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BLM Sent Reeling in CO Wild Horse Law Suit

(The News as We See It) by R.T. Fitch

BLM: “New York City?”

HOUSTON  (SFTHH) – Joining with the ASPCA, HfHAC filed a well planned and thought out law suit seeking to stop the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) from stampeding a herd of Colorado wild horses into oblivion.  The catch; the suit was filed in New York and the action has made the BLM’s head spin.

The suit was filed on the eve of the past holiday weekend and once the three day weekend had expired the BLM ran into court and attempted to do everything within its power to get the case moved out of New York.

The ASPCA has a 140-year history of protecting horses and other animals in New York and across the country, has filed the suit in NY because of the interest of all Americans in the plight of iconic wild horses and burros.  But it is obvious that the BLM will do anything to avoid the objective review of a new judge and wants to run back to Colorado or D.C. to have the case tried there.

Unfortunately for the horses that the suit sought to protect the BLM has, once again, thumbed its nose at the will of the American people and courts and commenced to inhumanly stampede the horses into traps on October the 11th.

Although a positive sign, for plaintiffs Habitat for Horses, ASPCA and the Cloud Foundation, that the judge did not grant the BLM’s request and there will be  arguments heard on the case’s venue next week, the horses are still forced to bear the potentially deadly brunt of the rouge BLM’s cruelty.

“I am deeply saddened that the Colorado herd is forced to endure this inhumane and unconscionable treatment,” stated Jerry Finch, President of plaintiff HfH, “Our only recourse for relief is to stand strong in this court.”

R.T. Fitch, author and volunteer Executive Director of co-funding HfH Advisory Council was encouraged by the New York Judge’s decision to hear arguments on the location of the suit and impending hearing.

“The judge has clearly studied our case and understands the issues,” said Fitch, “Although the horses are currently being tormented by the BLM our suit states that they cannot be removed from their rightful land and that they must be released. I am confident that the judge will enforce this complaint.”

Bruce Wagman, plaintiff’s legal Team Lead, added ,” HfHAC/ASPCA filed in NY according to solid law that allows them to do just  that, but the BLM, in an effort to delay the court’s resolution of the issue and continue the gather unhindered, has thrown a procedural issue at the court, expecting the delay to last long enough for them to capture the horses.  But we will not give up!”

This action is co-funded by HfH Advisory Council and the ASPCA. A suit filed two weeks ago to protect the nearby West Douglas wild horse herd has so far resulted in a one-year postponement of that “zeroing out action.” The case remains in court.

HfH Advisory CouncilHabitat for Horses, ASPCA, The Cloud Foundation, and over 200 other organizations and tens of thousands of members of the public continue to call for an immediate moratorium on BLM wild horse and burro roundups. To date the BLM has not changed course and plans to roundup and remove a total of 3,295 wild horses and burros before the end of the year. Currently, nearly 40,000 wild horses and burros are held in pens and pastures at taxpayer expense.

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  1. Stand Firm NY!!!!! I am from there and I am backing all those efforts to stop this cruel and inhumane thing the BLM is doing to these poor animals.


  2. Good news and a good strategy. Sure hope the case stays in this venue and there will be REAL sunlight on the issue. Many thanks to everyone involved.


  3. I hope this gets coverage in the NY papers. Perhaps NY Times would like to do a followup story? I like the positive feelings on this judge. God speed ASPCA & HfH.


  4. Bravo! Go get the buggers and save the horses. I don’t understand how the BLM can keep abusing these animals and get away with it under the government’s eyes. Go ASPCA and HFH. Godspeed to this journey.


  5. Godspeed to New York with the Group Law Suit , I know they will get what is needed for the Wild Mustangs done BRAVO NEW YORK………………………All of America is with you for the Wild Mustangs…………….. BRAVO ASPCA AND HFH……..


  6. Well, finally we fight as dirty as they do. The BLM is nothing but a bunch of dirty horse dealers and it’s really high time that they be accountable for their illegal activities.

    I love that we filed after a holiday weekend, just like they work on holiday weekends as they did Labor Day 2009, when they rounded up Cloud’s herd. And all the money they spent to do that over a holiday weekend just so the public could do nothing. Mega overtime that “we the people” paid for.

    They should all be put in jail!


  7. Go for it RT and Company. This sounds a little sticky… hope they will release horses if they have been capturing them. I had heard they were taking 140 that were supposedly ‘off HMA’ and will all of them by today. Up there that can mean an open gate or pre gather move… but the BLM is getting arrogant over these horses. When herds have been in place since the birth of this nation it is incredulous that they cannot be surviving pretty darn well now. mar


    • I’m in NYC, I’m hoping that I can attend. I’m also going to contact the ASPCA and see if they need any volunteers for this.


  8. The fact that the judge seems to be listening is already a step in the right direction … fingers crossed. Maybe this will save some of the horses in the future, though it won’t bring back the ones who have suffered or been separated from families.


    • He Sure is Simone.. and Kirsten Gillabrand.. NY venue is a good thing, if they don’t step in and hijack this one in the end. Who ‘s the Law Firm?


  9. Go get em R.T., & your wild horse posse!! You have the people of America on your side! Way to go ASPCA & HfH, & New York!! The voices for our wild horses is growing by leaps & bounds, all over the world!! 🙂


  10. White House comment line—202-456-1111–MORATORIUM ON ALL ROUND-UPS

    Senator Dianne Feinstein, Chair of the Senate Interior Appropriations Subcommittee
    (202) 224-3841.
    Representative Dave Obey, Chair of the House Appropriations Committee
    Phone: (202) 225-3365.


  11. I hope the NY Judge also seeks animal cruelity toward the BLM and those involved for the torture and hell these horse have or had to go thru and for the unnessary deaths that most of the Mustangs had to endure. Animals has rights also! There is a law against animal cruelity and it doesn’t matter who commits the crime it be BLM, workers for the BLM, civilian etc. If you commit the crime you pay! GO NY!


  12. This is great and a change of venue is what I had suspected! Our posistion is not being fairly considered out here in the west..too much politics in political appointed federal judges..High hopes for “ringing the bell of freedom” on this one..Hope it sets a roadmap for others to follow..Lets follow this with a big someone every day who has the power to make a difference!


  13. Let’s stand firm to save these animals. Please continue to sue and stand firm against these idiots, who must get great joy in seeing these animals suffer. We must stand jointly together to stop this madness.


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