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Cruel Queen of Horse Slaughter Suffers Bout of Paranoia

(In My Humble Opinion) by R.T. Fitch ~ Author/Director of HfH Advisory Council

“Slaughterhouse” Sue Wallis Feels the Heat of the Truth

Wyoming State Rep. "Slaughterhouse" Sue Wallis (left) and sidekick Dave Duquette (right) ~ photo courtesy of Scummit of the Horse

Sue Wallis, the fanatical leader of a small, fringe pro-horse slaughter group has publicly admitted that she is beginning to feel “paranoid” due to the heat she and partner Dave Duquette are feeling over supporting a move to derail a bill, SB 356, which is aimed at outlawing the cruel and inhumane practice of “horse tripping” in the state of Nevada.  Their barbaric banter has raised the ire of horse owners across the country on more than just this occasion but their intentions are made clear with this latest effort to endorse and support the cruel treatment of horses in Nevada.

“Sometimes it feels like we are being attacked from every direction – at the risk of sounding paranoid – the fact is, we are.” states renegade Wyoming State Rep. Sue Wallis in a communique to her handful of followers.

“Now is the time for every horse person who has any hope of raising their children and grandchildren in a horseback culture…any chance of making a living with the animals we all love…we have to stand together. We have to remain vigilant. And we have to be much more pro-active than we have ever been before.” says Wallis regarding the proposed legislation to ban this cruel practice that is alive and well, covertly, in many western states.

“AN ACT relating to cruelty to animals; prohibiting a person from engaging in horse tripping for enjoyment, entertainment, competition or practice; prohibiting a person from knowingly organizing, sponsoring, promoting, overseeing or receiving admission money for a horse tripping event; repealing a requirement that any ordinance passed by a board of county commissioners creating an offense relating to horse tripping must impose a criminal penalty for the offense; providing a penalty; and providing other matters properly relating thereto.”

Wallis and Duquette have championed past causes that have rained down shame and embarrassment upon their families, communities, states and nation in the past.  From their continued efforts to bring predatory and bloody horse slaughter to their respective states, to boycotting about every professional horseman and celebrity in the U.S. to even attempting to stop the Mustang Monument float from appearing in the Rose Bowl parade, these two are a dastardly duo of deception, bar none, and need to be exposed for the self-serving phonies that they are.

In a recent Equine Welfare Alliance press release Vice President Vick Tobin states,

““They are misleading the public with false information and trying to scare people into opposing the legislation. This is not an attack on rodeos or a first step to anything. It is a bill designed to end the cruel, dangerous treatment of horses as was the ban on horse soring.”

United Horsemeat

The press release goes on to clarify that Wallis and Duquettes’ horse slaughter front organization “United Horseman” in a recent  email to its supporters, provides a list of invalid talking points that are an insult to the public’s intelligence and a disservice to American rodeos. The group claims that the Charro Rodeo Association voluntary banned horse tripping in 1995 when in fact, they were forced to do so by a 1994 law, AB 49x – a law that was not spearheaded by the HSUS.

In her latest, paranoid email Wallis adds a little piece from an alleged resident of Nevada that gives the information on how to contact the Nevada Senate Natural Resource Committee:

SB364 has been referred to the Senate Natural Resources Committee where it will be debated. The time-frame is unknown due to the fact that when a bill is brought up for debate is a committee chairman’s decision; however, I would urge people to contact members of the committee expressing your feelings on the proposed legislation.  E-mail addresses are as follows:

John Jay Lee –

Mark Manendo, Chair –

David Parks –

Michael Roberson –

Dean Rhoads –

Another neat way to voice your opinions on any legislation in the current sessions was recently brought to my attention. Go to this website and follow the directions. It is super easy. (FYI: Madeline Pickens instructed her followers on her Facebook page to use her Wells, NV address when submitting comments. Then they look like Nevada constituents!!) Try it, you’ll like it. Don’t sit on your hands, take action, don’t wait for someone else to do it.  Remember people, Confucious say: ” Man who sit on hands has no leg to stand on.”(or something to that effect. lol)

That little (lol) just turns your stomach, doesn’t it?

There is nothing funny about promoting and prolonging animal cruelty, nor is endorsing and making one’s lifetime goal to be that of building a horse slaughter plant.  It is sick, grotesque, perverted and without morals.

The preceding paragraph was not written by an animal radical, terrorist or activist but by an average, taxpaying American citizen who is appalled at the reckless use of press and media to endorse and support cruelty and  suffering to animals and humans of any kind, shape or fashion.

It’s time for these two social outcasts to crawl back under the slimy rocks that they emerged  from because we are going to continue to shine the bright spotlight of truth and honesty on them every time they open their twisted mouths.

Not only are we not going away, we are getting stronger and when you have the wind of honesty on your back, your opponents cannot win in any race.

Wallis and Duquette, we are watching you and we are watching you very closely.

For the sake of the future welfare of American equines,


Click (HERE) to read recent UH propaganda

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  1. Thank you R.T. for all your information. I truly appreciate your efforts and compassion for these wonderful horses we all love! May they slither back to the filthy underbelly of the corrupt and disgusting. Good! I hope that they do feel the heat and get burnt by their own greed! Let’s keep the heat on and let the horses bask in the sunshine of victory!


  2. Time to turn up the heat. They are starting to feel it but we haven’t zipped their mouths shut yet. These two are a pair of the most sick minded, disgusting people on this planet.


  3. What a roundabout way to say we are dangerous to them? They have tried that before. It did not work. We are benign compared to their goals… Equine Welfare versus Blood Sport in 2011? Give it up, SS and Doink… mar


  4. “There is nothing funny about promoting and prolonging animal cruelty, nor is endorsing and making one’s lifetime goal to be that of building a horse slaughter plant. It is sick… and without morals.” Excellent, R.T.


  5. I’ve not heard anything back but I told my govener about Sue & her wanting to open slaughter houses & how she lied & was being investigated. Hope he fallowed through but I dought he did.


  6. Clearly I’m so naive I can’t see the tree in the forest but how on God’s green and holy Earth can these people claim to advocate for Equine Welfare & business interests when the end game is always the same – the (usually brutal) utility, death and ultimately, dismemberment of any Equine that neighs.
    The only horse seemingly worth a damn is a dead one.
    Am I misinterpreting their viewpoint because I advocate for a different outcome? Can I be so blinded by my belief in the Living Equine that I totally miss the point??
    Nope. I get it. But Sue and Du Spew always causes me to doubt my recognition of the English language.
    If any two people were in more need of a proof reader, PR department and spin doctors ( also, psychological counseling and an exorcist), it’s these two.


  7. “Make a living with the animals we love”… in Wallis lingo… Exploiting them to no end, making them suffer so she can benefit, with no consideration for the animals she so loves in the first place.
    HOW stupid does Wallis think Americans are ? She has plenty of reasons to be paranoid. She has a repertoire of three lies all told, and told, and told. The audience catering to Wallis’ blabber serve just as she does: as horrible examples.
    Wallis is a chatterbox that needs a lockjaw. She might buy dozens of books on How To “Speak” (lie) in public, what she needs, is one on How To Shut Up. When will this lost drone ever get it ?
    Wallis you are a source of ear-itation. Aren’t you embarrassed after all you have pulled and keep trying to pull ? Has your mother ever taught you what honesty means ??? Quit your flee-flowing stream of shameful consciousness because you do not make sense ever. It is as if you have diarrhea of the mouth. The inadequate humane standards towards animals seem to turn you on – shame on you. Not all people will fall for your selfish actions, lies do not serve anything, and yes we will not go away, get a clue.


  8. I am sooo glad that you got on this crap right away.

    Horse tripping is a sick sadistic torturing of horses by tripping them with lassos while they are at full speed, oftentimes ripping out their legs from their torsos for no other purpose than enjoyment to the limited minds of a bunch of pathetic excuses for human beings.

    We have a mare here at Respect4Horses Barn, that we rescued from tripping, she is pregnant (about to pop) and can barely walk for her front legs are completely shot and full of arthritis. I couldnt put her down because she is pregnant, but when her baby is old enough, and she has had a wonderful last few months, she will get her peaceful ending. She has suffered so much, and is still suffering every day, and for what?

    For the Wallises of the world to get enjoyment out of the pain and suffering of such a completely innocent being. What can be so inherently wrong with a human that they can not only not give a hoot about their pain, but to actually get pleasure out of it? It is so disgustingly evil.

    For the evil leader of the bunch of pathetic excuses for human beings, (leader of B.of P.E.for H.B.) well, there just simply is no excuse left for her. A being that takes pleasure out of the suffering of another being, does that still even deserve the description of human?

    Please, somebody tell me, how do we still live in this day and age in this country called America and still have to fight these barbaric mongrels that seem to have been beamed straight trough time right out of the middle ages??

    Dear good people everywhere, please please take Sue Wallis’s simple instructions that R.T. posted so clear, of how to contact the legislators about this bill, and please really really do it. Not tomorrow, not next week, not when you have more time, not when its more convenient, because if that horse was being tortured right in front of you, you would do it right now.

    Its all we can do, although it may not seem like much. Our legislators are the only way to the laws that we need. Please really pick up that phone, really write that email, really really do it. Because no Doinks or Walrusses about it, if you cannot manage to do that, well, then sadly, you don’t give as much about horses as you thought you did.

    (sorry, that paragraph is copied and pasted and not meant for the choir, but instead for the choir to take it and copy it and orchestrate other choirs with)

    Goodnight all, (but Bad Bad night to the B of P.E. for H.B.)


  9. Thanks, Simone, for explaining what horse tripping is. There is no explanation in the post, and some of us don’t have horses.

    However, I am upset that you will be euthanizing that mare! Just for arthritis??


    • Donna B. –
      Imagine if all the fluid were drained from your joints and when you took a step, your own weight would cause bone-to-bone friction.
      Imagine you had been born a muscular, superior athlete, designed by Nature for movement – for protection, to forage, for excercise, for the sheer joy. But your joy is gone because every step is agony.
      For a horse, there is no such thing as ‘just arthritis’. She is crippled for life. She will probably not even be able to run with her foal and the stress of feeling unable to protect her baby will further inflame her condition.
      For Simone, making this mare comfortable now is what she can do and the decision to end her life isn’t an easy one. For most of us, where there is life, there is hope, but a life like that, for this mare, is unbearable on so many levels.
      And the enormity of that decision is also unbearable. You have to love them enough to send them Home.


      • Thank You Lisa for explanation, there is a huge difference between, humane euthanasia, for something like you said is so devastating on so many levels of the horses life……….arthritis in a horse is so different then in a person …… And I understand Simones decision was not easy and was also well thought out, , there are instances were this is the only way ………………..


    • Donna B, I do not own horses either so I have had to look up on the internet a lot of things the folks on here are talking about and many of them are quite disturbing and when they talked about horses tripping a few days ago I found this on youtube, gives you an idea of what it’s all about.


  10. Donna, I know, im sad to have to euthanize her. Im not one to end a life until there is no other way you have to trust me on that. Its not just arthritus, she has been tripped god knows how many times on those poor legs and all those injuries have healed the wrong way and then have arthritus over it. There really is no cure for arthritus that is that extreme, and she really suffers, especially since I cant give her too much bute because of the health of the baby.
    All I can do is keep her as comfortable as possible, and I have a feeling that when she has her baby, she will forget all about her pain and will be very happy throughout her last months. She is getting loved on a lot. And she appreciates it like no other.


  11. We banned horse tripping in Arizona in 2009, and guess what Sue, it hasn’t hurt the rodeo industry in the least in a state well known for rodeos. What IS her problem? Anything that protects horses from abuse, Sue’s gang is staunchly opposed to it. She has to have some sort of mental disorder, there’s no other way to explain it. I wonder how she’d feel watching her own horses being “tripped” for entertainment. I also wonder what kind of person would find this entertaining to watch? From what I understand, killer dealers often “rent” their horses out to these Charro rodeos prior to being shipped to slaughter, just one more way for killers to make a buck off of these horses. Why has this woman made herself a lobbyist for killer dealers? She’s mental and becoming a bigger joke every day.


  12. Their problem is they need a gimmick. And the gimmick is try to equate every welfare bill as a first step to something else. That’s not paranoia. It is a calculated agenda to try to scare the legitimate horse industry sectors and turn the horse industry into a meat industry. They attack HSUS because they are the largest welfare organization. There is another large respected organization that is getting back to its horse roots and they will be next on the hit list. What they won’t admit is that they already have a large lobby with the beef industry and farm bureaus. But that would require admitting they are all about the meat industry and not the horse industry. Other than breeders, they have no major support from the horse industry.

    Every year they invent something new and this year is it the slippery slope on steroids.

    They claim to want a horseback culture but horseback culture doesn’t include abuse to horses or having to inflict harm on a horse to make a living. That is, other than the horse slaughter business which is not part of American horseback culture but a foreign meat business.

    Their statements are an insult to anyone in the horse industry. The horses earn billions and deserve to be treated humanely and afforded a humane death. What would the rodeos be without horses? What would the racing industry be without horses? It is the horses that earn the money and bring the spectators and for that, they are rewarded with people like Dave and Sue claiming to be for their welfare but refusing to support any legislation that benefits horse welfare, not supporting any type of after retirement care or to be providing a humane death?

    They need to understand that the horse industry is not a meat industry. Time to put the horses above their ridiculous agenda on bashing welfare organizations. It’s about the horses, not who is proposing legislation.

    Did you see Duquette’s latest comments on the TRF issues and using that as an example to promote horse slaughter? Hey, Dave, you do realize that every one of the horses at TRF has had bute. Way to go, Dave. Never sway from your faulty agenda and publicly post your refusal to follow regulations. That instills a lot of confidence in your “regulated” plant. I guess the regulations will be your regulations and not the law. BTW-we still have “processing” but no legitimate welfare organization is going to send horses to slaughter. The horses wouldn’t be at TRF if the owners took responsibility for them but let’s put the blame on TRF. Let’s keep over breeding and then blame the rescues when they can’t take anymore horses or get in over their head. Whatever you do, don’t try to help them, just blame them while you promote producing more horses than the market can bear.


    • Great post, Vicki. Interesting you mentioned ‘soring’ earlier — one can only assume that team Wallis-Duquette were/are opposed to the legislation that made this a crime as well?

      Frankly, their agenda seems to be the ulitmate ‘slippery slope’ — as there appears to be absolutely *no* animal cruelty statutes or welfare laws providing even the most basic of protections that these two and their rabid supporters would approve of…?

      Hopefully, their defense of “horse tripping” will raise a few eyebrows even among their most loyal following…


      • Yes, they oppose every piece of legislation that benefits animals. Period. It is all part of their vendetta with HSUS for the welfare bills they supported for farm animal reforms. Another indication that this is about the meat industry, i.e. animal agriculture and not about the horse industry.

        It doesn’t matter what legislation is proposed or what animal will benefit, they oppose it. They approve of puppy mills, horse tripping, horse soring and on and on. Their favorite argument is that the legislation takes away property rights and is a first step to banning all animal agriculture. Again, arguments that have nothing to do with the welfare of the animals. Just the $$$ they would lose by having to treat animals humanely.

        They keep talking about humane slaughter and making changes and yet, they oppose even the most meager change like banning double deckers for horse transport.

        They are the most illogical people I’ve ever come across.


  13. Why would anyone think that Mexican Rodeos (at least that’s what they are called where I live) are horrible. Horses break legs when tripped. They are horribly lamed for live. And God forgive they decide they don’t wanna gallop down the ring just to be tripped there are folks there with whips who won’t hesitate to whip a horse into a headlong gallop just to have his legs yanked out from underneath him.

    Sorry SS and Doink but there is nothing in the enjoyment category of what you are promoting. This isn’t about animal ownership. It’s about animal abuse. Cruel and totally unnecessary abuse.

    SS as one woman to another let me ask you this. It isn’t a threat–this is just a question. Have you ever tripped and fallen? Hurt your leg or knee to the point of not being able to walk? Without any braces to help your knee stabilize you have to now run around work. Now just take that one step further and you are yanking the legs of a horse out from underneath him. Someone with a rope, lots of people betting on the outcome, and that horse just being abused for no reason. Somehow you think this is appropriate? You think this is about your right to do with your animals whatever you want? What about the care and appropriate care that you are suppose to render your four legged friend? You say you want the best for the horses. You have a group who purport to support this. I say put your money where your mouth is.

    And yes, SS I do have lousy knees. I have knees that will probably need to be replaced sooner than I’d like. I have a body that aches most every day esp during winter. I couldn’t ever imagine anyone wanting to rope me to yank me off my feet just to further injure my knees.

    Methinks if Lane’s End would ever let you near Zenyatta (which they may not just cause of your political stand) you near to experience a Zennie hug. Zennie might change you in ways that no two legged could ever begin too.


  14. Horse tripping as defined by Sue and Dave whatstheirnames is a simple process of heading and forelegging. In theory. And as further explained in so humane terms, this practice was impliementd by ranchers years ago to catch untamed remounts who hadn’t been gentled (“like yearlings are these days”). They further explain that this technique is only performed by the most talented with the rope and horse and … Should maybe be considered by BLM in their processing as a better way of handling then the chutes.

    This is what is being spoonfed to their audience. I don’t believe anyone in their right mind believes that any horse, especially a mustang (which are trucked to these matches, despite denials) will calmly accept one rope let alone two. I can’t even go there in my mind on what happens after the ropes tighten.

    Its not the classic chase the horse and rope its front legs on the run (the Charro method), it is a pathetic excuse using an old method of chasing down and dropping unmanageable horses only now it is for entertainment that has no practical use. There is no way ever this can be done in an arena. On the range, the horse becomes tired so that the horsemen can even get close enough. The first rope is around the head – then as the horse rears and fights, the second rope is sent around the front legs and the two ropers will work to set the horse down. Not a good situation for the horse but in the open, after its energy has been dampened and no speed contest.

    So whatever you can do to express your opposition to this old open range roping technique from celebrated at the expense of captired horses as an entertainment venue – DO. Call or email. All horse advocates and burro advocates – be heard. This is not how we want our horses treated as entertainment. Its wrong and there are too many SHARK videos revealing the consequences of cattle with broken necks in these roping competitions. Too many mustangs dying of heart attacks, or broken legs in bronc riding. The animals cannot take the intensity of these competitions – it is wrong.


  15. The most dangerous thing that Sue & Dave have to fear is simply this: THE TRUTH.

    So please keep it coming RT, Vicki, et al. horse advocates! Good will triumph over evil in the end.


  16. Someone should tell Sue Wallis that she has eaten one too many mustangs. Man, the mare that we call Ol Sister didn’t have a butt as big as Sues…… Come on Sue Go Vegan…before its too late.


  17. “at the risk of sounding paranoid” – S. Wallis. I don’t think she’s there yet but she must be made to feel that way through constant heat from us. Hopefully, one day the dingbat duo will feel like they’re being chased by someone with a rope!


  18. SS is already psychotic and delusional, so why not paranoid? She and Doink are lots of other things too, but I won’t go into detail. R.T. might ban me, and you all know what I’m thinking anyway. 😉


  19. I wonder how the good people of Wyoming feel about their state representative running around obsessing about Nevada’s affairs on their dime… If you’re being attacked from every direction it’s probably time to evaluate what is spewing out of your mouth. If a person is right or wrong they’ll usually have one side opposing them. But if you have more than one force actively against you, it probably means it’s time to STFU.


  20. Sue Whatever, She is pitiful. Saw a video of her online with some of her “poetry”. It is elementary school poetry. Nothingness. It is even perverted.
    They were poets, once upon a time, and they were involved in politics and they pretty much made history. Anyway.
    For the mustangs, to be free.

    Victor Hugo “Au cheval”.


    Monstre, à présent reprends ton vol.
    Approche, que je te déboucle.
    Je te lâche, ôte ton licol,
    Rallume en tes yeux l’escarboucle.
    Quitte ces fleurs, quitte ce pré.
    Monstre, Tempé n’est point Capoue.
    Sur l’océan d’aube empourpré,
    Parfois l’ouragan calmé joue.
    Je t’ai quelque temps tenu là.
    Fuis ! – Devant toi les étendues,
    Que ton pied souvent viola,
    Tremblent, et s’ouvrent, éperdues.
    Redeviens ton maître, va-t’en !
    Cabre-toi, piaffe, redéploie
    Tes farouches ailes, titan,
    Avec la fureur de la joie.
    Retourne aux pâles profondeurs.
    Sois indomptable, recommence
    Vers l’idéal, loin des laideurs,
    Loin des hommes, ta fuite immense.
    Cheval, devance l’aquilon,
    Toi, la raison et la folie,
    L’échappé du bois d’Apollon,
    Le dételé du char d’Élie !
    Vole au-dessus de nos combats,
    De nos succès, de nos désastres,
    Et qu’on aperçoive d’en bas
    Ta forme sombre sous les astres.


    Mais il n’est plus d’astre aux sommets !
    Hélas, la brume sur les faîtes
    Rend plus lugubre que jamais
    L’échevèlement des prophètes.
    Toi, brave tout ! Qu’au ciel terni
    Ton caprice énorme voltige ;
    Quadrupède de l’infini,
    Plane, aventurier du vertige.
    Fuis dans l’azur, noir ou vermeil.
    Monstre, au galop, ventre aux nuages !
    Tu ne connais ni le sommeil,
    Ni le sépulcre, nos péages.
    Sois plein d’un implacable amour.
    Il est nuit. Qu’importe. Nuit noire.
    Tant mieux, on y fera le jour.
    Pars, tremblant d’un frisson de gloire.
    Sans frein, sans trêve, sans flambeau,
    Cherchant les cieux hors de l’étable,
    Vers le vrai, le juste et le beau,
    Reprends ta course épouvantable.


    Reprends ta course sans pitié,
    Si terrible et si débordée
    Que Néron se sent châtié
    Rien que pour l’avoir regardée.
    Va réveiller Démogorgon.
    Sois l’espérance et l’effroi, venge,
    Rassure et console, dragon
    Par une aile, et, par l’autre, archange.
    Verse ton souffle auguste et chaud
    Jusque sur les plus humbles têtes.
    Porte des reproches là-haut,
    Égal aux dieux, frère des bêtes.
    Fuis, cours ! Sois le monstre du bien,
    Le cheval démon qui délivre !
    Rebelle au despote, au lien,
    De toutes les vérités ivre !
    Quand vient le déclin d’un tyran,
    Quand vient l’instant des lois meilleures,
    Qu’au ciel sombre, éternel cadran,
    Ton pied frappe ces grandes heures.
    Donne à tout ce qui rampe en bas,
    Au barde qui vend Calliope,
    Au peuple voulant Barabbas,
    À la religion myope,
    Donne à quiconque ignore ou nuit,
    Aux fausses gloires, aux faux zèles,
    Aux multitudes dans la nuit,
    L’éblouissement de tes ailes.


    Va ! Pour vaincre et pour transformer,
    Pour que l’homme se transfigure,
    Qu’il te suffise de fermer
    Et de rouvrir ton envergure.
    Sois la bonté, sois le dédain ;
    Qu’un incompréhensible Éole
    Fasse parfois sortir soudain
    Des foudres de ton auréole.
    Ton poitrail resplendit, on croit
    Que l’aube, aux tresses dénouées,
    Le dore, et sur ta croupe on voit
    Toutes les ombres des nuées.
    Jette au peuple un hennissement,
    À l’échafaud une ruade ;
    Fais une brèche au firmament
    Pour que l’esprit humain s’évade.
    Soutiens le penseur, qui dément
    L’autel, l’augure et la sibylle,
    Et n’a pas d’autre adossement
    Que la conscience immobile.
    Plains les martyrs de maintenant,
    Attendris ton regard sévère,
    Et contemple, tout en planant,
    Leur âpre montée au Calvaire.


    Cours sans repos, pense aux donjons,
    Pense aux murs hauts de cent coudées,
    Franchis, sans brouter les bourgeons,
    La forêt-vierge des idées.
    Ne t’attarde pas, même au beau.
    S’il est traître ou froid, qu’il t’indigne.
    La nuit ne fait que le corbeau,
    La neige ne fait que le cygne,
    Le soleil seul fait l’aigle. Va !
    Le soleil au mal est hostile.
    Quand l’oeuf noir du chaos creva,
    Il en sortit, beau, mais utile.
    Immortel, protège l’instant.
    L’homme a besoin de toi, te dis-je.
    Précipite-toi, haletant,
    À la poursuite du prodige.
    Le prodige, c’est l’avenir ;
    C’est la vie idéalisée,
    Le ciel renonçant à punir,
    L’univers fleur et Dieu rosée.
    Plonge dans l’inconnu sans fond !
    Cours, passe à travers les trouées !
    Et, du vent que dans le ciel font
    Tes vastes plumes secouées,
    Tâche de renverser les tours,
    Les geôles, les temples athées,
    Et d’effaroucher les vautours
    Tournoyant sur les Prométhées.
    Vole, altier, rapide, insensé,
    Droit à la cible aux cieux fixée,
    Comme si je t’avais lancé,
    Flèche, de l’arc de ma pensée.


    Pourtant sur ton dos garde-moi ;
    Car tous mes songes font partie
    De ta crinière, et je ne voi
    Rien sur terre après ta sortie.
    Je veux de telles unions
    Avec toi, cheval météore,
    Que, nous mêlant, nous parvenions
    À ne plus être qu’un centaure.
    Retourne aux problèmes profonds.
    Brise Anankè, ce lourd couvercle
    Sous qui, tristes, nous étouffons ;
    Franchis la sphère, sors du cercle !
    Quand, l’oeil plein de vagues effrois,
    Tu viens regarder l’invisible,
    Avide et tremblant à la fois
    D’entrer dans ce silence horrible,
    La nuit grince lugubrement ;
    Le mal, qu’aucuns rayons n’éclairent,
    Fait en arrière un mouvement
    Devant tes naseaux qui le flairent ;
    La mort, qu’importune un témoin,
    S’étonne, et rentre aux ossuaires ;
    On entrevoit partout au loin
    La fuite obscure des suaires.
    Tu ne peux, étant âme et foi,
    Apparaître à l’horizon sombre
    Sans qu’il se fasse autour de toi
    Un recul de spectres dans l’ombre.


    Tout se tait dans l’affreux lointain
    Vers qui l’homme effaré s’avance ;
    L’oubli, la tombe, le destin,
    Et la nuit, sont de connivence.
    Dans le gouffre, piège muet,
    D’où pas un conseil ne s’élance,
    Déjoue, ô toi, grand inquiet,
    La méchanceté du silence.
    Tes pieds volants, tes yeux de lynx
    Peuvent sonder tous les Peut-êtres ;
    Toi seul peux faire peur aux sphinx
    Et leur dire : ah çà, parlez, traîtres !
    D’en haut, jette à l’homme indécis
    Tous les mots des énigmes louches.
    Déchire la robe d’Isis,
    Fais retirer les doigts des bouches.
    Connaître, c’est là notre faim.
    Toi, notre esprit, presse et réclame.
    Que la matière avoue enfin,
    Mise à la question par l’âme.
    Et qu’on sache à quoi s’en tenir
    Sur la quantité de souffrance
    Dont il faut payer l’avenir,
    Dût pleurer un peu l’espérance !


    Sois le trouble-fête du mal,
    Force le dessous à paraître.
    Tire du sultan l’animal,
    Du dieu le nain, l’homme du prêtre.
    Lutte. Aiguillon contre aiguillon !
    La haine attaque, guette, veille ;
    Elle est le sinistre frelon,
    Mais n’es-tu pas la grande abeille !
    Extermine l’obstacle épais,
    L’antagonisme, la barrière.
    Mets au service de la paix
    La vérité, cette guerrière.
    L’inquisition souriant
    Rêve le glaive aidant la crosse ;
    Pour qu’elle s’éveille en criant,
    Mords jusqu’au sang l’erreur féroce.


    Si le passé se reconstruit
    Dans toute son horreur première,
    Si l’abîme fait de la nuit,
    Ô cheval, fais de la lumière.
    Tu n’as pas pour rien quatre fers.
    Galope sur l’ombre insondable ;
    Qu’un rejaillissement d’éclairs
    Soit ton annonce formidable.
    Traverse tout, enfers, tombeaux,
    Précipices, néants, mensonges,
    Et qu’on entende tes sabots
    Sonner sur le plafond des songes.
    Comme sur l’enclume un forgeur,
    Sur les brumes universelles
    Abats-toi, fauve voyageur,
    Ô puissant faiseur d’étincelles !
    Sers les hommes en les fuyant.
    Au-dessus de leurs fronts funèbres,
    Si le zénith reste effrayant,
    Si le ciel s’obstine aux ténèbres,
    Si l’espace est une forêt,
    S’il fait nuit comme dans les bibles,
    Si pas un rayon ne paraît,
    Toi, de tes quatre pieds terribles,
    Faisant subitement tout voir,
    Malgré l’ombre, malgré les voiles,
    Envoie à ce fatal ciel noir
    Une éclaboussure d’étoiles.

    Victor Hugo

    « Chansons des rues et des bois »



  21. Just a reminder to everyone. The BLM is still taking letters of interest or thoughts about the proposed increase of funds and their Northern-Arizona-Withdrawal. I did write on behalf of my disgust on their tactics and animal cruelty. Here is the address to write comments and emails and They have extended the comments until May 4th for public comments. There is an attachment to this email, so if anyone wants to read it, please notify me and I will forward it to you.

    On March 29, BLM extended the Public Comment Period for the subject Draft
    EIS for 30 additional days. The Comment Period will now conclude on May 4,
    2011. Please see the attached News Release for more information

    As for Simone, a delayed response to the painful decision of your mare. I wish that there was something you can do (supplments, acuppuncture (castor oil packs, does she eat red cherries or drink red cherry juice, omega 3’s). I’m sorry, I am not privy to all that one can do for a horse. These are my human suggests, so excuse my ignorance and experience. My thoughts are with you.


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