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Obama’s BLM Holds Onto Expired Board Members

Story by Steven Long ~ Author/Publisher of Horseback Magazine

BLM Flips Off Public, AGAIN!

BLM's Bob Abbey, "Take this AGAIN, America!"

HOUSTON, (Horseback) – The federal Bureau of Land Management (BLM)  has extended the expired terms of three long gone outgoing trustees of the BLM’s Wild Horse and Burro Advisory Board. The board members continue to serve.

“The outgoing members terms expired on June 14, 2010.  These terms have been temporarily extended until new nominees are appointed, “ said BLM national spokesman Tom Gorey.  Each of the hold over trustees represents an area of the agency’s interest. They are:

Ms. Renee Taylor – Livestock Management

Dr. Vernon D.  Dooley – Wild Horse and Burro Management

Dr. J. Wayne Burkhardt – Natural Resources Management

All oversee areas that are in the direct line of fire of wild horse advocates critical of the agency’s massive roundups which some say will eventually cause the North American Mustang to become extinct.

“The nominations for the three positions are currently with the Director, who is reviewing them,” Gorey said. “Once he makes his choices, they go to the Interior Secretary for his review.  Once the Interior Secretary approves, the selections go to the Agriculture Secretary for his review.  Once the Agriculture Secretary signs off, the nominees can take their positions.”

Gorey told Horseback Magazine that BLM Director Bob Abbey has already named the prospective replacement board members but refused to make them public. Asked if the secretive bureau was hiding the identity of its appointees, an official in Abbey’s office said the names are being kept secret, not by law, but through BLM Policy.


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  1. This country has all the underpinnings of the Soviet Union before the fall. The above piece echoing the incredible political corruption of it’s overblown bureacracies. They will be their own undoing.


  2. Well, since it will take all of that bureaucracy to get the new appointees into their position, I would say… another year or so.. Next, since Ken Salazar has to approve, it will be more of the same corruption. We need to clean house, and start all over.. This bureaucracy is so corrupt and evil. Doing, their own investigation into their absurd round ups is just laughable. Not to mention, the $10,000 that they have offered for any information on who shoot the Mare? Nobody, has/is allowed within 1.5 ml of the round-ups and their pens. Who else could have, would have the motivation, or opportunity to shoot the Mare in the leg? America is watching. I’m betting, we will see a lot more corruption, and blantant lies, by this dept, headed up by Ken Salazar before it is all over. Praying that these ppl go to Prison, with the rest of the Crooks… One can dream, can’t they? THEY SHOOT HORSES, DON’T THEY?


  3. Awesome point Brenda , if no one is allowed within 1.5 miles , should be a walk in the park to figure out who shot her……………..These are all ploys to waste time !!!! Bob Abbey is great at that , a master !!!! TOO bad he doesnt it where it counts for the Mustangs ……………… I am sure his rude awakening will arrive soon…………..


    • Yes but my thought was that the only time they abide by the law is when it works their way, otherwise they can just write a policy that lets them do whatever they want! WO


  4. This is a perfect example of a deeply entrenched, self-perpetuating and corrupt federal bureaucracy that does not have to answer directly to the voters. It must be close to being the epitome of the infamous “good ol’ boy” (including one good ol’ girl in this case) syndrome that has afflicted our system of government for far too long. To paraphrase Brenda, there is a lot of overdue house cleaning to be done.

    But on the other hand maybe they are being kept in place due to their irreplaceable knowledge and expertise on managing equine resources for the best benefit of the horses and burros and I am kind of surprised that Abbey didn’t make that claim. Hasn’t that been the goal of the BLM all along? Mr. Abbey and Mr. Salazar would be glad to reassure everyone of that through the official spokseman mouth of Mr. Gordy.

    I suggested on here from the first day the report of that mare being shot that it was probably done by an insider and the so-called “investigation” of the incident would be used as a smoke screen to distract the public from what is really going on, and as an excuse to keep outside observers a “safe” distance away. Even if they are looking into it, which I seriously doubt because no one there really cares, we will probably never know the results. The report said she was hit in the shoulder, I think it was intended to kill her on the spot although it appears so senseless that even my cynical mind can’t imagine why anyone would do that. Then when she made it into the trap and had to be put down, they had to concoct some kind of story. Given the access controlled circumstances out there, who else but an insider would have had the opportunity to be out there with a firearm?


    • Of Course, someone on the inside shot her !!! Public allowed only at 1.5 miles, The BLM is heinous , everything with them is strategically planned for their own benefit , on that you can count…………… I wonder when the rats will leave the sinking ship ???? They are oh so busted now !!!!! They are a Huge Fail there is no doubt……………


  5. The response I received from the BLM regarding their procedures were a smack in the face, the BLM said the law requires them to round up the horses due to overpopulation and if we don’t like the law, we need to ask congress to change it. They also said that Mr Salazar is a caring person, which makes it obvious that those employed by the BLM are in their own little world…nice how we get to foot the bill for their paychecks, I am not sure about you guys but I did not sign on to pay these ignorant people….something stinks here!


    • Writing to them has developed into nothing more than sending them an invitation to slap your face and insult your intelligence with their transparent lies.


    • Remember that through the Department of the Interior, BLM manages the largest area of land upon the Earth and is not a governing body???? Ah, but they have delusions of grandeur and they do see themselves as the the governing body!! They are only as strong as congress and Obama allow them to be… which so far has been very scary. mar


  6. Mr. Salazar is a caring person as long as it benefits him financially or with power. He has no use for wild horses and burros nor us peasants who pay the taxes that keep this corrupt agency going. He should have been removed after the BP oil spill.


  7. This country, &, our government are in a sad state. Things like this only proves the point more. Our government is out of control & broken. Her citizens & animals, wild & domestic, are paying for it. Obama obviously, has no control, he’s like a puppet, doing the bidding of others more influential. America’s war on wildlife, including our North American wild Mustang, wolves, bison, & others, it’s unemployment, recession, uninsured, huge debts, sending jobs & businesses overseas, total disregard for humans, or, the companion pets that depend on us, the list goes on. Things will only get worse, unless WE get these incompetent, uncaring, unfeeling fools OUT!!


  8. Quotes of note:
    #1 BLM ” There is no law we won’t break;no right we will not violate to make a profit”.
    #2 “When injustice becomes law, resistance becomes duty.”


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