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Elected Wyoming Politician Takes Horse Eating to the Public

(In My Most Disgusted Opinion) by R.T. Fitch~Author/Director of HfH Advisory Council

“Slaughterhouse” Sue Wallis Builds Horse Meat Cookbook

Twisted Horse Eater ~ Wyoming Rep. "Slaughterhouse" Sue Wallis

Just when you thought that it couldn’t get any more twisted or perverse Wyoming Rep. Sue Wallis rushes in waving a butcher cleaver and BBQ tongs while salivating over her new cookbook on how to prepare horses to EAT.

Another website has cropped up for the fiscally troubled and legally challenged Wallis and appears to be labeled Unified Equine where the sadistic politician describes herself; “ Sue Wallis and her husband, Rod McQueary, are writers, poets, thinkers, cookers, and eaters who raise grassfat natural beef on the Wallis family ranch on Bitter Creek, north of Recluse, Wyoming.”…first time this writer has ever heard anyone describe themselves as an “Eater”.

Wallis’ new website is created to dupe and cajole visitors into her defunct and deranged “Investment Opportunity”: Unified Equine is a corporation formed to humanely process excess horses that are past their useful lives, unsound and unable to recover, or dangerous and untrainable through a system designed to ensure the best possible handling of live horses, an instantaneous kill free from stress or pain, and the utilization of high quality meat, hides, hair, and byproducts. It is part of a holistic system that includes the Rescue, Rejuvenation, and Pasture, as well as Humane Processing. See details of the entire system at”  ….put’s a plug in there for ole Davie Duquette’s horse eating club and lists some of the most barbaric uses of American companion animals to date.

But it gets even sicker, she has created an entire horse cookbook, some of you thought I was kidding when I labeled these perverts (IMHO) as “horse eaters” but they truly are, check this out.

Hungry Enough to Eat a Horse  –Compiled here is a collection of articles, essays, blog posts, and random bits from a wide range of perspectives all extolling the merits and the pleasures of enjoying equine products – horse meat

The Culinary Horse If you know of a great reference to using equine products for food, have a story to tell about horse meat, milk, or other products, or best of all a great recipe to share…you are invited to contribute! Please send me a note or give me a call.  Sue Wallis,, 307 680 8515 cell, 307 685 8248 ranch

Healthy as a Horse – The Facts: Healthy Milk and Meat …of course, this is so laughable as there is no mention of the non-food animal drugs and carcinogens in U.S. horses, hence, without proper documentation horse meat from the U.S. is banned in the EU.

Right off from "Slaughterhouse" Sue's website

Recipes from Around the World – this is where it gets really sick complete with Wallis’ own, posted Horse Meat Chart, posted here.  But the recipes are about as perverted as can be, here is a favorite of hers representing the United States, she is so proud of it:

US- Fillet of Filly

Ingredients [ View Metric ]

4 1/4 lb filets of horse

4 Slices bacon

Salt and pepper to taste


Prepare exactly as for a filet mignon. Wrap outside of filet with uncooked bacon slice and secure with toothpicks. Broil to taste. Horse shares no parasites with man, in contrast to pork and beef. The meat is fine grained, tender and lacks fat. The flavor is superb. If one is not told, it would be indistinguishable from beef. Note: As a student at the University of Arizona, I bought whole horse filets for a very reasonable price. It was US Grade A inspected at that. In this country there seems to be an aversion to horseflesh. Not so elsewhere. In my resident state, it is illegal to sell horsemeat for human consumption. Silly rules. John Hartman Indianapolis, IN Posted to MM-Recipes Digest V4 #179 by on Jul 12, 1997

Gosh, aren’t those cooking directions interesting, I like that “silly rules” thingy thrown in there…and here is another Sue Wallis special:

Split Pea Soup with Horse


  • horse meat – 200g
  • carrots – 80g
  • onions – 50g
  • melted butter – 20g
  • Potatoes – 400g
  • Peas – 120g
  • pepper, salt – to taste.

Get a young horse meat separated from bone and chop finely. Peas go, soak it in warm water before the swelling, put together with the horse in a saucepan, cover with cold water and put on fire. Pea soup is cooked longer than other filling soup (30 mins).  Before the meat and peas cooked, put salt, diced potatoes, carrots and onions. When they are cooked, add the bay leaf.

How about that “young horse” part, you know, just walk out there into the pasture and call over your prize QH colt and whisper in his ear, “guess who is coming for dinner?”  Or if you horses are hard to catch I guess you could look at your dog as they always come when you call, and how about the neighbor kids, they like candy don’t they?  Sick, disgusting and perverted beyond all human comprehension…this is the true Sue Wallis, her associates, her family, her local government and anyone who supports the mentally challenged and totally non-humane state representative from Wyoming.  This is…beyond words.

We have provided you with links to verify that we are not writing fiction, here, but reporting actual fact, this crap is too bizarre to make up and oh, one last thing.

This past week we posted Simone Netherlands interview on the Assault and Battery suit she has against the United Organizations of the Horse (which Wallis is trying to dump as I type) and Wallis herself.  Anytime and I mean every single time I write about Wallis ole Fred Hunter, aka D.D., shows up to admonish me with a lesson on how to subvert the English language and he did not let me down this time, last night these two emails came my way and if any of you now D.D. you know that this is vintage stuff:

By the way a**hole Why did you send the bitch in there with false press credentials??? Tell the entire story you c**ksucker!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Total Bull s**t RT you fagot Son of a Bitch…and u damm well know it c**ksuckers!!

Nice company you keep there, Susie baby, and he represents YOUR organization.  Seems he is really hung up on that sucking thing, maybe his mommy weaned him just a little too early…hey, that may explain his attachment to you…do you think?   “Moooooo!”

Please excuse me while I go out and hug my horse, pet my dog, kiss my wife and get a breath of fresh air…think I will shower, too, to get the slime off from me.

Hell has a very special place for these monsters, I only wish that they would check out their allocated quarters sooner rather than later.

Keep the faith.

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  1. Hate the first bit RT, love the last bit about Double D and SS. Not only a special place in Hell should be reserved for them, but perhaps some sort of new survival reality tv show. My imagination fails me at this point. But I know the ending.


  2. Good morning… You know I may not comment often, but I love this site! I read it most everyday. And as someone who in over 8 years, hasn’t eaten horse, or my dog, or my own pet chickens, or pigs, cows, etc. of any or the animals others see as “food”, this particular piece is hard to swallow in many ways.

    I understand our social conditioning leads us to disgust when considering consuming the flesh of “foreign” species. And for some, goats, frogs, and even rats are on the desired menu. But honestly when all this is held next to the beautiful fruits, nuts, seeds and vegetables that are a better choice, it makes me seriously wonder how I ever saw “wings” or “chops” or “ribs” as a meal at all. 😦

    I wish all the Sue Wallis’s of the world who eat flesh as the preferred nourishment would investigate why they do. A perfect place to start might be with Melanie Joy’s book Why We Love Dogs, Eat Pigs and Wear Cows It’s a truly thought provoking look at “carnism” and the main reason why slaughtehouses for horses or cows, etc. exist in the first place.

    Forgive me for saying if I’m out of place… But the world would be a much lovelier place without them entirely. 😉


    • Good book you’re recommending, Bea.

      And I don’t think your comments about all species are out of line here or elsewhere.

      In fact, if all of us horse-lovers would read Melanie’s book, then take a time-out and examine WHY we pig out on bacon, chow down on burgers, and slurp up cowmilkshakes, we might conclude that we are as repulsive — to these gentle beasts — as Sue is to us and our horses.

      If anyone here doesn’t have time to read a book, how about watching a 70-minute video of a speech in a Georgia Tech classroom by a guy who makes the best case I’ve seen for the insanity of eating meat, dairy and eggs. Check out: and, if you want, the 30-minute Q&A that follows:

      Oops, I didn’t mean to go OT. It’s just that I agree with Bea that Ms. Wallis is being vilified here ONLY because of our cultural aversion to eating equines, whereas we would ALL be derided by a culture whose members treat all animals as friends, never as food. Something to think about….


  3. Fiscally troubled and legally challenged, I would also add mentally to the list.

    RT I hope you continue to share DD’s comments with us, he really shows his second grade education.


  4. I laugh through the tears when I read your blog every day. How does she stand herself? What a filthy, rotten hack. Shame on all of you Wyoming!!! Ick and yuck. I’m with you, I’ll now go out and hug my horse, pet my dog, kiss my husband and get a breath of fresh air…think I will shower, too, to get the slime off from me… good plan. 😉 Indeed, keep the faith.


    • Hey, Kim – please change the spelling when you refer to Sue – no fair suggesting that she has anything to do with us pagans/witches! LOL We are NOT part of that mentality! Thanks and Blessed Be!


  5. Well WELL..Sue not a poet wants a recipe and I have just the one for her and it is appropiatley named “Serve Me Up some SUE STEW”…….Hmmm, wonder what the ingredients are.
    Remember the picture Driving Miss Daisy, and those oh so SPECIAL RIBS……:O)


  6. She is one goddam ugly woman. I never saw a mustang with a butt that big.
    Only a few vampires want her book, should be entitled, how to be a monster like me.

    can you all please like our FreedomFestival for the wild horses and burros (community) page. and come to the festival please.


  7. My throat clamped closed so hard reading this that I can’t drink my coffee.
    SS thinks only of her immediate gratification ($$$) forgetting she has a legacy.
    Being known as Slaughterhouse Sue in life & death is a dismal one. Those left behind will sneer and laugh when she’s gone.
    ‘Course, EATERS tend to be a bit short-sighted.


  8. Does anyone know how she got this way? She seems obsessed with getting people to eat horses. Has she sought treatment for her sickness?


  9. We “could” send her recipes and tell her not to share, that they are family secrets. Tomato Leaf Tea, Arsenic as a meat tenderizer…. She belongs where she will be going after judgement day. Unbelievebly twisted. Shame on Wyoming for electing probably the craziest senator this nation has ever had. Makes my skin crawl.


  10. Actually made me sick to my stomach. This is disgusting, even for Slaughterhouse Sue. I wonder how many people plan to eat their own horses. UGH!


  11. I have three questions:
    1. If eating horse meat is something to be proud of doing, WHY does Sue Wallis refer to herself and her husband as ‘eaters’, when what she really means is ‘horse eaters’?
    2.How do you milk a dead horse?
    3. Is the reason Linda Blair’s head spun in a circle and she spewed split pea soup because it had been made of Sue Wallis’ split pea soup with horse meat? (Now I finally get that scene!)


  12. Sue Wallis is not someone you’d want to be stranded on an island with, and not just because of a lack of interesting conversation.


  13. Look for Ms Wallis’ follow up cookbook, “Fat Bitch”

    (a rebuttal to the vegan diet book by Freedman and Barnouin titled “Skinny Bitch”…)


  14. Wow SS what a an incredibly nice way to wake up on a Sat morning. Reading your disgusting eating practices. Sorry babe–horse in this house IS OFF THE MENU. THIS MEANS FOREVER. Not today or tomorrow or maybe I’ll change my mind 20 years from now. You don’t slaughter and eat your friend.

    I think a great analogy here is what happened to the Donner party. Those people ate parts of the dead. It was horrible for these people to do that to their friends. Sure they were already dead but to desecrate the bodies like that was brutal on the survivors. I should say that some chose not to do this. Those people won’t filled to brim with carcinogenics like the horses are today.

    I suggest you and your cohorts take a trip to France where you can be entertained while eating horse. You can spend LOTS of your OWN MONEY to do this. But be advised–that horse your having for dinner most likely came from this country which means he’s filled with bute. Bute does wonderful stuff to the human body like breaks down your BONE MARROW. Liver damage.

    I wish the good people of your county would wizen up a bit and vote you OUT OF OFFICE. But then that’s why your in a little county that practically no one knows about. You can promote your disgusting practices and everyone will turn a blind eye to SS.

    Try moving to Jackson WY and we’ll see how long you last politically. You would be shouted right out of town and the county.


  15. Just so the publicity these people get from us is negative…. wish they would just disappear back to Recluse where they have friends, apparently.


  16. How do people like her become representatives..? I swear I know children who would do a way better job then more then half of the reps we have today. I had to stop reading after the instantaneous kill free from stress part. This lady knows not the dangers of consuming horse meat from horses who as she says “humanely process excess horses that are past their useful lives, unsound and unable to recover, or dangerous and untrainable”

    First off no horse is past it’s useful life; I know a 30yr old horse who is used as therapeutic for young children and young adults. Her name is I’m A Chilly Girl and she is an American Quarter Horse, when she got to the point she could no longer be used to train people to ride we decided to use her for those who want to get comfortable around horses and for people with needs. She’s a big Mama and there are tons of horses out there her age, just like her so FU Sue.


  17. I just don’t get understand these crazy people at all!

    BTW…. To discourage my children from using foul language, I always told them that it just makes those that use it appear to lack the intellegence to find other words to express themselves…… this case, SO TRUE!


    • I usually don’t curse but I had to say it in my reply to prevent me from saying other words that could label me as “criminal” lol


  18. This was beyond believable! What a sick a F ! I just called and left amessage at her legislative office. It makes sense since her and her husband process other livestock. This is a very sick and perverted woman. I wonder how in the hell she ever got elected
    unless other people in Wyoming are just as twisted and perverted as she is! Totally UNBELIEVABLE AND SHOCKING! GOD HELP




  20. And God, please, help all the horses.

    Until the brain cancer consumes her, any horse and any animal is in danger.

    It won’t be long… as her perversion intensifies, so does her sicknesses.

    Good thing she has insurance. The State of Wyoming will be wishing they had not elected an “Eater” and a sadistic, economically defunct, crazed and perverse eater at that.


  21. Here lies Sue
    Who ate a horse
    Forgot about the bute of course
    She gobbled soup
    Cause she’s an eater
    A dose of horse meds
    Did defeat her.


  22. Good Lord!!! Have puppies in her neighborhood gone missing? Is she related to that family in the Texas Chainsaw Massacre? Does this scurvilous sewer scum actually sit down and come up with these ideas and then run to her computer and spill this vile out into the netherlands? If this was a fiction book I would say the author had strayed too far from believability coming up with this character. And then she actually posts her phone #. Oh but there is no worry that I will call it, it would give me shivers up my spine that would never go away just to hear her answer the call. OHHHH yuckkkkkkkk. Out to work in the yard, need the fresh air YUCCCCKKKKKKK


  23. Oh, my!! I think I found the source of her obsession. I found a picture of her in her younger days as a slim woman. Combine with the fact that she cherished the old days at University, where she ate fat free horse meat. You can see that this woman blames non-equine meat sources for the fact that her size has doubled then tripled!

    Soon she may sue the USDA for causing her tremendous weight problem.


  24. RT: I never know whether to get mad and stay mad….or get mad and then laugh at your dark humor…….then get mad again. ???

    And that DD person……quite a way with words I must say. Even if you talk that way in everyday life, what kind of idiot exposes their ignorance by writing such profane garbage in an email or public place?

    As for Wallis…..words escape me. It is too easy to highlight the grossness of this woman….and I hate it that it is a woman that has sunk to these depths.

    As for her recipes…….they are as tasteless as she is. Recipes for horse meat from a horse of a woman. Ironic.



  25. Maybe someone should contact this different company, “Unified Equine Solutions” (they do horse supplements) and let them know she has basically copied their name, except has dropped the name “solutions.”

    Her website is which is mighty close. Is she trying to get traffic to her sick site by using a similar name????

    She appears to be getting sicker and sicker mentally. Her assh&$eociates should consider Baker acting her.


  26. The witch Wallis googled horsemeat recipes and stole everyone elses work and placed on her own website.

    for example here’s one and they are all stolen recipes from when people were still soaking peas and cooking on ‘fires’,+soak+it+in+warm+water+before+the+swelling,+put+together+with+the+horse+in+a+saucepan%22&cd=1&hl=en&ct=clnk&gl=us&


  27. As repulsive as Sue’s adventures in trying to promote the idea that eating horse meant is just an ordinary, everyday practice, I think that the fact that she continues to write and try to sell this garbage to whoever her intended audience is, actually allows her to show everyone with access to the Internet just how twisted her mind is. Her own words paint her portrait.

    As for her partner, DD, I am glad RT has decided to print his emails because his words likewise reveal who he is. I do not particularly enjoy listening to or reading certain words (although I reserve the right to use any word I need if it is the best word available), but it is really foolish to use the words he is using in writing. Once you write something and send it out over the Internet, it is there forever. You can say you are sorry, but the words don’t disappear. Not that I think DD is sorry.

    When we talk about the reasons that we do not want horse slaughter, one of the ones that is not at the top of the list, but nonetheless, is still important is the type of people that are associated with the killing and rendering of horse meat. These are not by anyone’s definition the stellar citizens of the community. These are the people you pray don’t buy the house next door.


  28. OK–can’t resist–In the interest of being fair and balanced….
    (no Horses were harmed in the making of this soup)


    Additional information: Sauce:
    1 1/2 teaspoon Grated or ground ginger
    1/4 cup rice wine vinegar
    3 tablespoon canola oil
    1 teaspoon sesame oil or tahini
    2 tablespoon soy sauce or tamari
    2 tablespoon brown sugar
    2 cloves garlic, pressed or minced
    juice of one lemon
    1/2 teaspoon Red pepper flakes
    1/4 cup chopped cilantro
    1 small head of cabbage
    4 large onions
    2 cloves of garlic diced
    1 bunch of celery
    1 large green pepper
    1 large can diced tomatos
    2 medium potatoes
    4 carrots
    1 box (2 pkgs) of onion soup mix
    3 cups vegetable stock
    Clean veggies and cut into medium size pieces. Add all ingredients to stockpot/soup kettle and finish filling with water until it just covers the vegetables. Bring to a boil, and then reduce to a simmer and cook for 2-1/2 to 3 hours

    AND…take care to not get into an online debate and forget that your soup is cooking on the stove.


  29. I think it was Mark Twain who said, “I never killed anyone, but read more than one obituary with pleasure.”


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