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Forked Tongue Horse Haters May Face Legal Woes Over Nevada Horse Tripping Bill

(The News As We See It) by R.T. Fitch ~ Author/Director of HfH Advisory Council

Lies May Jump-start Dead Bill

photo by Karen Tapia-Andsersen

Breaking News:  The Associated Press has reported that the dead Nevada Horse Tripping Bill, SB364, may gain new life after the release of a video graphically showing horse tripping occurring in Nevada only a few weeks ago.

“Seeing that horse flailing on its back. It just got to me,” said Sen. Allison Copening, D-Las Vegas, the bill’s sponsor. “This is not a sport. It is animal cruelty.”

Sen. John Lee, D-North Las Vegas, said he voted against the bill because witnesses told the Senate committee horse tripping was not a Nevada problem. He also said he would change his mind about the ban if tripping really happened here.

“I do what I say I’m going to do,” he told the AP when approached days after the video aired. “I am committed . . . to put a stop to this.”

Nevada legislators are now acutely aware of the fact  that they were lied to by witnesses and anti-horse groups during the testimony heard on April 6th before the Nevada Senate Natural Resources Committee.  That same false testimony may be just the ticket to breathe life back into the now dead bill.

Misdemeanor charges against witnesses for providing false testimony may be pursued, Manendo said.

“You cannot lie to a legislator outside of session or in session,” he said, adding that testimony that horse tripping doesn’t happen in Nevada “changed committee members’ minds to not vote for the bill.”

Leading the internet charge against the horses of Nevada was fringe horse slaughter cult leader Wyoming Rep. Sue Wallis and alleged horse trainer and President of yet another newly formed organization, United Horsemen, Dave Duquette.  Wallis is currently under investigation in her home state for alleged improprieties with another organization that she is currently dismantling and is also being sued for alleged assault and battery upon a reporter.

We stopped the HSUS sponsored Senate Bill 613 in Oregon in its tracks. We need you to step up again and communicate with the Nevada legislature. We have learned that yet another bogus “horse tripping” bill is set to be introduced in that state today or tomorrow.” claims Wallis and Duquette on the Facebook page they created for their controversial “Summit of the Horse” that was held in the beginning of January of this year.  The “Summit” centered around the promotion of bringing the predatory business of horse slaughter back to the United States and was such a colossal flop that the two are now soliciting funds to pay off their debts.

On their website and in their emails they perpetuate the misconception that “Horse Tripping” does not exist in Nevada.  They provide a list of invalid talking points that are an insult to the public’s intelligence and a disservice to American rodeos. The group claims that the Charro Rodeo Association voluntary banned horse tripping in 1995 when in fact, they were forced to do so by a 1994 law, AB 49x – a law that was not spearheaded by the HSUS.

Furthermore Wallis and Duquette appear to promote and condone fraud by closing out their pro-horse tripping webpage with the following comment;

Another neat way to voice your opinions on any legislation in the current sessions was recently brought to my attention. Go to this website and follow the directions. It is super easy. (FYI: Madeline Pickens instructed her followers on her Facebook page to use her Wells, NV address when submitting comments. Then they look like Nevada constituents!!) Try it, you’ll like it. Don’t sit on your hands, take action, don’t wait for someone else to do it.  Remember people, Confucious say: “ Man who sit on hands has no leg to stand on.”(or something to that effect. lol)

Beverlee McGrath, a lobbyist who represents an array of animal welfare organizations was quoted in the AP article as saying:

“They claimed it doesn’t happen; but guess what, it does happen and it’s going to happen again and again and it’s going to continue to happen until there is a state law to prevent it.”

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  1. It’s about time these forked tongued deviants face the music for their lies. No matter who tries to convince you that this horse was not hurt I’d say the evidence is before you in this video.


  2. I have a basic problem understanding why, under existing animal cruelty laws in both State and Local Ordinances, this could not be stopped. Perhaps if someone had called that beautiful Arabian horse would not have endured such crapola.


    • Do you have any thoughts about why the local law enforcement didn’t or couldn’t or wouldn’t get involved here? Was it just perhaps they were already overscheduled?

      If they had made it over there and witnessed that might there have been a different outcome — that the perpetrators would have been charged with animal cruelty?

      It is speculation at this point, but what do you think?

      I wish that Copening and Menendo and others could see some of the videos of helicopters dive-bombing and striking wild horses and burros. Surely they might be willing to pen a letter to the powers that be, even as private citizens, since they have become sensitized to this issue.


  3. they were lied to by witnesses and anti-horse groups during the testimony heard on April 6th before the Nevada Senate Natural Resources Committee… mmm?

    Imagine that!


  4. Can someone tell me what the purpose of “horse tripping” is? Where is the sport in it? Besides being cruel as the Mexicans can be to the horses, there are a lot who are very passionate about their horses. I don’t like this horse tripping or the cattle prodding. None of it!!! But I still want to know what their purpose or sport is supposed to be in “horse tripping.” Please don’t get me wrong, I’m very much against it. I just am trying to figure this out as I am from the East Coast that’s all.


    • I believe its all about their prowess with the lariat, how good an aim and how much “skill” is involved in making a “catch”.


      • No matter what words they use to describe it or try to justify it – part of their “culture”?! – please, horse tripping is still horse tripping. Period. Shame on those legislators; the only way they can possibly save face now is to pass the anti-tripping bill AND to seek charges against those “witnesses” who outright lied. Manendo needs to follow through with this if he wants to maintain any sort of credibility.


  5. Please help me understand what Sleazy Sue and Dumbass Dave have against horses!! I don’t understand the connection between their disgusting desire to eat them and their interest in protecting the disturbing tradition of horse tripping……what will they gain by opposing the anti-horse tripping bill? These two people are an appalling waste of space and oxygen!!


  6. R.T, I was answering Toby D. on the last post about horse tripping you put up and went into their discussion board on legalize horse tripping, there was a gentlemen from an animal rights group and someone who thinks horse tripping should be legal, they were really going at it. I did not post anything there because there was no need. But we will not be intimidated go ahead I say BRING IT ON. but just my opinion. However I applaud you for the way you have handled them, we really should not give them more of our blog time, after all this forum if for the Horse and not for horse abusers. They or their culture simply do not get it.



    Horse Tripping—“Break”-ing the Chain of Violence

    In the stated where horse tripping is banned, it’s a misdemeanor: the most you’d get is six months in jail, a $1,000 fine, or both. Doyle feels that more people would obey the lay if horse-tripping were a felony. The current laws have not eradicated tripping; they’ve only lessened it. “Much of the horse-tripping that was going on in the large commercial venues has stopped,” Doyle says. “Before, every week we were seeing mangled horses back from the charreadas. Now we see them only rarely.”


  8. Why were Sue Wallis and Dave Duquette invited/allowed to testify in Nevada about a Nevada-related horse issue? Neither one of them live there, are from there, or spend time there. How could they possibly know what is or isn’t done in Nevada at remote Mexican rodeos? What about either of them seems credible enough to land them on any witness list, anywhere? Everybody knows they’re both bozos- and bozos from WY at that.


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