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U.S. Boosts Horse-Meat Testing on Imports

Source: By BILL TOMSON from the Wall Street Journal Online The extra tests are to make “absolutely certain” the U.S. is unaffected by the overseas recalls on horse meat… WASHINGTON—Europe’s horse-meat scandal is prompting the U.S. to increase the “species” testing it does on imports to detect any […]

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Animal Lovers Gag on Horse Meat Proposal

Source: by Joel Allen of CarolinaLive.com Bellamy says horses are not like cows or pigs that are raised for the purpose of human consumption. A proposed state law in Oklahoma is causing controversy all over the country. The law would allow the slaughter of horses for human consumption […]

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US Horsemeat Banned in EU

Source: Equine Welfare Alliance Press Release “Plants will have no access to the markets even if the EU ban is lifted…” Chicago (EWA) – Since Congress lifted the ban on USDA inspections of horse meat, several small shuttered cattle slaughter plants have clamored for the USDA to provide […]

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