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Report from Canadian Horse Defence Coalition

Temple Grandin “Humane” Slaughter Plant is Anything But

Warning – this report and associated videos included are graphic in nature.  This Canadian Horse Slaughter Plant has been touted as the most humane plant in the world.  It is what several rouge politicians and big AG lobbyists want to see on U.S. soil as they brainwash the American public.  Lies, corruption, falsified paperwork and blatant inhumanity surround the predatory business of horse slaughter and there has been, is not nor never will be anything “humane” about it.  We are smarter than this and better than than this.  This brand of cruelty cannot be allowed back onto U.S. soil.  The sold-out politicians have to goAgain, proceed at your own risk!” ~ R.T.

The True Cost of Canada’s Horsemeat Industry

The Canadian Horse Defence Coalition (CHDC) presents a fourth investigation documenting inhumane horse slaughter at a Canadian slaughterhouse and provides compelling evidence that the much touted Equine Identification Document (EID) program put forward by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) invites fraud.

Despite past reassurances from the CFIA and industry that horse slaughter plant conditions would be improved, this investigation demonstrates that yet a fourth Canadian slaughterhouse is in violation of humane slaughter regulations.

The CHDC has once again received undercover footage – this time from Les Viandes de la Petite-Nation, Inc., in St. Andre-Avellin, Qubec.

The footage was captured on July 13th and 14th of 2011 and was sent anonymously to the CHDC.

Those of us who have examined the video have been shocked and sickened by what we’ve viewed.  We consulted Dr. Nicholas Dodman, an expert in animal behaviour and anesthesiology at Tufts Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine.  Dr. Dodman had this to say: “…my final conclusion, after reviewing 150-plus horse slaughters in this series of videos, is that the process was terrifying for most of the horses and, in many cases, horribly inhumane. The inhumane treatment of horses at Les Viandes de la Petite Nation must be stopped immediately.”

The evidence is clear:  it is impossible, even in well-designed, conscientiously-managed, assembly-line conditions, to humanely slaughter horses.  As Dr. Dodman states, “…many head shy or apprehensive horses…presented the operator of the captive bolt gun with a moving target.”

Examples of stun box failures noted:
  • – More than 40% of the horses were not stunned after the 1st shot as required by “humane slaughter” regulations.  Captive bolt pistol placement was poor – some horses were shot into their temples, under their ears or at the base of their brain.  These horses showed clear signs of ineffective stunning or revival in the form of remaining standing, standing back up, winnying or head-shaking.  Up to eleven attempts were made to stun one horse (Horse 33 Day 1) who suffered for almost 4 minutes.
  • – While we were not able to see into the area where the horses were suspended and butchered, at times the shooter carried a captive bolt pistol out from the area to hose it off as it became too bloody.  This captive bolt pistol was a different style and higher calibre than the one normally used in the stun box.  Only with excessive bleeding, such as during bleed-out, would the pistol become so blood covered.  Blood was not seen or sprayed off the pistol used in the kill line, which raises the question whether horses were shot while being bled out.
  • – Over 80% of the horses showed signs of fear:  their knees trembled and buckled, they lost their footing and repeatedly fell.
  • – 14% of the horses vocalized (provoked by stress or agitation).  Some whinnied even after being shot.
  • – Government inspectors turned a blind eye to violations of the “humane” slaughter regulations.  Over the course of 2 days a government inspector could be seen looking into the stun box (sometimes with no horse present) for a total of just 3 1/2 minutes.  One horse revived (Horse 64 Day 1) while the inspector was observing, but while it seems the inspector requested another shot be given, the shooter simply winked at him but delivered no further shots.
In our opinion, the system brought in by the CFIA to meet European standards for food safety and traceability is flawed and incomplete, and appears to invite fraud.  Examples of issues include:
  • Incomplete owner information
  • – Incomplete agent information
  • – Poor identification of horses/erroneous information given, such as age, colour markings, tattoos, primary location, sex of animal etc.
  • – Information often appeared to be filled out by auction mart not the owner
  • – Use of a stamp instead of original signature by agent
The EID system, touted by the Canadian government as a document that ensures “a continuous medical history” on each horse presented for slaughter, is far from a guarantee that food safety is being addressed.
“Dirty Little Secret – Canada’s slaughter industry under fire”, published by the Toronto Star on July 30, 2011, provided a close look at Canada’s horse slaughter system. The article took readers from a U.S. auction to the door of a Canadian slaughterhouse. This investigation shows what lies beyond that door.

Gary Corbett, President of the federal union representing slaughterhouse veterinarians stated the following in the Toronto Star piece in regard to the EID system:

“(Veterinarians) do rely a lot on the records of the horses kept by the owners coming into the country and there are questions about how accurate or up to date they are.  It’s at the discretion of the owner.  There’s no regulatory framework to monitor it.  It’s kind of like an honour system.”

The Star also confirmed that: “While there have been investigation of the 4 plants between 2000 and 2011, there have been no prosecutions, said a CFIA spokesperson.”

Finally, John Holland, President, Equine Welfare Alliance, summarized the view of many that “Canada has had a very negative turn in the way people view them on animal issues because of this.  Canada is seen as an opportunist in the way it has filled its plants with these animals after the U.S. closed its doors to the practice.

Warning:  The written report and accompanying videos contain graphic and disturbing content.  Discretion is advised.

To view the written report please click here.

For those visitors who have trouble opening this file in their browser, please right click on the link and save to your computer and open from there.

Due to the massive amount of material uncovered in this investigation, we are presenting only a summary of some of the worst killings from the two days.  An in-depth report will be released at a later date.

Dr. Nicholas Dodman’s report can be viewed here.


For further inquiries please contact:


Sinikka Crosland
Executive Director
Tel: 250.768.4803
Twyla Francois
Central Region Director
Tel: 204.296.1375


Pour un interview en francais, contactez Dr. Olivier Berreville – 204.891.8136

Click (HERE) to visit site with additional Images and Info.

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  1. Of particular note with this investigation is the fraud being committed with falsified paperwork and that it is a Temple Grandin designed plant. This particular plant was touted as the “most modern” animal handling plant system in Canada designed by the U.S. livestock handling expert Temple Grandin.


  2. I wish Temple Grandin would shut her mouth and take her “humanity” elsewhere. She is playing to a specific “population” who desperately wants to believe that horse slaughter can be done humanely. There is no such thing as slaughtering humanely. She, like all the other people caught up in the horrendous movement are in it for the money. Many people think Temple Grandin is a savior but she is nothing more than a murderer. She may not want to be associated with Sue Wallis but she is on the same disreputable team.


    • MaybeTemple Grandin will finally realize that she has been fooling herself and that some things, like human nature, you just can’t change. No matter what “fancy” tools you give them, people will not live up to her expectations. She simply needs to stop enabling them even though it might mean she will have to admit her own failure.

      Can’t wait to see how the UOH explains this.


    • Temple designs them, it is the plant manager and inspector that are charged with following the regs and ensuring the “designs” are followed.

      My issue with Ms. Grandin is she should realize that no matter what she designs the foreign horse meat thugs will NEVER do what they should be doing. There is no proof that they have ever followed the regs but plenty to prove otherwise. It would slow down the lines and eat into their profits. She has said over and over again that as soon as she leaves, everything goes to hell. And hell it is for our horses.


    • Agreed, Vicki Tobin.

      Dr. Grandin never discusses profitability issues with equine slaughter; although she has done it with traditional meat animals with regard to grading and mortality, etc with regard to handling and transport damage. Problem is the grading system is now GARBAGE and she still does not talk about profitability for a “pristine” equine slaughter plant. Bottom line doctor, bottom line..not just executing them.

      The BIG factor left out in the slaughter debate of US equines is again, the profitability per centage . There are hundreds of thousands of bovines, porcines and poultry (to the millions that get whacked) and we are thrashing about for less than 200k US equines annually that get whacked??????

      Do the math.


  3. I don’t know about you advocates….but there is skipping, no refresh and current, logical postings or RTs post are whacky ..or is it me? …or is there a general problem?


  4. who are our fellow human beings that can do this for a living. I am sorry for them, and I also have no understanding of them from a human perspective. I cannot watch these videos. words get me close enough.


  5. I saw a video the other night that and Dr. Grandin was asked about horse slaughter.

    A couple of things she said made sense. The horse enters the knock box and within 15 secs is shot. THIS IS NOT WHAT HAPPENS. Failure after failure occurs. One horse was even in the knock box for 9 minutes before he was shot. Even Dr. Grandin gave that “kill” an “F”.

    These are suppose to be quick and painless. If that were actually the case “maybe” we there could dialogue. But this is not what happens. And it isn’t just horses that suffer–every species of animal has history of abuses at this point behind them.

    I saw a number of horses that looked like that they were just tapped with the captive bolt. Not sure what the worker thought he would accomplish. But it didn’t meet slaughter standards or even come close.


    • In the “old days” (prior to 1920’s) the country was set up to whack equines w/o the CBG….some did it well, some always failed with thousands of local butchers. We also did not have the drugs and the intensive over breeding of specific breeds and the change from rural to urban population..

      We have fewer equines to to dispose of and are still applying 1890’s disposal with a 1970s disposal option….HCHS.


  6. As bad as these videos are, a few months back someone on here posted slaughter videos from youtube and on the right hand side they have videos that are along the same subject matter. I did find in that batch of videos, videos about asian countries and dog slaughter. The asian butchers in the video were saying that the more pain the animal was in, when it was killed, the more tender and tasty the meat. Now keep in mind that the Chinese are wanting to open slaughter plants in the US and to buy land that we most likely will NEVER be able to get access to. And if that ~ thought culture ~ gets its hands on our horses their HELL has only just begun. And our dogs and cats will be next.


  7. I buted my old horse today, looks way younger than his years and could sell to a local auction mentioned in this report without any questions asked. They will fix the paper work with lies just like the slaughterhouse fixes their paper work with lies. Nothing but a predatory full of lies pipeline business. Oh and by the way I could steal a horse and it would pass right thru I’m sure, no questions asked. Why would anyone want to consume our horsemeat from a pipeline of lies? NO WAY in —- can this predatory business be unriddled of lies and I don’t care what kind of ID back tracing system is ever put in place. From all the years of following the horse slaughter issue, I don’t even trust our meat slaughter system for beef, pork etc.. The very people promoting to bring slaughter back to the states have lied, lied, lied and the lies will continue! Are these foreign consumers, uneducated? gullible? sadistic? uninformed? Please someone help me understand why anyone would trust us to be honest about the tainted horsemeat they eat when money is involved!!!!


  8. I think that we all need to step up the pressure on our LOCAL states ATTORNEYS GENERAL and let them know that they can be replaced during this next election just like those yeah whos up in WASHINGTON, D.C.!!!! We also need to let our Congressmen and Senators know that these “late night” voting sessions are UNACCEPTABLE!!!!!! They really like to use them to pass themselves raises and benefit increases in the ‘dark of night’ so that we won’t know what they’ve done until the next day! Whoever suggested the Postcards to the White House, that is priceless!! But we need to take it one step further, we need to also find out every Congressman and Senator who voted for this atrocity and flood their office as well and let them know that they can be replaced as well and remind them that all they need to do is look at the 2010 election and see how many of their colleagues were ousted and at how many are retireing BEFORE the upcoming election because they know that they will be defeated. LWe can do this! Plus we can find a Congressman and a Senator to write a bill to introduce legislation on January 2, 2012, to repeal this awful mess that this has caused. If so, then we can stop it before it has a chance to get started! Let’s all pray for a Christmas miracle and put on our marching shoes for Christ and our horses!!! God Bless and Merry Christmas!!


  9. Would just like to say that I talk to Temple on a fairly regular basis, and have had some very long conversations with her about this issue. She said to me that she would like to see horses not be slaughtered, but IF they are going to be, it would be better to do the job here than in Mexico or Canada, where the process can be controlled. She’s especially concerned about the slaughter processes in Mexico. She’s not pro-slaughter of horses, but she sees her input as being to design the best possible systems for slaughtering horses- if it is to be- although we probably agree that we can’t count on things being much better for horses killed here than horses killed in MX. I think Temple realizes- whether she admits it or not, that horses are not animals that can be slaughtered without trauma and constant risk of a bad result in the ‘humane’ effort, but I think she also knows that a horse slaughtered in one of her facilities has a better chance of suffering less than horses slaughtered in plants that she didn’t design. Professionally, she tries to not advocate for either side. Remember- she’s Autistic. Distant, disconnected, routine-oriented, emotionally restrained. I have opted to maintain a relationship with her for the purposes of keeping doors of communication open. Also, I designed a unique capture system for wild horses that relies on solar powered remote control operation- which she likes a lot, and when ready, we will be presenting it to BLM as an alternative to how they do what they do. She’s one of few people they listen to- sometimes. I think that bashing her and burning bridges with her would be a bad idea for the advocacy effort. To turn her against us won’t help horses.


    • I am sorry but horse slaughter is what it is, she does not change one thing for them or their suffering, There is no need for horse slaughter, not on any ones terms, they are not for human consumption not now or have they ever been, she is simply what she is a horse slaughter………………….She can blab on I am not buying it ………… or condoning it……………not under any circumstances……………………….. least of all hers………………..


      • I’m so sick of hearing….bring it here so we can regulate it. How quickly they forget. We had it here and they were hell holes – no better than Canada or Mexico. Everyone keeps using the white horse being stabbed in Mexico but that is NOT an EU plant and almost all of our horses go to EU plants. That’s the market, not local. And for the doubters that say everything we circulate is fake, pull the GAO report on slaughter houses and the numerous FOIAs that are available.

        And then you have Wallis stating that a horse has never been mistreated at a slaughter plant. I guess the FOIAs we have from the government on the humane violations at the plants are fake. I have a few from Cavel [the state of the art facility] posted on my personal website and those were from just one FOIA that I believe Kaufman zoning or Animals Angels obtained.

        And they buy her lies. Someone asked for the recent vet reports from Mexico and Canada on their group page so instead of giving them the EU FVO reports, she posts the Lenz visit to Mexico. Anything to avoid giving her minions the truth.


      • Goes to prove a College degree does not make a human being , well rounded, it is what he does and how he applies it and how he uses this Knowledge…………………………….


  10. Grandin lends credibility to the slaughterers. Best intentions and all that mean nothing when you hear the scream of a terrorized horse. It would do her well to stop with the charade and call her work what it is. Performance of horse slaughter. Maybe she works with PETA? And doesn’t understand the distinction between no and well sort of? Sorry – heard it so many times from Sue and her ilk – all the fine words dressing up a sick, predatory business.


  11. There is other reasoning as to why eating horse meat is wrong. This reasoning is based upon the scriptures seen in the bible. First, in both the book of Leviticus (Leviticus 11: 1-30) and the book of Deuteronomy ( Deuteronomy 14: 3-20) God, Himself, Indicates what can be eaten, and what can’t. He prohibits the eating of horses or burros by indicating that an animal that does not chew the cud and have cloven hooves shall not be eaten. In essence, mountain sheep, antelope, deer, goats, oxen can be eaten. Pigs should not be eaten by virtue of the fact that they don’t chew the cud, even though they have cloven hooves, and horses, mules and burros should definitely not be eaten. One may say, this is Old Testament, and does not apply for today or for someone that is not Jewish. On the contrary, if one has a proper understanding as to why God prohibited the eating of certain animals, and an understanding of the concepts of clean and unclean, one will clearly see that eating horses, burros and mules is wrong. There was a clear purpose in these prohibitions.
    All creatures play a role in the ecological balance of this planet, whether they are rabbits, pigs, horses, mules, burros, camels, dolphins, sharks, etc. Some creatures, however, by virtue of their physiological makeup, are not healthy for the human body. Israel was an infant nation that had just spent 400 years in slavery in Egypt. They didn’t know their right foot from their left hand, figuratively speaking. God had to teach them. Even in scripture, Galatians 3:24, states that the Law was a schoolmaster. God made it an imperative issue that certain animals were not to be eaten, by making it law. It wasn’t as though God flipped a coin to see what He would allow them to eat and what not to eat. There was definite reasoning.
    Because this is Old Testament, does it make the prohibition void? The heart of God has always been the same. He doesn’t change His mind or heart about right and wrong. Malachi 3:6, “ I am the Lord, I change not”. He is the same, yesterday, today and forever. To say that He would change His heart and mind is to say He is not God. Was this law concerning the eating of certain animals and not eating others a means of justifying the Jew before God. On the contrary, Galatians 2:16 states, “ By the works of the law shall no flesh be justified”. When one understands the very nature of faith, then one can understand why they were justified by faith in the Old Testament even as we are to be today. Obeying the law, therefore, of what was to be eaten and what was not to be eaten did not justify the Jew before God. It was God’s way of preserving their bodies, physically. Based upon this, God was telling them not to eat certain animals, including horses, mules and burros.
    This does not make the horse, burro or mule evil in God’s eyes. On the contrary, the horse and burro, many times in scripture, is used a type and example of prophetic truths. The burro, a symbol of humility, is seen as a type of the Lord Jesus, who rode the burro into Jerusalem when He offered Himself for us, in humility, on the cross. Matt. 21:2” Tell the daughter of Zion, behold the king cometh unto thee, meek, and sitting upon an ass, and a colt, the foal of an ass”. The horse, is seen to be a symbol of truth and judgment, and a type of the second coming of the Lord Jesus, as the scriptures reveal Him to be returning on a white horse, white a symbol of purity, with an army of saints following Him, all upon white horses, to bring judgment against all that is evil. Revelation 19:11-16 “ And I saw heaven opened and behold a white horse, and He that sat upon him was called Faithful and True, and in righteousness He does judge and make war… and the armies which were in heaven followed Him upon white horses….” It is interesting that Samson used the jawbone of a freshly killed burro to bring about judgment upon the Philistines in the Old Testament, slaying 1000 men, Judges 16. It is also interesting that God chose the humble burro to rebuke the prophet Balaam in Numbers 22. The horse and burro are revered in God’s eyes as symbols of righteousness, seen from the scriptural standpoint, as well as animals not to be used as a food item. If this is the heart of God, how much more should it be in our hearts.


    • Makes one wonder how the people on the darkside of pro slaughter can ignore the powerful teachings and have a want for such evil. It seems as though those pro slaughter will stop at nothing trying to justify wrong and all the while claim to be humane and saintly in doing so. Those people may ignore the word for now but eventually they will be forced to realize they picked the wrong species to slaughter and consume.


    • Dear Robert I knew this was written in the Bible, Thank You for Posting it here……………………….Old testament or new it doesnt matter it is written…………………!!!!!


  12. I have to admit I never heard of Temple Grandin before, so I went and read her bio ~~ it states she has gone to hundreds of farms, ranches, feedlots, and slaughter houses ~~HUNDREDS, when I was in grade school we had a school trip to Rushmore meat plant to see how they made hot dogs, now that was some 50 years ago and I can tell you I don’t remember what I saw there, but I have not eaten a hot dog since, and I didn’t have to go to hundreds of hot dog operations to come to that conclusion. My guess would be that this woman has a bigger, better, more modern mousetrap(slaughter house) she wants to sell to somebody. Don’t kid yourself. Remember it is all about ~~~~~~ money.


  13. I stay in a state of anger over these atrocities done and it’s not a healthy state to be in. I’m sick to death of the lies, deceit, bought politicians and greed. I’m also old enough to know, that most likely China has a very large influence on what has taken place since November. After all, they pretty much own us, don’t they? Politics and greed never show mercy, never have, never will. We need to make sure every level of government understands this time, they will pay with their jobs. This time, the majority is not going to sit back and ignore their crimes of bribery by campaign donations and back room deals. This time, we vote them all out. Now if I only felt confident that our elections won’t be fixed, I’d feel some satisfaction in this, as our numbers are strong.


  14. “Injustice Anywhere Is a Threat to Justice Everywhere” Martin Luther King These Individuals called Politicians,from Obama down,who has now become the Worlds Biggest Beggar Organisation for the purpose of getting re-Elected and to save the world from those Terrible Republicans.
    Republican or Democrat the whole bloody lot should be removed.
    These large parties are serving no real purpose whatsoever and it is time that more Independants are installed,who work for their Constituents.
    Voters must Vote for Decent Human Beings not for a party be it Repuclican or Democrat.


  15. Forbes Magazine article and Temple Grandin comments on the CHDC video which she watched with the author. Not surprised that Grandin’s assessment says that a non-skid floor will solve all the problems. Even the author takes exception to Grandin’s evaluation of horses needing repeated stunning. Also note, the video was watched with the sound down.


    • Hummmm, guess they couldnt stand the screams of agonizing pain……….. Horses are a fear flight animal, knowing this I ask one question of these so called human beings , How could you do this to them……???????????????? The answer has to be shear money greed ……..Sorry I call these filthy so called people dirty bastards ……………………


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