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Pro-Horse Slaughter propoganda film “Horses in Crisis” backed by Super PAC & cattle activists

  by Debbie Coffey         Copyright 2014           All Rights Reserved. Boyd Spratling (Photo: BLM) Boyd Spratling, a past President of the Nevada Cattlemen’s Association who’s currently serving as a BLM National Wild Horse & Burro Advisory Board member, manages to further undermine whatever shreds might be left of BLM’s credibility by taking a seemingly prominent […]

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Equine Terrorists Fabricate Untruths to Promote Eating Horses

Chicago (EWA) – In a press release today titled “Equine Scientists Debunk Horsemeat Health Risk Claims”, United Horsemen (UH), an extremist pro horse slaughter group, cited a letter from four equine instructors ostensibly written to the Journal of Food and Chemical Toxicology complaining about the accuracy of the landmark study that found that the meat derived from horses administered the carcinogen phenylbutazone (PBZ/bute) is being shipped to the European Union for human consumption.

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Forked Tongue Horse Haters May Face Legal Woes Over Nevada Horse Tripping Bill

Breaking News: The Associated Press has reported that the dead Nevada Horse Tripping Bill, SB364, may gain new life after the release of a video graphically showing horse tripping occurring in Nevada only a few weeks ago.

“Seeing that horse flailing on its back. It just got to me,” said Sen. Allison Copening, D-Las Vegas, the bill’s sponsor. “This is not a sport. It is animal cruelty.”

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EWA Answers “United Horsemen” Anti-Rodeo Propaganda

The first reading of the horse tripping was held yesterday and went well. Several of our advocates have been working hard and I want to send a special thanks to Willis Lamm, Eric Mills, Carrol Abel, Beverly McGrath and especially to ASPCA for sponsoring the bill. My apologies if I missed anyone but I don’t have the names of everyone that has been working this. Our opponents are still trying to pull the HSUS rhetoric and did so at the meeting and were corrected. No doubt, they’ll continue to say HSUS is behind this and out to ban rodeos.

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