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Las Vegas Police Investigating Allegations of Battery at Summit

Story by Steven Long ~ Author and Publisher of Horseback Magazine

Wallis now under investigation in multiple states

Alleged attacker Wyoming State Rep. Sue Wallis at her troubled gathering

HOUSTON, (Horseback) – A spokesman for the Las Vegas Police Department confirmed Friday that it had accepted a complaint of battery from an Arizona wild horse advocate against Wyoming State. Rep. Sue Wallis. The investigation is active, a police spokesman said.

Simone Netherlands also said she plans to file a civil suit against Wallis and has hired Nevada attorney Matthiew Callister who did not return calls from Horseback Magazine.

Wallis is under investigation by a Wyoming district attorney after a complaint was referred by the state’s attorney general. The allegations are of alleged self dealing and ethics violations. An ethics complaint has also been filed against the Recluse, Wyoming Republican with the state legislature.

Wallis is alleged to have physically removed Simone Netherlands from “The Summit of the Horse” event at the South Point Hotel and Casino.

“My arm is now in a sling,” Netherlands told said.

The incident occurred during a speech by renowned animal behaviorist and slaughter expert Dr. Temple Grandin, Wallis allegedly charged the credentialed journalist who says her arm is healing from a horse accident. The arm has nine pins that were inserted during orthopedic surgery four weeks ago. Netherlands underwent treatment and had x-rays at a Las Vegas hospital.

“The pins didn’t move,” Netherlands said, “but there may have been movement of the bone.”

The police spokesman said that if charges against Wallis are prepared it would be a low level misdemeanor.

Netherlands operates Respect 4 Horses, an Arizona rescue.

Speaking to Horseback Online from a Las Vegas hospital emergency room immediately after the Wednesday afternoon incident, Netherlands said she had every right to be at the meeting which organizers had proclaimed to be open members of the horse industry and bona fide press.

“I had a press pass. I’m a producer of the “Meet America” series aired in Santa Barbara. They were true press credentials,” Netherlands said. “It’s a public station. We broadcast all kinds of good horse stuff from there.”

The credential was issued to Netherlands by the Summit of the Horse and her employer.

Wallis was apparently angered by statements Netherland’s made during a news conference Tuesday when the Arizona woman attacked alleged misstatements about horse processing made by Summit organizers and speakers. The comments were aired on a Las Vegas TV newscast by Emmy Award winning broadcast journalist George Knapp.

When Netherlands entered the room to cover Grandin’s speech, the Recluse, Wyoming politician allegedly exploded. Attendees had to be passed over by a hand held metal detector to enter the room. Netherlands had just gone through the device and had walked 15 feet into the conference to take her seat when Wallis approached.

No violent incidents by equine welfare advocates have ever been reported to Horseback Magazine.

Netherlands described the incident.

Injured Equine Advocate Simone Netherlands

“Sue Wallis came storming at me, she grabbed both of my arms and she immediately started pushing me out while she’s saying things like ‘You misrepresented yourself, you’re not with the press, I saw you on TV last night,’ she was like really screaming.”

“I said, Ow!” Netherlands continued. “I said, ‘Ow! Please don’t touch me, but she just kind of shoved me backwards out of the conference room. When we were all the way out she finally stopped touching me.”

“I said, excuse me, I’ve got press credentials, will you please check them out?”

She said, ‘Well, I’m taking it away. I don’t want you here and they are going to escort you off the property.”

Wallis did not call hotel security to professionally remove the woman until after the incident when Netherlands was in a hallway outside the meeting room.

Hotel security arrived and Netherlands protested being removed from the conference.

“What did I do, I didn’t disturb anyone, I basically went into the conference, I was there all day yesterday,” Netherlands told Horseback. “They told me ‘This is private property and we can escort you out for any reason, even if we don’t like your face.”

Las Vegas police were called to the scene and took a statement from Netherlands. She later filed her formal complaint at the Las Vegas Police’ Stewart substation.

Netherlands complained that she was in pain as she awaited the results of an X-ray that had just been taken at the hospital.

Hotel management was unaware of the incident when contacted by Horseback Online Wednesday evening.

Netherlands called the Las Vegas police who took a report from her but would not accept charges against Wallis after reviewing a video of the incident, telling Netherlands they didn’t believe Wallis intended to hurt her.

The sparsely attended conference was billed as a national convention of the horse industry aimed to get the equine business back on track after a severe economic slump. Thus far it is been primarily an effort to again open horse meat slaughterhouses for human consumption. The nation’s three abattoirs were closed in 2008 after the courts found state laws making them illegal were constitutional.

Recent surveys show nine out of ten Americans are opposed to the killing of horses for food, up from 70 percent in previous surveys.

Wallis has still made no comment regarding the incident after a Horseback request for her side of the story.

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  1. I hope that the charges stick with Sue Wallas over Simone’s assault. It may have not been malicious, but, the intent was there. This woman smells of corruption. I pray that the allegations submitted to the General Attorney’s office are confirmed and presecution with her removal from office are speedy and swift.


  2. You know what really perplexes me besides Poor Simone getting attacked by SS , that if the tables were turned and this was a an Summit put on by us and this happened , they would have thrown the whole room in jail……………………..Heres innocent Simone just listening she gets attacked and what should have happened is SS should have been arrested on the spot……………………………………She caused the commotion, what ever happened to correct procedure, SS should have had someone else Security check her credentials, and then it could have been decided whether or not she could attend………………….. This is outrageous to say the least.


    • She wasn’t thrown out for not having proper credentials. She had proper press credentials and was thrown out for being on the wrong side (In SS opinion) of the issue. I think this is a first amendment issue along with the assault.

      The summit proved that this group had political motivations and was never intended to be strictly educational. They should loose their 501(c)(3) status.


  3. Simone, I hope you recover from this horrible attack from SS. THis woman, did I say woman, is a nut. I hope all ethics charges by the Wyoming district attorney is proven and this horrible person is removed from office. She is only out for herself. As I old saying goes, “I wish she burns in hell.”


  4. Taking out one’s hostility on anyone reflects personal problems and volatile behavior. Is Wallis living her life with a chip on her shoulder, constantly daring anyoe to try to knock it off ? She would find fault in paradise and is her own worst enemy. Poised to fight and ready to pounce, whether it’s verbally or now physically.
    Open table discussions are too threatening and the volcano erupted and lava was spewing – why ? Because some who do not share the same vision attend ?
    What’s there to hide ? Maybe that the widely advertised Summit for American horse folks will reveal that most Americans do not agree with horse slaughter ? Maybe that the egomaniacal and ostentatious intent of the pro-slaughter will leak to the main stream media as the egocentric and revolting quintessence of profit driven agendas ? The finicky selection process of attendees mirrors the dogmatic attitude of it’s either “our way or the highway”… the brittle moral framework of fanatics, hypocrites who can’t put their best foot forward without stepping on someone’s toe.


    • Totally agree!!! you go Girl!!! We need to let the press in on this horrible torture of our beloved horses they never were meant for consumption only cleft hoofed animals like cows and sheep pigs etc




  6. Sue is reporting over a thousand people watched on-line..what she failed to mention was that most of the watchers were us, as no one wanted to put money in her pocket for a 3 day gag fest..every time she sens out a press release the numbers have gone up..pathological liars can’t remember the last lie they told


    • Dear Sandra I keep getting emails from SS also about thee attendance , that keeps going up in numbers…………… She is also asking for people to join her ……………..Should should have stated how many were advocates for The Wild Mustangs and the horses……………………..


  7. In all of Sues press releases prior to the start of this her frothing at the mouth over advocates showing up to her gag fest was paramount on her mind..I think you can show a pattern building of a loss of self control on her part on the anger displayed in those releases..that do show “intent” to do harm, and simone was the first person she could get her hands on..Temple and Abbey fueled the fire as well as Blue Thunder..when they rejected her the volcano just cut loose


  8. I highly doubt that the good ol’ boys of Clark County Nevada are going to do anything with this. Simone on the other hand does have her legal remedy via civil action in addition to the possible criminal. Keeping SS busy with legal action should tax her resources (unless her real money supporters step in to help her). Wanna bet she gets someone to start a legal defense fund for her if charges or a civil complaint is filed?????

    Oh goody! Another mystery slush fund for SS….priceless; maybe more trucks or will they raffle a horse off to slaughter for somebody?.

    I wish Simone a speedy recovery…gettin’ that multi-pinned arm yanked must have really hurt. Security and the local leos on this were wrong to allow SS to touch ANYBODY!


  9. Slaughter House Sue is deranged bully who is used to preying on defenseless horses.
    We all know how she wants to treat them ! I call this assault , how dare she lay her hands on Simone !


    • YES!!! Sheri we need to get this in the news across the WORLD!! not just in Vegas this butchering of our beautiful horses must STOP NOW!!


  10. Filter has me hanging again….

    What I said was I don’t expect anything from the investigation. There may be some hope civil/tort law.

    I’m sad that Simone got manhandled. The security people didn’t do the right thing in the first place. I hope she can heal swiftly and wholey.

    I hope the equines, wild and domestic will find some peace. Bland enough for you Mr/Ms Filter?


  11. Sue Wallis is insane , anyone that eats horse meat is insane…she is going to grab the wrong person one of these days and find her fat ass on the floor…if she ever touched me as she did Simone, I would have flattened her fat butt…she needs to be removed from office, this is such a joke all the lies that she is telling. Makes me sick.
    Simone I hope that you continue to go after Sue, she needs to be in jail.


    • I don’t think she is insane…I wish, It would make this situation so much simpler.

      But those thighs! Yikes! That is one big female human. I’m overweight and weight shouldn’t be what makes them right or wrong…but man!…OK, enough about physical appearance. It is her behavior that makes her appearance unpleasant.

      I’m so saddened by what happened to those in Arizona….more sick.


  12. Since this attack I was “assaulted” at work yesterday. The person involved may not have meant any harm but grabbing the door when I went to open it for her and literally ripping it out of my arms has my bad arm aching today. But then its kinda one of those half wet/half stormy days (you know the kind–when the weather can’t decide if it wants to actually rain or not).

    I am really into the idea of keeping your paws off. This “war” is about the rights of the horses. We may not like the opposition or their methods but we need to be bigger than them and keep our hands off.

    For those who want to turn this physical go play in someone else’s sandbox. There is no excuse to hit someone, grab someone, or pull on people. SS could have gone to Simone and demanded she leave (verbal) and then gone and got hotel security. That would have been appropriate. But grabbing on her just healing arm–any setback in her recovery could possibly be attributed to SS.

    It’s very simple really. Just like we “adults” keep our hands off of kids–we need to model our behavior for them. This means we set the example. I mean what kind of example is SS setting when she grabs someone.


  13. Is the entire state of Nevada corrupt? It looks that way. The police saying they didn’t believe SS intended to do any harm has no relevance. Even “touching” someone can be considered ASSAULT let alone pushing her backwards and out of the room. I was married to a former police officer and remember well him stating “even touching someone IS CONSIDERED ASSAULT. No one has the right to put their hands on another persons body. I think the Vegas police either need a refresher course about what is considered assault or something else is going on here. Imagine if someone pushed Barry Soetoro aka Barack Obama. I can guarantee they would be in jail and look forward to many talks etc. with the Secret Service.
    My sympathies to Simone. Hope your arm is healing inspite of that huge, disgusting weasel pushing you.


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