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Interview: Reporter Scoops Story on Wyoming Horse Slaughter Politician

(The News As We See It) by R.T. Fitch ~ Author/Director of HfH Advisory Council

Part One: Simone Netherlands Speaks Out on Wallis Case

Simone Netherlands at recent Wild Horse advocate press conference in Phoenix, AZ

Several months after filing charges against the pro-horse slaughter Wyoming politician Sue Wallis reporter Simone Netherlands sat down with SFTHH founder and Editor R.T. Fitch to make public the course of events that unfolded during the failed pro-horse slaughter fest inappropriately called the “Summit of the Horse” in Las Vegas, last January.

R.T.:  “Simone, we want to thank you for not only standing up for your rights but for taking the time to speak with us, today, and fill us in on what is happening with your legal action against known horse slaughter supporter, Sue Wallis, aka “Slaughterhouse” Sue.”

Simone:  “No worries, R.T., I thought it was time to clear the air and my attorney has given me clearance to do so.  We are totally transparent.”

R.T.:  “Great, can you tell us why you where attending the infamous “Summit of the Horse” in Las Vegas last January?

Simone:  “Certainly, I was attending, along with my producer Lorna Moffat, in the capacity of reporter for the “Meet  America Series” which airs on Thursdays (9:30 pm) and Tuesdays (3:30 pm) on AMP Channel  17 in Santa Barbara.”

R.T.:  “Great plug, Simone.  Did you have appropriate press credential?’

Simone:  “Sure did, Lorna had acquired a press pass for me, only problem was there was a typo on one letter of my name but I didn’t think that to be a big deal.”

R.T.:  “What day did you arrive and who did you interview?”

Simone:  “We attended on the 4th of January, I interviewed Wallis with no problems but there was not much to report on, there.  The real prize was to be able to sit down with the Director of the Bureau of Land Management, Bob Abbey, and interview him face to face.  I asked some very pointed questions about the plight of our national icon, the wild horses and his responses were interesting to say the least.”

R.T.:  “Did his interview make it to the air waves, or should I say cable these days?”

Simone:  “Not in its entirety, I intend to upload it to YouTube, soon.”

R.T.:  “I am sure a lot of folks would like to see it.  Did anything else transpire on the 4th?”

Simone:  “Yes, we had held a press conference earlier in the day.  It is well known that I have been fighting against the deception propagated by the few pro-slaughter advocates, of which Wallis is one, for years so being that this “Summit” was all about killing and eating horses I felt it necessary to voice the other side of the story.”

R.T.  “I have seen several of the clips and you came off very well, your professionalism showed.”

Simone:  “(laughing) No, it’s more like the news room editing that did it, but George Knapp did an excellent job, as usual, of telling it like it is.  But all of the local networks carried segments of my arguments that evening.”

R.T.:  “So what happened the following day?  I know that you were there because I was on the phone with you and won’t even refer to the incident as “alleged” as I heard Wallis in the background.”

Simone:  “That you were.  I had made an appointment to speak with the day’s major speaker, Dr. Temple Grandin, after her speech.  I was looking forward to both here speech and the interview but when I entered into the “Summit” room to take my seat, after going through the security process, Wallis came barreling over to me before I could even get 15 feet into the room.  She began to speak harshly and loudly at me while repeating “I saw you in the news, I saw you in the news.”  She was absolutely fuming and it took me off guard, I was both startled and shocked.  She grabbed me by both my arms and started do shove and jerk me out of the room.  I cried out in pain as only 3 months prior I suffered a severe fracture to my arm and elbow, in a horse related incident, and had a metal plate and 9 screws installed to hold the shattered bone together while it healed.  Although I had stopped wearing a sling my arm was still very tender and healing.  I told her that my arm was broken but she did not stop.”

R.T.:  “And?”

Simone:  “She got me out into the hallway and she hollered at me saying that I was a liar and that I lied about my press credentials and one cannot be the interviewer and the interviewee.”

R.T.:  “Did you respond?”

Simone:  “ I asked her where that rule was written and if she would have adequately checked my press credentials she would have found out that they were totally legitimate, meanwhile my arm was really hurting.”

R.T.:  “How did she process that?”

Simone:  “She said ‘I’m taking your press pass away!’ and she spun on her heel and while fuming returned into the room at which point I sat down on a bench in the hallway and then called you.”

R.T.:  “And I am glad that you did.”

(to be continued)

George Knapp Story on the Wallis Horse Slaughter Fest

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  1. Aren’t the Obama’s doing a big push against bullies? They should show a clip of Wallis attacking Simone as an example of this sort of bad behavior.


  2. As I’ve said many times before I LOVE YOU GEORGE!!!!!

    I wonder if there is any way to change the law here. Breeders get those tax write offs for breeding and never mind the throwing away of unwanted babies. How about a tax write off FOR NOT BREEDING until horse numbers get more realistic.

    BLM consistently does this by way of zapping mares with PZP whether we like it or not. The contractor gets his thousands of dollars for each horse on top of the contract award for the roundup itself. BLM initiatives costs the taxpayer buckoo bucks every year. I would rather pay a breeder to not breed–until numbers of horses get more in line with what we can actually manage without bankrupting everyone in sight.


  3. Thank you Simone, R.T. and George!

    The horses have some wonderful people fighting for them, if only these stubborn, heartless folks would pay attention!, including our President!!!

    REALLY, what is up with you guys !?!!! You are an embarrassment for our country and for American history! In the name of civilized, moral, humane and law abiding behavior, you are an embarrassment… you guys need to be removed, NOT our horses!!!

    Integrity is the issue, and you have none!


  4. Waiting for part two as that will be very interesting…. sorry this had to happen to you, Simone. There is enough unpleasantness as it is. You have had to deal with this ongoing. Hoping this concludes the way you want it to. mar


  5. I had someone hit me in the arm 3 months after I was post surgery last year. They have yet to apologize for it. I wonder if this is some kind of mind set these people are in. BLM is so convinced that they are right–never mind that the numbers are so off it isn’t even funny. They won’t apologize for rounding up horses that don’t need to be. And SS and Doink the Oink are so convinced that horse meat not only would sell in this country but that its good for you too. Never mind science that has shown time and time again how UNSAFE horse meat is for humans.

    Come on you people. In the name of goodness and just plain right–APOLOGIZE for the wrongs you did and are doing. Didn’t you mommies ever teach you the golden rule or does it just not apply to you cause your just to damn high on your pedestal????


    • One would certainly think that they were hatched and had no guidance of any kind….. But i would also wonder we are all born with a certain amount of commonsense ??????


  6. Even though we should learn from history, one is never totally prepared for the violence that is shown against those that take a stand against it.
    Best wishes for your complete recovery, Simone.


  7. Thank You Simone , i am hoping for a full recovery for you arm and you, it must have been a terrible experience for you , just by being touch by that raving maniac that wants to slaughter and eat the very animal that we all are indebted to ……………..for more reasons to type, but I am sure we all know them………….


  8. Thanks R.T. and Simone for giving us the complete picture. I had no idea SS had physically attacked you Simone (which is what I consider this to be). You don’t put your hands on another person, no matter how “mad” you are. She is a bully concerned only with one thing: her bank account and how to add to it. The fact that she promotes herself as someone who “cares” about horses is an insult to anyone with any intelligence at all. Look forward to the rest of the story.


  9. The eintire ordeal was absolutley horrendous and shows Sue Wallis and her classless ways. I must say that sometimes God works in mysterious way’s and feel that something good will come out of something bad, here. I am sorry SW did this to you Simone but it certainly has shown folk’s her mind set and it also shows how intimidated she is by you and your WORDS OF TRUTH and we all know the TRUTH HURT’S when your the one telling the lie’s. So Sue Wallis to you, Baby Baby…Stick your head in GRAVY…..


  10. Ha! This is great. I was ‘there’, too, RT. SN called me as she was being ushered off the property. To get her to a doctor to have her hurting arm seen about quickly, I Googlemapped her location, found the nearest hospital, and guided them, street by street, to the hospital. After they spent several hours there, we did the same thing to get her to the nearest police station so Simone could file an assault report with police (who weren’t on Sue Wallis’ payroll). I’ve never been in Las Vegas in my life, and here I was, a block from Times Square in NYC, guiding Simone (who I’d never spoken to before that day) through Las Vegas, NV streets. It was a unique experience for all of us.

    I will fill everyone in on an unknown bit of previously unknown information that relates to this case, now that the process is in motion. According to statements made by Wallis, there was ‘concern’ on the part of the Summit people because Temple Grandin was speaking when Simone entered the room- and supposedly, Wallis shoved Simone out in order to assure Dr. Grandin’s safety. What Rep. Wallis didn’t know was that I had already spoken with Temple by phone several times that day, starting with Temple’s call to me at 7:00 am. One of our conversations was for the purpose of arranging for Simone and Temple to have dinner together that very night! I really doubt that Dr. Grandin needed to be protected from the person she was to meet for dinner after delivering her speech. That dinner had to be cancelled due to Sue Wallis’ injuring Simone and sending her to the hospital instead of to a restaurant with Temple, and Temple was none too pleased when I delivered that news to her just minutes after she’d finished speaking. (BTW, Temple told me later that if she’d been aware of why Sue Wallis was shoving someone out of the room, she would have stopped her speech until SN was allowed to enter the room and join the audience.)

    PS. I really doubt that Sue Wallis wants to go up against Dr. Temple Grandin in a courtroom, but she was, after all, a witness.


    • ** Please correct first sentence of second paragraph to read, “I will fill everyone in on a bit of previously unknown information…” Sorry for error.


  11. Simone: Hope you recover and win, win, win against SS. SS has shown her colors and how deranged she is. Anyone who takes her antics is off base themselves. In the meantime, I hope we win for the wild horses. I just read that they (BLM) is still intending on rounding up between 7-8000 horses instead of 10,000. Why roundup any? Why not wait for all the facts to come in? No, we all know why, because they will be shown to be pushing bad numbers all over the place to justify what they are doing. We need large funded people willing to put monies up to acquire or lease range lands to put all these 40,000 plus horses back on the ranges and push to find their family members. I was at a sanctuary I help out at where I have an Arabian and there were 3 horses in a corral that was muddy. The owner moved the first horse out to take to a corral that had dried out and the other 2 horses remaining in the wet corral was calling, looking after the third horse as the owner walked it away. After we took the 2nd horse out to the dry corral, the 3rd horse went crazy, running around in the wet corral, calling out to the other two horses. She kept calling her corral buddies, I was able to calm her a little bit by telling her she would be going as well. When we moved her over with the other two horses everything was fine again. These three horses are not blood relatives, so you can imagine what is happening when the wild horse families are split up. We must win this fight for the horses. And, unfortunately, time is of t he essence. WIth God’s help, we are going to win and the BLM will loose, just as SS is going to lose with her slaughter ideas. RT, thanks for bringing this incident to us. I look forward to reading more when it’s available.


    • I have also witnessed , what you were talking about when you told the story of removing one horse from a pasture, their calls to each other tear my heart out, so just imagine during a round up when the fools , separate a stallion from his mares……………..


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