANT IN MISSOURI!!!” That’s the message I want to send out to her & anyone else that supports the slaughter of one of God’s most beautiful creations. Horses are not for human consumption. I want to see the end of “Horse Slaughter Plants” in this country & that’s all I have to say. Lila F Spence.


    • Lila, yes I was there too and was threatened with being thrown out to which I replied that if I had to listen to this PRO slaughter guy much longer, I didn’t want to stay there. Guess the pro slaughter meeting is still Mar 12 but changed from YMCA to Wright Co. Stockyards cause the YMCA didn’t want those awful people at their place. Cynthia MacPherson (on Facebook: Community Preservation Project) said she wouldn’t be at the Mar 12 meeting cause she didn’t want to see a lot of people there. She had previously mentioned on the FB page that someone from Mt. Grove was going to apply for a permit to picket, but haven’t heard anything else bout it so far. I also saw somewhere yesterday that someone is trying to open a horse slaughter plant in the state of Washington. The reply I got from when I complained to Pres. Obama about his signing the bill that allowed horse slaughter again was a very generic 2 letters basically stating that no one would probably try to open a plant anyway. BULL. We’re fighting here in MO and now will probably have to fight in state of Washington. Just for everyone’s info, just 3 congressmen pushed this bill thru. They were Herb Kohl (D-WI), Roy Blunt (R-MO) and Jack Kingston (R-GA). If you live in their states, give them Hell!


  13. Many blessings to the people of Mountain Grove. The are representing our country, and what the people of our country want.

    Sure, people want jobs. People need jobs. However, no community would welcome a new Mafia family or a new cartel which is exactly what the horse slaughter business is all about. it is an industry based on suffering. The American people understand this even if Congress doesn’t.

    Horse slaughter is in the same business class as drug dealing, sex trafficking, pornography, et al and the same predatory, weak minded people get into it. You can’t study this issue and come to any other conclusion.


  14. A final thought for now. If we ever doubt the strength of HSUS we need only to understand how well organized the people are who want to bring HSUS down. These are the people who are behind horse slaughter, puppy mills, and the absence of animal husbandry practiced on factory farms. The fact that they are so hyper focused on HSUS tells us far more than they want us to know, and also lets us know that HSUS is working in ways that we do not always recognize.

    This does not minimize the support we are receiving from ASPCEA in so many ways or IDEA’s support in court, advocacy, or rescues. It simply means that for animal misusers and abusers, HSUS is the head they see above the crowd.


    • The anti HSUS are what is behind the deregulation of humane human behavior with regard to nonhumans AND humans….like food safety. Food safety is the final line in the sand….and they kick that too.


      • You are so right Denise. The further I get into this and the more research I do, the worse it gets.

        And what is more, the public knows it. I know a number of people in my community buy meat and produce from a network of local farmers—not even from the farmer’s market. They drive to the farms and pick the food up there. They pay more, but they deeply distrust the federal level of USDA. There is more confidence in the local farmers because we have good ag (some bad ones, but they get discovered and revealed albeit slowly) people in the area.

        It is poetic justice that the issue of horse slaughter is shining a bright light on the meat industry. Sue’s argument that if we can’t slaughter horses, we won’t be able to slaughter cows, pigs, and so forth may turn out to be one of the biggest slippery slopes to ever backfire. Use the word horse and slaughter in the same sentence, and the uninitiated shutter.

        You are so right. A Congressional report last week revealed what doctors have known for a while,,,that part of the drug resistance to antibiotics is the result of immunity built up through consumption of meat with antibiotic residues in it. Talk about a lack of foresight or not caring about humans…

        I don’t get it. I thought we had a government that was supposed to prevent human suffering through protecting its people. Instead, we have a government that actively promotes practices that increase the risk of human suffering both here and abroad.

        More to come about this….I am not political either, but after all I have learned about how government works and doesn’t because of the BLM’s wild horse and burro non-management program and how the forces of a minute few can bend our lawmakers such that the will or the people and the morals of a nation are so perverted, well…it has changed me from someone who trusted blindly to an eyes wide open kind of person.


      • hoofhugs….We got ’em….and they know it. And they freaking hate us. THEY HAVE DRAWN A LINE IN THE SAND BECAUSE HCHS IS MORE ABOUT CALLING THEM INTO ACCOUNT ABOUT ALL FOOD….not just equines.

        Maybe HCHS is the line in the sand for corporate Ag. I am rereading Pollan’s books and it is sad what they have done to the Congress, USDA, FDA, etc (lobbyists…not Pollan).

        America, human nation?….we have a problem and it ain’t Houston or outerspace.


    • The people who want to bring down the HSUS is Big Ag. You see if you start shutting down puppy mills for cruelty, next thing is you’ll demand bigger cages and more humane treatment of chickens and pigs etc. And that is not good for Big Ag. That is why you will hear the exact same lines slandering the HSUS coming out of every ag community and lots of farmers. And I would not be surprised if that is who is funding lobbyist RIck Berman and his phony HumaneWatch group. It is also why I go insane whenever I hear an “animal” person slam the HSUS with these same propaganda lines Berman made up and why I will never let one go by without commenting. HSUS is also very well organized, well respected and have a strong lobbying arm to counter Goliath, as best they can anyway. Which is why Big Ag is now pushing for the Ag-Gag laws to stop HSUS and others from exposing what goes on in industrial farm operations.


      • These Ag Gag laws would also cover horse slaughter operations. Anyone trying to see if they are actually “Temple Grandin humane” lol, would face criminal charges.


  15. The President by AUTOPEN….doesn’t that seem strange?

    The Washington Times
    Wednesday, November 30, 2011
    Mr. Obama signed the spending bill by autopen Nov. 18. He was traveling in Asia at the time the bill was presented to him, so he used the automated signature machine for the second time in his presidency.


  16. Support the Rural Economic Vitalization Act or REVA, H.R. 3424 sponsored by Washington Representative Adam Smith. It is program providing incentives to public lands ranchers to voluntarily retire their grazing permits.

    If we want our wild horses to roam safely without fear of being shot on public lands or siphoned out of their herd areas by unscrupulous ranchers of their cohorts in crime, we need to do everything possible to reduce public lands grazing.

    There is a reason they want horse slaughter plants to reopen in the U. S. It is a sinister reason, and everything we know about the history of the relationship between public lands ranchers and wild horses supports it including the whacky numbers the BLM posts that don’t correlate with the reality of the range.

    What does it mean if those bizarre numbers are real? We know horses don’t reproduce like rabbits even if the BLM and GAO don’t, but if there are 200 horses on a range for a census when their could only be 100 (if even the stallions gave birth)—what would it mean if there were really 200 horses grazing that range? These numbers are, of course, hypothetical but if you have been following this story, you may know what I am referring to.

    Suppose, just suppose, that these ranchers have lost a significant source of easy income. Suppose, just suppose, these these ranchers refer to our wild horses as feral because a few ranchers have bred their domestic horses to wild mares, have bred herds sold for meat—prime meat sold in the finest restaurants? Suppose, just suppose, that flier that the Europeans had with our horses portrayed as if they were raised like wild mustangs, just suppose it was not full of lies but represented what might be going on across Wyoming, Nevada, and Montana.

    Something is going on that the BLM doesn’t want us to see. Something is going on on private ranches situated next to public lands. Whatever it is it is worth a law suit that will likely go to the Supreme Court, and it is worth risking Director Abbey’s career and the public standing of the Falens—Charlie Stenholm says it is hard to find someone you can pay to talk in public about horse slaughter…What is so big and so important that so many people would risk their good name and public standing to get heinous horse slaughter plants reopened in the U. S.?


    • hoofhugs…we already know about “something” going on about BLM (actually, it’s about all public lands holders).

      btw…bad things went on with leasees and the government for quite some time….ask the Native Americans.


  17. THIS is what Department of Interior/BLM doesn’t want you to see.
    Look at ALL of the pictures and read the captions.


    Convict cowboys train horses, seek redemption at Nevada camp
    Las Vegas Review-Journal
    Inmates Terry Malkus, left, and Alisandro Barajas work with their horses at the Stewart Conservation Camp in Carson City. » Buy this photo German Lechuga takes time out from breaking horses at the conservation camp. Wild horses run around in a paddock …
    See all stories on this topic »


  18. When you click on to the pictures, slide the arrow up to the top and view the caption. That will explain the picture. Be certain to view ALL of the pictures. There were NO comments on this story,


  19. I love the phrases you used in your piece Quote “Americas favorite large companion animals and they are American Icons”. That is so very true they have done so much for us and are still doing everything we want them to do:) Thank so much for helping them fight the fights as they have no voice only us that love them so much:) Cudos R.T.


  20. I sure liked this quote from Sen. James Inhofe, R- Oklahoma, and his logic pertains to this issue, as well:
    In an interview with KWTV News 9, the senator stated, “If you don’t have logic on your side, and you don’t have the truth on your side, you don’t have the science on your side, and you don’t have the votes on your side, all you can do is call names.”

    The senator said, “If the real nasty names come out, I’ve won the fight.”


      • I don’t know anything about his stance on Horse slaughter. This was an interview replying to Kennedy, (who called him a prostitute) about the oil industry, and I liked the quote.


  21. If you want to protect the horse ,you must know more horseman, come to equinemingle{c,o?m}.Here are more horseman and more storys.


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