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Experts Urge BLM to Halt Massive Arizona Burro Roundup in High Desert Heat

As the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) prepares to launch a massive burro roundup next week in the lower Sonora Desert, where temperatures are expected to exceed 100 degrees, the American Wild Horse Preservation Campaign (AWHPC), a coalition of more than 50 organizations, is calling on the BLM to postpone the helicopter stampede and capture operation until Fall, when temperatures will be lower. In a letter to the BLM, the AWHPC cited the opinions of leading scientists and humane experts, who stated definitively that wild burros and wild horses should not be rounded up by helicopters in temperatures above 90 degrees.

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The Kentucky Derby: The Ultimate Blood Sport?

In 2007 the world was appropriately outraged when Michael Vick, an NFL superstar, was convicted of running an illegal dog-fighting ring. Dog fighting is widely considered the sport of thugs, and perpetrators are rightly rounded up and imprisoned. Americans have a somewhat different opinion of the “sport of kings,” however: Last year some 14.54 million people tuned in to what they did not realize were two of the most brutal minutes in television.

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Pasture to Plate: Congressional Christmas Gift to the U.S.

“Warning – this report and associated videos included are graphic in nature. This Canadian Horse Slaughter Plant has been touted as the most humane plant in the world. It is what several rouge politicians and big AG lobbyists want to see on U.S. soil as they brainwash the American public. Lies, corruption, falsified paperwork and blatant inhumanity surround the predatory business of horse slaughter and there has been, is not nor never will be anything “humane” about it. We are smarter than this and better than than this. This brand of cruelty cannot be allowed back onto U.S. soil. The sold-out politicians have to go. Again, proceed at your own risk!” ~ R.T.

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